Kansas Takes First and Second in Varsity Four

April 4, 2009

KANSAS CITY, Kan.–In the first race of the day Kansas rowing placed first and second in the First Varsity Four. Boat A was even with Texas at the midway point but managed to pull away for the victory while Boat B came on strong to finish just ahead of the Texas boat.

“We’re really pleased with the way we started the race with the Varsity Fours,” said head coach Rob Catloth. “The first boat was in the lead and then moved out in the last 500. The second four was behind and did a really good job of rowing through Texas in the end.”

The first place Kansas boat finished with a time of 7:59.9 while the second place boat finished with a time of 8:05.6 and third place Texas finished with a time of 8:06.9.

“It was a really good experience especially after all of the hard work we’ve been putting in,” said senior Kristin Deckert, a member of the first place boat. “It was definitely something we’ve been working toward and we knew we had a good chance to win.”

The second place Kansas boat finished just 1.3 seconds in front of third place Texas after being in third most of the race.

“We had a better push,” said senior Brooke Castrop of the second place boat. “We started making seats on them and we just walked right through them.”

Texas took first in both the Second Varsity Eight and the First Varsity Eight.

“It’s our first race and we’re hoping to be ready to go in a month at the Big 12 when we have Texas again,” said Catloth.

Kansas will be back in action next Saturday, April 11, at Wyandotte County Lake as the Jayhawks host the Kansas Cup against against Kansas State.


Varsity Four

1. Kansas 7:59.9

2. Kansas 8:05.6

3. Texas 8:06.9

Open Four

1. Kansas 8:30.8

2. Texas 9:13.4

Second Novice Eight

1. Texas 7:45.7

2. Kansas 8:33.5

Second Varsity Eight

1. Texas 7:22.9

2. Kansas 7:31.9

3. Kansas 7:55.2

First Novice Eight

1. Texas 7:29.3

2. Kansas 7:42.3

First Varsity Eight

1. Texas 7:06.5

2. Kansas 7:13.8