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Kansas captured the 2008 Men’s Basketball National Championship over Memphis on Monday night. The game capped an exciting postseason for the Jayhawks. We appreciate all the well wishes!


Norma Graham – Lavenworth, KS: Finally!

Thanks for a wonderful ride!

Hays: Aw yeah! I knew you guys could do it! I knew you’d come back. Ya’ll owned! Chalmers will remember that shot for the REST of his life.
Sheldon (Carbondale): Congrats to the Jayhawks! You guys are awesome! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!
Largo, Florida: I’m so proud of you all!!!! You will always have my love!!!!! We are the Champions!!!!!!
Anna Bassham (Prairie Village): This is my last year at KU, and I just want to say THANK YOU for sending me off with such a great gift! Congratulations on your National Championship!!! I have never been prouder to be a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!!!!!!!

Linda Phillips (Tacoma, WA): Congratulations on your stunning win!!!

Linda PhillipsAlumni Class of 76 (Master’s Degree)

Anna Bassham (Prairie Village): Thanks for sending me off my senior year with this gift! Congrats on the National Championship, I have never been prouder to be a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!!!!!!
Brian-Valley City, ND: Great job Jayhawks, 20 years in waiting and it’s worth every minute….let’s not wait another 20 years to get one. Thanks for the great season Jayhawks. RCJHKU!
Shelly D.-Topeka: What a game! Thank you for the beautiful season and lots of fun watching and cheering! GO KU! YOU ROCK!
Cameron (Overland Park): Hey guys great season. Im coming to your bball camp this summer. Memphis is a great team but your better. You guys rock!!!!
Pam (Largo, FL): Rock Chalk Jayhawk….KU!!!!!!
Ariana (New York City): Thank you Mario!!! And all the Jayhawks for an AMAZING game!
Miranda (Denver): Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! Thanks for the memories and an awesome Season. You guys did it with class and held your heads up through all adversity! GO KU!!!!
Christian-Lawrence: Thanks for an amazing game!! It was incredible. Congrats hawks!! Stay with us coach!!!!
Lori (Dallas): What an adrenaline rush!!! Awesome game!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go KU!!!!
Jeremy(Abilene): Congratulations to Bill Self and the Jayhawk Nation. We are so proud of you and your efforts. Thanks. Stay with us coach for a long long time.
Alex (Hickory,NC): THANK YOU KU!!!!!!!!
Roches (Detroit): Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU !!!!!! Congrats guys, you did!!!!

Avery (Quincy): nadamadacadalada WAWAWA (this one sticks out)

That was amazing I it knew would happen from the beginning of the season

great job

Mark, Milwaukee: WOW! Thanks for a great season!
John Williams (San Diego): I was in Lawrence in ’88, and I WISH I was there tonight!!! Way to CLAW YOUR WAY BACK, BOYS!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK K.U.!!!!!
Julie (Omaha): Wow!!! You are awesome and we are so proud of y’all!!!!!!!
Matt-Lincoln: I am a Husker fan, but during Basketball season, I dress in blue. Awesome!
Behrouz Dehdasht: Thank you for a great season.Congratulations to coach self and kansas basketball team.
Karen Plano, TX: Congratulations! Absolutely Amazing game! So very proud of all the players and coaches! Please stay with us Coach Self!
Emily-Hays: Congrats guys!!! You all deserve the title!!!
Benito (Andover): Best game ever, congrats!
Cheyenne: KU Rocks! Great Job
Matt-Olathe: Rock Chalk Championship says it all. Thanks for the awesome year!
Grib-Shawnee: Danny did it in 1988—the TEAM pulls it out in 2008! Rock Chalk J-Hawks GO KU!!!!!
Kristen overland park ks: you guys deserve this! this was our year! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!
Connor – Prairie Village: Thank you so much for such a wonderful game! SO proud of you all!
Joe (Joplin, MO): I’m an OSU alum and fan, but I was a Jayhawk tonight! Way to go KU!!!
Steve Baylor, Pacific Grove , CA: Congrats on the Championship you showed the nation who the Jayhawk nation is! You guys are the classiest team around and the best basketball team anyone could dream of!
Nette (Jackson, MS): Congrats Jayhawks!!!! you guys played a great game
Gary-Olathe,KS: We are all so very proud of you all. Thank you for all the thrills and a wonderful season. We will remember this forever!
Krista – Cimarron: Congrats and thanks for bringing home all the marbles!!! I am proud to be from Kansas. You made us all proud.
Dub Cormode: Thanks for an amazing season!!! We love you Coach Self!!
Kyle (Plano, TX): What heart! Way to go Jayhawks. You deserve to be called “Champions!” Rock Chalk Jayhawks, GO KU!
Ryan and Danielle, Lenexa: Thank you to the players and coaches for this magnificent season!!! Our family loved every minute of every game. You are the best ever and will be remembered that way forever!
Lauren B (San Francisco: No one believed in you, except your dedicated fans!!! Chalmers nice hit…….Way to go— Well deserved!!!
Moores (Houston): Rock Chalk Championship!THANK YOU, GUYS! YOU’RE AWESOME!
Jean (Toronto, ON): Congrats Jayhawks!even though its been 10 years since i’ve lived there i still feel proud!!!!!!!!GREAT GAME!!! WHOHOOOOOO
Robin, San Francisco: What a truly awesome game! It was a close one, but I’m so happy they made it happen. Congrats to the team & to our fabulous coach – Bill Self. Love ya!
Kristy Lahoda (Columbus, OH): Wow was that an awesome game! Congrats to Coach Self and all the coaches and players! Big fan living in Buckeyeville…THANK YOU for an awesome year! Chalmers is clutch!
Jason S (Hutchinson): I’m so very very proud of each and every one of you. You guys are true champions. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Catherine (Wichita): You guys never quit. You totally deserved to win. Awesome job! Rock Chalk!!
Darren, Colorado Springs: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!Family moved to Kansas in 1830! NO ONE GAVE US A CHANCE! NOT CBS, NOT ESPN, NOT THE NATIONAL MEDIA. JAYHAWKS ARE NO. 1!!! Where it all started…
Matt (Appleton, WI): Chalmers is the man!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!! Congrats
Matthew: Rock Chalk! Thank you guys!
Jason Shoemaker (Fairfield, TX): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! Thanks for the great, hard fought season.
Stacy A – Norton,KS: It’s been a long 20 years. Thanks for bringing the hardware back where it belongs. Rock Chalk Jayhawk GO KU!!!!!
Alicia (Lincoln/Omaha, NE): I was born in Kansas, and my mom’s side of the family has gone to KU. I’ve been a fan since day one, and wow, tonight’s game was AMAZING. You guys deserved the title more than anyone. I never had any doubts! ROCK CHALK BABY!
TJ: Hell Yeah.. We Rock.. As an alumni, I’m proud to be a jayhawk!! Congratulations to Coach Self and the team!!
Megan Amend (Spokane WA): WOW!!! Thank you for the season, all your hard work and sacrafice!! My two year old has slept with his jayhawk hat on for a week! Thanks for making this fun! Coach Self, we would love to see you stick around a while longer!
Matt T (Madison, WI): Awesome. The sweet taste of victory….finally!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Ryan Oest, KS: Congrat’s Guy’s ! Rock Chalk Championship.. Thanks For an amazing season! #1 Yeah!
Jackson (Shawnee): Congratulations Jayhawks! Rock Chalk!
Gary/75-78 KU BAND(Dallas, Tx): The Stars at night are big and bright….deep in the hart of Texas…tonight! Kansas Stars shining over Texas! WOW!!!
James: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU! Congratulations on a great season and turnout!
Sara ( Topeka): Right on!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!! Thank you unforgettable season!!!!
Kristi (Shawnee, KS): Saturday was for the fans, but tonight was for the team and Coach Self. You earned it and we are proud of you. I’m always proud to be a Jayhawk.
Rupali (’01) (Washington, DC): Congrats! Rock Chalk!
Bill (Atlanta): Thank you team!!!!
brad (tx): Good job ku, i guess it really works to play as a team.
William Kansas city: thank you bill! All my friends are mu fans and now they are mad but I am partying it up!!!!
Jenna (Lindsborg): I LOVE KU!!!!! ROCK CHALK!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!
Jackson (Shawnee): Congratulations Jayhawks! Rock Chalk!
Chris (Fort Lauderdale): You guys are the best! Thanks for a great season…you took your fans with you all the way and we love you for it. ROCK CHALK!!!
Kellen (Osborne, KS): Congrats Guys!! Thanks for bringing it home!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Tony (Joplin, MO): Great job Jayhawks! Champs! Coach Self, thank you.
Gwen (Champaign): Not everyone here holds a grudge…. CONGRATULATIONS COACH SELF!!! What a great game! I’m a die-hard Illini fan, but I was definitely cheering for Kansas tonight. I’m so happy for you and your team. You’re a class-act and you deserved this!
Tyler (Mooreland OK): Thanks guys for the great memories. I’m only 20 so this is the first National Title I’ve seen for KU, and I’ve been there since the start
Olathe: Thanks Jayhawks for a wonderful year and a stunning win
Gretchen (Kansas): What a fabulous game!! Rock Chalk!! Jayhawk! Congrats to Coach Self and the team!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carey (Hoisington): Congrats, Jayhawks!! What a ride!!! Thank you!
Dakota——Topeka: Congratulations Jayhawks! Great Season. Rock Chalk Jayhawk. Beware of the Phog!!!!!
Hailu(Olathe): Thannks Jayhawks for the wonderful game
Kimberly (Orlando, FL): Thanks for a great season and a great championship game! Congrats…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!
Cathy, Holly, Katie Rose, Olivia: Rock Chalk Jayhawk We Love You
Greg (Salina): I love You guys….thanks for being a true champion…congradulations!!
Tyler (Lincoln, NE): Congratulations guys! Unbelievable season. Bill, I sincerely hope you decide to remain a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Nation!
Oliver Drambour (Kansas City): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK
jenny(st joseph): you guys did a great job played your hearts out you deserved it!!!!rock chalk jayhawk
Daniel Little (Sedgwick KS): You are all such wonderful role models and athletes. I hope someday i will be able to accomplish half of things you have done this season. Thank you all.
Caroline Smith (Edina, MN): Coach Self you are amazing!! Billy C you are too! Danny, thanks for being a Jayhawk for life! Mario you are clutch! Love you Cole-MN pride!! Rodrick, get better! Rush, you are a stud! Collins, love it baby! Sasha, Darnell, Robinson, Case, and Stewart what a way to go out, you guys deserve it!! Darell, way to step it up when it matters! Congrats to all of you!! I couldn’t be any happier to be a Jayhawk!
Jake Gardner Ks: 20 years to the day! Edge of your seat overtime!!! Congradulations
Erin (Marietta, GA): I am so proud you ‘Hawks!!! Rock Chalk!
jenny(st joseph): what a night you guys rocked it had me at the egde of my seat you guys brought it home..rock chalk jayhawk!!!!!!!!
Megan (BURLINGTON, KS!!): Congrats guys on ur big win! Everyone is Burlington, KS is proud to know that Tyrel made a VERY wise decision in picking the best team in the nation, to play for. Congrats again and Ty we can’t wait to see u bac in Btown!
st joseph,mo: you rocked the court tonight congrats on the big win it will be one to remeber for life we are proud of you graet job coach great teamwork on the court
Rich (Tonganoxie): OMG finally I am the proudest Jayhawk out there…Congrats guys on a fabulous season see you tommorow
Steve (Stilwell, KS): This made my year…I love it
tory (ne): What a great night Thanks guys for the great memories
Zakis1: Thanks guys! I cried…
Mike “kukelly” (Lenexa): Way to go ‘Hawks! You play the Game as it was meant to be played…together, with athleticism, and class! Rock Chalk!
Rosenfield Family—Dallas: WOW! Impressive–way to go!
Ryan (Herington,KS: Mario, Brandon, Darell, Sherron, all of you guys…. please stay another you! to all the seniors, you will be missed!
Tim (Frontenac, KS): What a great season! What a great “TEAM”!
Luann, Des Moines: ROCK CHALK! Mr. Self, that’s a fine group of men you have there. Congrats to you all!
Elaine McRobbie, Almaty, Kazakhstan: Awesome, incredible, Kansas rules!
Edgar (Indianapolis): Great game, great coaching, great win…congratulations!
Jill Jaxx (San Pedro, CA.): Who-hooo! I’m a K-Stater but congratulations to all Kansans tonight and especially to your great team—what an inspiration!!
Lori Olberding (KC, KS): Congratulation to all of you..Mario, if you are reading this, all I have to say is CHARMIN!!! Thank you for your clutch shot that you have practiced all of you have made my whole JAYHAWK family very happy!!!!
Marvin: Thanks for a great year guys. You made us all proud to be jayhawks!
Jeff Salem (Kansas City, KS): I am speechless! Congratulations KU! You are a very deserving champion! Party on Mass St. tonight.
Evan McInnis (Washington, MO): I am so proud of everyone. Self, we love you and want you here next year.
From Pratt, KS in Phoenix, Az: I bleed red and blue! Rock chalk J hawk!!!!
Hartwell Family (Eudora,KS): What a wonderful ride! Congratulations to the entire team and outstanding coaches!
Joe Nitchals( Leavenworth, KS): Such a great year to be a jayhawk! way to pull it together fellas. thanks for the ride! You guys are amazing. COACH DONT GO!
Dean – AE Class of ’89 (NASA Langley): Congratulations on your win! It was a “nail-biter” when we were down by 9 with just over 2 minutes to play. I was thinking the worst, but you guys weren’t! You guys dug deep and fought back to tie the game to force OT, where you overwhelmed the Memphis Tigers. Congratulations to the team and coaches for a job well done! You guys have heart! Thanks for one of the greatest comeback wins in NCAA history. I was there in ’88 at KU when Danny Manning was there. This one is even sweeter! “Rock Chalk Jayhawk 2008 NCAA Basketball Champions KU!” Be proud! I can finally put up a new penant next to my 1988 NCAA Basketball Championship penant.Dean (B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1989)
Joe Siegal (New York, NY): Thank you. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Wish I could be in Lawrence to celebrate.
Aaron (Kansas City, MO): Great job guys!!! You are truly one of if not the greatest Kansas teams of all time. You made us all so very proud!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Santa Barbara, CA: Wonderful-MIKE GETTO
Evan, Salina: thats what im talkin about, i watched every game this year. WAY TO GO GUYS!! your truly deserve it. I knew this was the year for us. CONGRATS!!
Manhattan,ks: You Truly Rock. All the Jayhawks in Manhattan are greatful for the ride!!!
Mike Chattam (Winfield,KS): What a year you guys rock!!!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK #1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
MJ – Wichita: WOW.. What a ride. Thanks to you all for playing your hardest and bringing the championship back home!!!
Bill & Elaine (Wichita): Congrats on a great game.
Jim (Galesburg, IL): Congratulations! I’ve neve been prouder to be a lifetime Jayhawk. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!! Thank you all!
joerg, berlin, germany: thanks for a great game and the victory! respect from berlin, germany, joerg
Marco (Balad Iraq): Outstanding!! I watched this on AFN T.V. 30 miles north of Baghdad. The drought is over!!! Thanks for the win….

Justin (Kansas City, MO): I was born in April 1988. That was the last time we won. thank you SO much, 2008 Jayhawks! I AM NO LONGER THE CURSE!


Nate Dexter Casper, WY: Congratulations to Coach Self and the team!
KU-Syracuse, New York: It has been a thrill to watch this team all year! And Bill Self really earned his stripes in this last game.Congratulations! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
John in St. Peters, MO: Great Final Four!!!! Way to go. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
JeanieWatkins(Scottsdale,AZ): Thank YOU-my KU bb boys!!Enjoyed ALL of your games-Rock/Chalk Jayhawk!!
Brandon Wentzville, MO: Guys unbelieveable season. Thanks for the excitement, and blood pressure raising basketball. Its been so unbelieveable and I cannot describe the feeling of being a fan!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!! CONGRATS GUYS!!
Tim and Lori (Cameron Park, CA): We knew you could do it! We’re proud to be Jayhawk fans and send a big shout out to the coach and the team!!!
Yves Johnson (Pasadena, CA): I missed the 1988 championship game because I was serving in the US Army in South Korea. Tonights championship win made up for 20 years for me to actually see a KU championship victory! Rock Chalk Jayhawk…KU!
Stockton, CA: Proud to be a Jayhawk! Congrats!
Shawn, Dani & Chris (Cape Girardeau, MO): We were rooting for you loud and strong for you even with Memphis only 100 miles away from us. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! Way to prove most of the media wrong! This will definitly by a game for the ages. Congrats to all of the players and coaches for a job well done! KU IS #1
Ron M (Montgomery, TX): Thanks to a great champion, a great team!!!
Mary–Atwater, CA: I was a Sophmore at KU in ’88. Thanks for bringing that feeling back. It feels just as good today!! ENJOY JAYHAWKS!
Chris Caplan (Milwaukee Wisconsin): I cannot thank you enough, being from Kansas and living in Wisconsin has been very tough for the last few years, with relentless abuse from friends. Congratulations!Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Sutton Dallas, Texas: Unbelievable season men way to go! I am so proud to be a Jayhawk!!!
Linda (Helena, Oklahoma): I am ALWAYS proud to be a Jayhawk fan but this is TOO GREAT!!! This proves that sometimes the good guys do finish FIRST!!!!!!!
Roger (Hutchinson): Great job guys!! Way to stay poised! Never had any doubt even late.
Troy Greisen & Family (NEW DELHI, INDIA): Congrats to Coach Self and the entire team, and KU community. We watched and are following everything from New Delhi, so far away yet we feel totally connected to our KU Jayhawks! Rock Chalk, see you this summer!
Patrick (Washington, DC): Unbelievable boys. I am speechless. I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am to bleed Crimson and Blue. ROCK CHALK!
Ace – Austin, TX: What a clutch shot Mario – Thank you guys for pulling out the win. Rock Chalk baby.
wally(desoto,ks): thanks for the great year ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS GO KU
Adele Lassiter, Nashville TN: What an awesome season and game! I have enjoyed following you and am so thrilled you won the National Championship. I am so grateful for the effort and heart you gave. Congratulations! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Ark, City, KS: Words cant describe how great this is!!! I love it!!!! Stay with us coach please!!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Tammy Josh Sarah Aaron: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!! We are coming to Lawrence to welcome the team home!! Way to go Coach Self!
Karen (Damascus, OR): Thanks for an amazing year of hoops! Congrats on all of your hard work paying off BIG!!!!

Brad (Hutchinson): Hey coach Self, how does this sound in 20 years:

“Welcome to Self-Allen Fieldhouse, the home of the Jayhawks!”

Don’t leave us buddy!

Diane – Great Falls, Montana: You guys are the best! Way to hang tuff and get the job done!!Congrats and thanks to you all.
Rosalynne & Ryon (Sugar Hill, GA): We are so proud of the Jayhawk coaches and staff. What an awesome season. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!! We love it! ROCKET BABY!!! See you soon!
Glenn, carmel california: Thanks Bill for what you and the jayhawks have accomplish.
cheryl (Parker, KS): Awesome! I said before the season started that this was my favorite team since the 1996-97 squad, which to me was the hardest fighting team, especially with Jared Haas on the team. Before the season began I told my parents, also KU grads that we were going to win it all!! Thanks guys, you all deserve it especially with all the adversity you have suffered!! You all are a class act, especially you, coach Self! Nice guys do finish first!! a proud l976 grad
CYNDI-TOPEKA-CLASS OF 2000: What an awesome game! You guys deserve it for playing hard all these years together! National Champs BABY! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK-KU
Jordan (Wichita): Good work boys, how about another one next year? (Everyone stays,including coach Self?) Sounds pretty good to me.
Shelley Ferland Evergreen, Co: This win dedicated to Ned Rose who died of cancer in Jan 08. He wanted to make it to the final four with the Jayhawks! Thanks for a great win!
George Morrison (Perris,CA): Congrats to the Kansas Jayhawks from California Kansas class of 92
Jordan (Lincoln, NE): Live in Nebraska, but I bleed Crimson and Blue. Everyone that is associated with that team, deserves that National Title…EVERYONE!!!
Abby (overland park): WOW. I could only be happier right now if I was on Mass St. Way to go boys, you never ever gave up. Every single one of you did an amazing job this season. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Stephanie Dean: Thanks for playing your hearts out, you deserve this win and high praise!!! Rock Chalk
JP (Stillwater): Great Job Jayhawks. You have a great team. Bill, Please come home.
Pat (Lincoln, NE): Congratulations! As usual, you won not only with talent but with courage and class. Thank you!
Jeremiah (Topeka): You all Rock!! Congrat’s on such a great season. You all did a FANTASTIC job!
Gwen (Lawrence, Ks): All ones, won all!The Miracle 3 TeamThanks for the ride
Wichita: Congrats on a great season!!! Thanks for bringing the title back to the school and to the fans after a 20 year drought!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk Forever!!!!!!!!!
Blas Brown, Jr. (Gainesville, FL): Coming from a another champion (Gator, 2x Champs), I congratulate you all who were part of the Kansas Basketball program. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Wendy Kennedy (Topeka): WooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooo!!!!!! > Way to go Jayhawks!! ~Love ya~
Jared: congratulaions guys live it up you deserve every bit of it!
Wichita: So proud of all of you. Way to go Hawks!

Lee’s Summit, MO: Bill & Team,

Congratulations! Thanks for a fastastic season and an amazing tournament. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!

Adriana (Garden City): Congratulations!!!!!! I am so proud to be a Jayhawk! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!
Strauder (Dallas): Proud to be a Jayhawk in 2008! Congrats on the great run in San Antone. Classic!
Leo (Denver): Former Lawrence resident…fell in love with the program and saw the best of the best last nite…great team, coach, program…
Lee (Jonesboro, GA): Congrats to the Kansas Jayhawks and a great season! Rock Chalk Jayhawks, Go KU!
Debbie, Lenexa: Great job guys! We love our Jayhawks!
Brian (Champaign/Urbana): We are happy for you and your team Bill. Congratulations on a great season.
Luling, Louisiana: Kyle, You Rock Jayhawk! Well done.Your fan in Louisana…
Nell and Lou (Montreal, Quebec): Congrats from two pregnant Jayhawk fans in Canada!
Chris Young (Baltimore, MD): Living in ACC territory isn’t easy. My Jayhawk flag is flying high today! Thank you all for an absolutely incredible game.
Brett (Kansas City MO): Thank you all so much for the joy you bring to our lives! Congrats to KU and a special thanks to Mario “The Assassin” Chalmers for his clutch shot!
Jason (Chesapeake, VA): Chalmers, You are going down in KU history for the biggest shot! Great win for Jackson, he has been through so much! Bill Dont go to BBall wasteland because you are a great coach!
Lee (Jonesboro, GA): As a life time Jayhawk fan, thank you and congrats on a great season! Rock Chalk Jayhawks, Go KU!
Gretchen- Eudora, Ks: What a ride! Thanks to the best Jayhawk team in history! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Kelly, Maize: Man, I love my alma mater!!!!!
Chris (Shawnee, KS): Thanks for an awesome season. My sons and I will never forget that game last night. Congratulations!
Vicki (Kansas City): You guys are the BEST-Thank You!!
Sarah (Burke, VA): Great Season guys!!! you all deserve it! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.
Jeanette (Grandview, Mo): Congrats Jayhawks on a great game! Thanks for making the nation believers!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!!!!
Aroop (Lenexa): Unbelievable-thanks for representing KU- Congratulations!!!!
Atlanta: Born and Raised in Wichita currently in Atlanta representing!!! GO JAYHAWKS!!
Ruth (Olathe): Congratulations on an exciting championship game and on a trememdous season. You are a great Team of athletes and champions!
Cynthia (Independence, MO): Never doubted it for a minute. Congratulations, Coach Self, and men. You’re the best!
Mags in Leavenworth: I’m overly proud of you all. Ya know what today is? It’s a GREAT DAY TO BE A JAYHAWK!!!!!
Dennis Brown (Wichita): Thank-you… thank-you… thank-you.
Brian Utley (Huntsville, AL): What a proud day to be a Jayhawk! Congratulations on a great ride. You showed incredible perseverance, pride and heart. And, they can never take this moment from any of us!
Jason & Donella Bell, Springdale AR: Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! – we are so proud and celebrating with you. What an amazing season – Congratulations!!
Stephanie (Boulder): You were a joy to watch. Thank you! I couldn’t be more Jayhawk Proud!!
Carol and David (Colorado Springs): Congratulations: We’re so proud to be Jayhawks!
Taylor Dahl Scribner, NE: You guys played the greatest game ever! That game was just how a National Championship game was supposed to be played! KU is the team of the year and I almost shedded some tears after the game last night! ROCK CHALK ALL THE WAY!!!!I am a Nebraska Jayhawk
S. Carroll (Salem, VA): What a memory for the rest of your lives and the lives of everyone who saw the game!
Rachel (New Hampshire): I was born a Jahawk and have lived as one for 35 yrs! This was the best ending for the season and has made me even prouder of my heritage! Rock Chalk!
Mike & Andrea Burton (INDY): Average Joes Bar was Rockin!!!! Thanks Hawks! GO KU!
Mark (Dodge City):: Rock Chalk Jayhawk! The 12 Jayhawk fans in southwest Kansas are proud!
Webb (Wakeman, Ohio): Rock Chalk Jayhawk baby! Thanks for everything you’ve all given to the program, and for being not only great players but great people! I’ll never forget our seniors! Awesome job guys!
Barb- Oklahoma City: Congratulations to the JAYHAWKS!!! YOU ROCK!!! Coach Self needs to stay w/KU. YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!
Wyatt (Phillipsburg, KS): Unbelievable ending to an outstanding year! Congratulations and THANK YOU!
rob fairmount in: congrats from hmtown of j. dean…but jayhawks are the real kings of “cool”!
NJT (Cunningham, KS): WOW!! Very good season, CONGRATULATIONS. Come back next season COACH
Nick (Marceline, MO): Congratulations Coach Self on an unbelievable season!!
EmilyG-Hays, KS: Way to go! You all deserve the win. A big “thank you” all the players and coach Self. Thanks on an amazing season and an even more amazing championship. I have always been a huge KU fan, and I really want to say thanks for the great memories. Good luck in the future!! Thanks again! Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Mitch Lefkowitz: Unbelievable victory!! Congrats and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!…Kansas class of ’91.
Emily-Hays: Way to go!!! You all deserve the win more than anyone! Thanks for all your hard work this year, and every year. A big “thank you” to all the players and coach Self for all you hard work and effort. The best team won. Even though I do not attend KU, I have always been a huge fan and will contiune to be, I greatly appreciate all the great memories!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Cody (Colorado Springs): I was happy with just getting the win over N.Carolina, and to win it all is the icing on the cake! Here’s to our next title.
Stacy (Orlando, FL): You gave us alumni a lot to be proud of this season! May your champion spirits carry you through wonderful lives! Rock Chalk Jayhawk:)
Jim (Topeka): You’ve all earned your place in KU Basketball history — especially you, coach. Thanks for the great memories!
Melissa (Olathe): Wow, What an amazing way to end an already great season. We couldn’t be more excited for all of you. Congrats on a job well done. You deserve it!!!
Clete Hudson (Chanute, KS): Cool Bill Thank You !!! Congrats what a awesome team, ROCK CHALK!!!
Adrienne (Independence, MO): I have slept a total of two hours! What a rush! And Super Mario—no one better! Thank you for an exciting game! You all deserve it! Great coaches and a great team. Enjoy this! Rock Chalk!!!!
Tim (Frisco, Tx): Great year and fantastic finish. Rock Chalk!!
Amber (Olathe, KS): You guys played one of the most fought out games I have ever seen. GREAT EFFORT AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
Virginia (Berryton): You guys are “tenacious”!! πŸ™‚ This championship was won by a really great “TEAM” and coaching staff!!!! Congratulations!! Go Jayhawks!!!
Badger Fan – Madison, WI: Great Game, Great Season…CONGRATS FROM BADERLAND!!
Riley – (Girard, KS): Simply Amazing!!!! I Still have chills!!
sheri (olathe): You never gave up and you ROCK! Chalk Jayhawk. You Deserve all the RESPECT!
D&T (Florence, SD): It is great to be a Jayhawk with you! Thank you for such great and hard work.
Meredith: Topeka: It doesn’t get any better! Class program,coaches and players. Way to go!!!
chris schafer ( japan): From the navy over seas ROCK CHALK JAYHAKWS
Ted (Centennial, CO): Congratulations to a great team on a great season. You guys made us proud. Thanks, and ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Kurtis (Chandler, OK): Congratulations Jayhawks! It could not have happened to a more deserving group of men! Bill, stay in KS IT IS YOUR DREAM JOB!!
Gloria (West Des Moines, IA): Thanks guys for another great year and all the memories. Congrats guys, enjoy the moment.
Eric Bunnell (Shiocton, WI): Congratulations on a great season. Last night was awesome. Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Morris Topeka: Way 2 go Jayhawks Rock Chalk Jayhawks 2008 National Champs!!!!!
Shelli: CONGRATS. What a wonderful thing. You deserve it.
Janet ( Newnan, GA): My heart is bursting with pride and gratitude. You fought like warriors!!!
Timo(Germany): Great Job Jayhawks. You guys made me stay up so many nights the last couple month, but every second watching you play ball was worth it. Thank you
Manny(Lansing): Great job Jayhawks!!! You never gave up and now you are National Champions!!!!!
Jenn: I was 12 years old when I watched Danny Manning cut down the net and I knew 2008 was going to be the year! Thanks for the wonderful memories! Congratulations!
Kwok Yan(Hong Kong): Fantastic!
Kevin (Denver, CO): Thanks for the most amazing 20th anniversary present! I couldn’t be prouder.
Rusty – Colorado: WOW! You made it fun guys!! Congrats!!
cory ludlow mo: nice shot mario. coach self i would love to see u stay to repeat next year. thanks for the great run guys i love u guys
Allison (Topeka): Hawks: I am so proud of you. No matter what the rest of the country, the commentators, the officials say, no one can take this away from you. You have won this for yourselves. You have won this for all of us, and we are so thankful.
Evelyn Herron: Congratulations from a Jayhawk fan living in Kentucky wildcat country. Game was a nail-biting thriller! I was a KU student during the Wilt Chamberlin era. Have loved the Jayhawks ever since. Awesome year.
Chris (Sunnyside, WA): Congrats on a great season Jayhawks!!! I knew you would make a run to the championship game after you guys beat us, EWU back on Dec. 5th!! I’ve been rooting for you guys ever since!! Congrats on a great season!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!
Corey & Tyra Babington (Scottsdale, AZ): You never gave up and played with incredible drive. Congratulations Jayhawks!
Big Fred (Lawrence): Do you believe in miracles?!?! YYEESSSSS!!!!!
Josh A.( Rockville, New York): Live in from New York…I have been a ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK since i came from Nigeria in 2000 but this is too great i will always be a JAYHAWK FAN and by the thanx the coach, staff and player for what they done for the basketball program.What a clutch by Mario..thanx u super mario
David (Topeka): Sittin in China, listening on westwood one radio, hangin on every play… Can’t wait to get back to Kansas!!! Tonight is party time in Dongguan!
Susan (Anchorage Alaska): Raised in Kansas and now live in Alaska – 2 reasons to cherish this victory! Congratulations – you won with talent and brains.
PAMC: You Never Gave Up…Thrilling…Amazing!!!
Stephan Nickell (Army): Rock Chalk Nation, youve been my inspiration since im half the world away,fighting all the way this season i want to say hey to my hometown boy SPOOOOOOOON !!!
JL Berger Marseille, France: Great job Hawks !!! had to wake up at 3:00 this morning to watch that game. ig emotion for the ’88 student I was.
Jason White-Basehor, KS: The best college basketball game ever!! What drama!! Thanks for bringing what all of Kansas and all of Lawrence have waited for-for 20 years!! Long Live The Jayhawks!
Dana (Tacoma, WA): I am so proud of this team. I am so sad that the season is over, I am going to miss the way you guys play.
David (Haysville): Coach Phog Allen is smilin’ down at KU.
Liz (Kennewick, WA): Rock Chalk Jayhawk from the Pacific Northwest! We are so happy and you all did FANTASTIC!! Thank you, this is a happy day!
Conifer, Colorado: Steve and Sherry – ’74 graduates and long time fans; we are so proud of your classy, great play
Quincy (Woodland, Ca.): Best game of all time!! We are so proud of of our jayhawk players. They go into the history books!!!!
Steve (Auckland, New Zealand): Congrats from Down Under! Orange Bowl, now National Champs – proud to be a Jayhawk!!
Luke (Campus): Rock Chalk guys!!!! We did it!!!! You deserved it for all your hard work, and the final 2 minutes of regulation proved to everyone how hard you work. Thanks for the memories and making my college career spectacular.
Shaun Rangel (Charlotte, NC): Way to go Jayhawks! I’m a Duke alum/fan but was pulling for the Jayhawks last night…an amazing comeback…
Cory (Moundridge, Kansas): NCAA Champions way to go KU, Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU, #1
Parker (New Smyrna Beach, FL): I was born at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in 1985, the year the Royals won the series. My only sister was born there in ’88. I had just turned three that year and my mother took me up Mt. Oread to celebrate. I don’t remember it though. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to celebrate a title for the first time. You were always number 1 in my book.
Evette (Leawood, KS): WOW! Thanks for a great season!
Ametta L. Reaves, Cleveland,OH: Class of 1988 – I remember April 1988 and now I add another great memory – April 2008. Go Jayhwawks!!!
Maranda (Hutchinson): Rock Chalk…You guys are phenomenal….amazing thanks for a great year….National Champs…awesome!!!!
Howard and Rosie (grove okla): You nearly killed two retirees with the excitement..but we loved it! Congratulations!
KC: Lew- Give Self a raise! A BIG raise! Love ya Coach! Love the team….will really miss this team and the Seniors – Love ya New York!
Matt: Thank you for a great season! Rock Chalk Jayhawk. Thank you for the BELIEVABLE win last night, we all knew you could do this. COngrats and Coach Self we love you and cant wait for you to be here for a long time
Jason, Jo, Jaden, and Jenner (Olathe): We’ve been waiting for such a long time for this day. Thank you 2007-2008 KU Basketball team!! You did the entire nation proud!
CSL Omaha, NE: You guys played with the heart and determenation of a championship team. You proved last night that you are fighters and you never give up. My congrats to Coach Self and the team on a job well done!!!!+
Jennifer(Clay Center): I am proud to wear my Ku shirts on a K-state campus. Thanks for a great year and please stay Coach Self!!!!!
Darrah (Lawrence): Thanks for a wonderful season! Rock chalk!
Meredith Domme, Amarillo, TX: Way to go KU. What a fantastic season….no matter where I live I’ll always be a Jayhawk fan!
Hagerstown,MD: Great game KU…collins you did get away with a carry on that last possession though
Kelly (KCMO): Thanks for the ride! You’re my hero Mario!!!! Way to bring that trophy back to Lawrence after a 20 year absence.
Matt Starr (Lincoln): Its been a long 20 years! I’ve been fan my entire life…I knew this was the year from year!!! Congrats!!
Michael (Denver): I’ve been a Jayhawk fan since I was born, and this was amazing. I will always, always remember you guys. Rock Chalk Jayhawk guys! Don’t ever forget it. A proud, proud day to be a Jayhawk.
Bob Campbell (Encinitas, CA): The greatest basketball game in KU history. Brilliant coaching; magnificent team performance!
Diane (San Diego, CA): I am sooo proud to be a Jayhawk. I loved celebrating this victory with all my fellow Jayhawks at the Boardwalk in SD. You guys did an AMAZING Job tonight. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!!!!
Peggy (Goddard, KS): Rock Chalk Jayhawks! Way to go Hawks. You showed ALL those that have doubted the Hawks, that you are “True Champions”!!! Best Wishes!
Mrs. Mcculley’s First Grade Class: Rock Chalk Jayhawks, Go KU! We love you. Congratulations from the future Jayhawks from Great Bend.
Leena (Kansas City): I have been waiting for this moment since I was 12 years old! Congratulations and rock chalk!!! You guys made us all so proud!
Mark Bowers (Missouri): I love you guys!!! I will remember this my whole life, just like I remember the 88 championship. See you at the parade!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk. Go KU
Susan (Ojai, CA): Amazing! As a 1988 KU graduate, I’ve watched and waited 20 years for this! Thank you Coach Self, all the players and staff (Danny M!). Rock Chalk Jayhawk…KU. Congratulations!
Ann (Garden City): You made it happen for ALL of us! Thanks for a wonderful ride to the National Champship 2008. It’s YOURS! Way to go KU!
Bri (Bismarck, ND): Congratulations Jayhawks! An amazing game to cap off an amazing season! Thank you Mario Chalmers! Rock, chalk, Jayhawk, KU!
Marie C, Junction City, KS: CONGTATULATIONS JAYHAWKS -you are simply amazing! I am a RAZORBACK by birth, but a JAYHAWK BY CHOICE!Blessings to you all!
Temple – Lebanon Ohio: What a GREAT season!!!! Congrats to a great team and wonderful coach!!!
Dennis (Lenexa, KS): What a victory! Great defense, wonderful shot by Mario and exemplary coaching by Self.
Osawatomie, KS: It seems quite fitting to move from “Danny and the Miracles” to “SUPER MARIO AND THE SMASH BROTHERS!” Might be worth getting copyright! Wonderful seasons! My husband is an Alumnus of the School of Journalism Grad. school.
Jeremy (Wilton): Great game! Congratulations to you all! Coach Self, Please stay!!
Wendy (Shawnee, KS): Thank you for the most amazing year ever. I watch every game ever year, and I’m so proud!!!! You are the best group of guys, and the best Coach!!! Well Deserved!!! Thanks for the memories, and I hope you cherrish them all your life like we will!!!!
Mike-Anchorage: Mario, keep doing your thing. The city of Anchorage is very proud of you!
Julie (Lenexa): Dream big, look where you are now!
Stewart (Daytona Beach, FL): Next to my wedding day and holding my only child for the first time, this has got to be one of the best days of my life. Hail to Ole KU!!!
Purdy Family (Wichita, KS): We believed in you the whole time and are so proud of the whole team. Thanks for a wonderful memory!
alic pollan washington ks: nice job you rock
Cesar Villescas & Al Seifert: We love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Mindy, Topeka KS: You all deserve this!! We love you guys, thanks for the great ride.
alic pollan: awsom job way to play hard
Kyle (Warrensburg): ROCK CHALK!! What a classy team and you do it in such classy fashion… You make me proud to be a Jayhawk fan! Way to go boys!!!
Scott ( El Dorado): Just another reason to be a Kansas. You all did it with CLASS! Whether it was a win or loss, you made us proud.
Steve (Wichita): Thanks for the amazing comeback, having the heart of true champions, and the belief in each other to pull out the win. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.
Lisa (Joplin, MO): What a night, was there in ’88 and still proud to be a jayhawk ROCK CHALK!!!!!!
Kyle (Goddard, KS): Rock Chalk Jayhwaks!! I am “Proud” to be a Jayhawk Fan. Here’s to the “2008 NCAA Champions”! Way to go!
Patti Pool Kansas city/Tulsa: It is great to be a Jayhawk fan! Congratulations guys and what a great season you have had- it is truly a gift to all of us fans to watch you play. I have been a fan of Bill Selfs since his Tulsa days (I went to TU) and married my husband who is a KU grad so I then fell in love with KU! Rock Chawk – cant wait until next year!
Vicki-Jacksonville, Florida: Thanks for the most exciting game in basketball history; what a privelege to have seen it. Rock chalk Jayhawk, WE ARE KU!
Trecia Griffin (Cherryvale, Ks): Congrats Jayhawks!! We are so proud of you all!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Tim Stewart (Kansas City): Congrats! 20 yrs later and it’s even more bitter sweet! Rawk Chawk Jayhawk Ku
Jamie&Sue(Hanover,Ks): Thanks for all the memories. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!You are the best Coach.
Emily (CA): That was amazing! I’m glad I could finally see a KU championship. Great job!
Derek (Leawood): ROCK CHALK CHAMPIONS! Way to go KU! 20 Years makes it worth the wait.
Randy {Great Bend}: Great Job Jayhawks. You have a great team. Bill, Please domt leave your a Jayhawk!
Tony (Memphis): Thank You! I was born a Jayhawk
Doug (Cary, NC): Wow! Unbelievable! Dream come true! Rock, Chalk Jayhawk, KU!
Wichita KS: KU Basketball got me thru some hard times this year. Congratulations on a fantastic win!
Candice (Portland): Congrats and thank you for a wonderful season! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Cal (OKC): CONGRATULATIONS, KU! Fantastic win! Go BIG XII!
Rodney Phoenix, AZ: Thank You for a wonderful season, and never giving up. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU!!!!!!
Janel (San Diego, CA): Thank You Jayhawks and Coach Self for an incredible journey! WOW!! We have been Rock Chalk chanting all the way from San Diego – could you hear us? Congratulations!!
Aaron (Chicago): Yesterday was the 2nd time that the Jayhawks have played on my BDay for the Title and unlike 2003 we came out on top. Prehaps the best day of my life. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU
Jill (Houston, TX): Congrats Jayhawks! You made all of us proud. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Teri, Phoenix: I love you all…I’m so happy! Brandon, perfect D. Mario, we nearly peed our pants when you hit that shot. Love you!!!
jeff bourgeois (gentilino, switzerland): …no coach deserves this more, no team worked harder for it! congratulations on a great tournament run and a tremendous season. i’m proud to be an alumni (d’98) and associated with the national champions!
Rasheedat(Lawrence,KS): Wow!!!!! i can’t believe it, i was on mass street in downtown lawrence today, it was crazy. Go JAYHAWK!!!!!!!!
Nyla Poser, Buckley, WA: My roommate from 1967 lives in Washington State too…about 10 miles from me, and did we ever have a great time the past two games, watching together with our spouses, yelling and screaming, just like the old days. Way to go!
Jenny Gilmore (Omaha, NE): Thank you so much for the ride of a lifetime. In the last 20 years, not once did I give up on our program. And you guys made me so proud to not only be a Jayhawk fan, but proud to be from Kansas!!!!!!!!!
Lorrie & John (Vista CA): My dad is 87 was has been patiently waiting for this moment for the last 20 years. Thanks to Coach Self and all the players!!!!
Mary ( Corpus Christi, TX): It was a thrill to be in San Antonio to cheer for our Jayhawks! Thanks to Coach Self and the team for an excellent season!
Pat Hillme, Springfield, MO: What a team effort! You guys were brought together for such a time as this. Congratulations
Rylee (Lincoln,NE): Rock Chalk is right! Can’t wait for my time at KU, GO HAWKS!
Kristy: Way to go guys! Feels pretty good to be a Jayhawk right now! Amazing game and amazing team! ROCK CHALK!!!
Barb (Topeka): What a magical season! You never gave up! We’re so proud of all of you! Congratulations!
Mark (Edmond, OK): Great for you and your team! Congratulations!
The Scott’s (Bucklin, KS): Humble coaches and players working together can do great things not expected by some. You proved that! Thanks for the memories.
Ron- West Palm Beach: AWESOME BABY!!! Enjoy because you earned it and deserve it. God Bless You!
Andy Schweitzer (Bedford, IA): COME BACK NEXT YEAR COACH!!! We’ll all be ready for another run.
Jane (Springfield, VA): WE LOOOOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for a fabulous season! You make us alums very very proud! Enjoy the ride —- and your next chapters! πŸ™‚
Waters Family- CB IOWA: The 2008 Kansas Jayhawks- true definition of TEAM, true definition of CHAMPIONS.Enjoy
Chris J (Omaha, NE): 20 years was worth the wait. We got it done!!2008 Champs! Good job everyone and Thanks! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!1
Joe Kennard (Pittsburg, KS): Great job Jayhawks. I have been waiting my whole life to see this moment. I knew this was the year for the hawks. Congrats on the National Championship. ROCK CHALK!
Sharon (Phoenix): Congratulations Jayhawks!! Been a fan for 25 years. You made us very proud ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!! #1
Brad (Nashville): It’s an honor to be a Jayhawk. A big congratulations to the team, the staff, University faculty, and the entire Jayhawk community.
Cody (Winfield, KS): What a year what a game. Congrats to you and your team. Thank You!!!!!
Holly Kabler (Olathe, KS): Thanks for the ride! Congratulations goes out to all jayhawks all over the world! It was worth the wait and such a great game! Thanks for the memories!
Zavae (Stamford,CT): thanks for a wonderful ending to a great year. also thank you shady for staying out of foul trouble
Vicki (Garden City): We are so proud of all of you! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!
Brandy (Kansas City): You had the whole state on their feet last night. We knew it was your year!!! You guys were amazing!!! Congrats!!!
Abby Elkins Mankato, Kansas: Wow!! What a season, you have so much to be proud of. You work together so well and your teamwork and sportsmanship gave Kansas something to be proud of this season! Rock Chalk, it’s a great year to be a Jayhawk!!
Chok (Hong Kong): Thank you for the ride! Congratulations!
Matt (Ellsworth): ROCK CHALK talk about a Clutch 3 pointer… phew….
Wichita, KS: What a great year! We are so proud of you. Thanks for putting Kansas on the map once again. GO HAWKS!
Johnson City,NY: I have been a Jayhawk fan for 17 years. Today I proudly wear my t-shirt and hat. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!
Topeka: We are so PROUD of the TEAM effort. Thanks for the memories!
Brian Diltz (Santa Barbara, CA): Phenomenal game! Fun to watch for a KU alum like myself, or for anyone for that matter! Thanks for a great ride this season!
Jayhawks Fan: I knew this was your year, from the coaches to every man a great team effort!! You have been a pleasure towatch. Congratulations on a job well done!!!
Dustin – Kansas City: Congrats guys! Fantastic show of fortitude and ability. You all made it truly fantastic to be a lifelong Jayhawk.KU – c/o ’09
Jan – Tulsa: Really proud of your big win. We still love you here in Tulsa!
Michelle (Oklahoma City): Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Congratulations on an amazing season!
Dennis (Paola, Kansas): I’ve never wanted a bunch of kids or a coaching staff to win as much as I did this year’s team. I am so proud of all of you. You are a credit to the University in all areas.
Jay (Brogue, PA): Congratulations to Coach Self and the entire Jayhawk team. What an awesome game and comeback. Rock Chalk JayHawk from PA!!
Kayl Barkley-(Conway Springs): You guys deserve to be #1 thank you for the great season. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!
Kayl Barkley-Conway Springs: Great game and thank you for the season.
Rosie (Malvern, IA): I’m Jayhawk born and breed and have never been prouder. Thank you Guys, Thank you Coaching Staff, Thank you KU!!!! Congratulations on an absolutely awesome season!!
Jon (Atlanta, GA): Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!! Thanks for the great ride all year long!
Shawnee, KS: Thanks for a terric ride, you’ve made us all proud!!!
Darlene,Rapid City: Heart-stopping, breath-taking victory! Lived there in ’88, great then, and even greater now. Admire that drive.

Rick Kansas City Ks: This team showed the true spirit of NEVER GIVE UP. What a great moment for me & my family to watch, to say we saw it.

Thank you Coach Self and All the Hawks. What a great season!!!!

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Riedel MacKenzie, Vienna, VA: You all were brillant…the Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU cheer will resonate throughout the world!Way to go Coach Self and the players and fans!
Mark Topeka: One most mememorable run through the Tournament from Cole UNC game to brandons defense game play the whole time. Russell’s game control was unmatched and Sausha’s game against Davidson unforgettable. You guy’s are truly a remarkable TEAM. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK’S
Jeff Cochran (Boone, NC): Well, what a ride! Even though I live in North Carolina I was able to make it to a couple of games this year and the FINAL FOUR to wathc you guys on your way to becoming the National Champions. Congratulations!! See you on the court next year!
Kevin bohannon, valley falls, ks: I was over seas in 88 when we won the title… I really enjoyed the ride.. Thanks for everything guys. GO HAWKS!!!
kyle’s mom–Texas: Thanks for making my son so happy he kept saying Jayhawks all the way….and has been chanting Rock Chalk Jayhawlks for weeks Congratulations
Lauren B (Portland, OR): Thanks for an amazing season!
Jeff, Fort Collins, CO: Bingo. Great playing, great coaching. Congrats! Already looking forward to next year!
Patti Basham, Dodge City, KS: I have been a loyal Jayhawk fan for 40 years but I have to say this year has been THE BEST!! Thanks for the memories and congrats to Coach Self and the entire team!!
Tonja Oklahoma City: What a team what a ride Thank you for an amazing season
Beth (Baltimore, MD): Wow guys, congrats! Thanks for reminding me my roots are still crimson and blue. You made me proud!
Jim Manhattan, KS: when will they ever get it – all the networks didn’t give them a chance, but then that is what they said about the Orange bowl too! Way to go Jayhawks.
Andria Walden: Finally, a championship game worthy of a championship team! Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful season!!!
Rozean family-Clay Center,Ks: We love you Jayhawks!!!
Mary Tulsa, OK: Congrats to the whole team and Coach Self. The entire Jayhawk Nation is very proud of you. Coach Self please stay we love you.
Shakeya S. (kansas city Kansas): Congratulations, way to pull off a win. Where theres a Super Mario there is a way!! Great Season fellas
Jane F. Littleton, CO: One Shining Moments and the Kansas Jayhawks are it! Love the team and all the staff. Rock Chalk!
Renzo Hayashi (Minneapolis): Congrats Jayhawks!!! You make us all proud!!! When many of us saw our hopes dwindling, you played with heart, perseverance, and poise and you kept the faith. You made us all believe and you deserve every bit of this victory! Chalmers hit that memorable 3 point shot but every single one of you got him there, and for that, each one of you will be remembered just as much. Thanks guys for a wonderful ride!!!!
Wes Cackler, Lansing KS: Coach Self- Thank you for being a class act. Your pregame speeches were unbelievable. I hope you end your career as a very happy Hawk! Guys the class and toughness you showed was a shining example that I am proud to share with my children. You will live in Hawk history forever. You will be remembered long after your playing days are over!!!
Memphis, TN: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an awesome game! I’m so proud to be a Jayhawk fan!!! You guys (players & coaches) are some of the classiest people…I’m so happy for you!
Amy, Lawrence: Our whole family is thrilled for the Jayhawks and your great success in the championship game! Thanks for making KU the envy of every other college basketball team in the US. Late Night = fun; Winning the Big 12 = Great; Beating Memphis for the title = PRICELESS!!
Jeff Schroeder, Basehor, Kansas: Great heart and great determination was shown by all of you. You are a great example for all youth in sports. Thank you for everything!
Jackie Robinson (Holcomb Kansas): TEAM WORK, THAT SUMS IT UP BEST!! You make us proud to be JayHawk FANS!!
Justin and Julie (Lenexa): What an awesome wedding gift, we got married this weekend and would like to thank Bill and boys for such a great way to end the weekend!
Kay (Pine, COLO: My 86 year old mother (Wichita) is a true Jayhawk fan and watches all of the games…thanks for making her dream come true…wow, what a great game!!!
Kurt – Santa Cruz, NM: Rock, chalk, Jayhawwwwwwwk!!!!!
Renee – Overland Park: Bar none, the best team in the final four. emphasis on TEAM. you guys are incredible and it’s so wonderful to be part of such an amazing legacy. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS
keith wichita: too bad you guys were not with us on mass street. i am sure you had fun though.
Kenneth Naysmith Belleville, KS: What an amazing finish and shot by Mario and gongrats to all the players and coaches! Rock Chalk JAYHAWK!

Jared Honda (Mason, OH): FINALLY! Hands-down the greatest tournament game I’ve ever seen, cheering the Jayhawks the whole season has never tasted sweeter.

Congratulations to Coach Self, the team and everyone who has given me the greatest season in my life. Here’s to many more trophies heading to Allen Fieldhouse trophy room in years to come.

Waynesboro PA: Congrats to the Jayhawks! You guys are awesome! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!
Connie (Norton KS): THANKS for a wonderful season and a great tournament!! It was so exciting to watch.
Isaiah (Baldwin City): Congratulations on your big win! You made all of us Jayhawks proud.
Lisa (Lincoln, NE): Rock Chalk!!! Congratulations, Jayhawks. I was cheering you on all year from Nebraska, I wish I could have been there in person. But I’ve never been more proud to start my own Rock Chalk Chant here in Lincoln!! See you next year!
Olathe: Rock Chalk – was wonderful, thanks for the entire year – what a ride it was. Will remember it the rest of my life! It’s good to be a Jayhawk.
Farneys (Overland Park): What a great season! We’ve loved every minute. Thank you so much!!!
Virgil Ellison (Greenville, SC): What an awesome game, Chalmers will remember that shot, Congratulations Team and Coach Bill Self. Once a Jay Hawk always a Jay Hawk
Mindy ( West Des Moines, Iowa: It was worth 20 years of waiting! The most brilliant job of coaching and playing by a team ever! You have made me and my little 4 year old grandson Noah so very happy! We are the biggest KU fans from Iowa ever! Thank you for a most memorable year, and pleas Bill don’t leave!
Junkyard (Sioux City, IA): Rock Chalking in the sewer!!! Best day in 20 years! Please stay Bill, it’s not millions but you can have my salary as part of your new contract.
Margo Baker, Weston. MO: It was your day to shine. Congratulations on a winning year and a spectacular season. GO HAWKS! Thanks for the memories!
Connie Ventress-Pasadena, CA: Nothing else matters today, but my Jayhawk flag proudly waving in front of my house! 300 screamin’ alums cheered you on in West Hollywood last night! Thank you a million times!
Joe, Manhattan: There is no better moment in college basketball. ROCK CHALK!!
Elodie, Paris (France): Congratulations!!!!!!! it was hard to deal with 7 hours time difference to watch the games, but THANK YOU :NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s my favorite 23rd Bday gift!
Olathe Steve: Thanks for the memory, ROCK CHALK KU !!!!
Carol (Santa Fe, NM): What a wonderful memory for us all, but especially for you guys! Best wishes for a happy, successful future! Stay strong.
Susan (Leawood, KS): Rock Chalk Champions – No one deserved it more! Thanks to one and all for a fabulous ride, it is one we’ll never forget!
Tyler (Fennville, Michigan): Great Run Fellas!! You made all the Jayhawk fans around the country and the world happy! NATIONALL CHAMPS BABY!!!
Tiffany,Kansas City Mo: I just wanna say congradulations, and that I am very proud of my cousin Brandon.=)
Carolyn Covington (Lumberton, TX): Way to go!!! I am so glad I got to see you play in College Station!
Kathy Stegen(Tucson,AZ): You were awesome ALL SEASON!! Thanks for making this Jayhawk fan in wildcat country SO VERY PROUD!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda (Emporia): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!! I was so excited to watch the games I drove from Emporia both nights to watch them in Allen Fieldhouse. You couldn’t have made the experience any better. Thanks for an amazing year!!!! You guys are the best!
AJ: I live in Missouri and even attended MU for a while, but I’ve been a Jayhawk fan since I was a kid. Guys, thanks your spectacular effort and great attitude.
Ron Wichita KS: Thank you Coach and Team for an outstanding year. And what an honor it is to be a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk. But more importantly, as the father of an 8 and 9 year old, thank you for setting such a fine example. It’s not easy in today’s world to find role models for your kids, good ones. You are a class act and fine men and I’m proud they look up to you guys. Through thick and thin, win and loose, you guys always make me proud to be a Jayhawk the way you handle yourselves. Stay Coach, help me raise my kids!
Chelle, Lenexa: Way to go Jayhawks. Rock Chalk Jayhawks,,KU
Rich and Sherry (Philadelphia): Thanks for showing the East Coast reporters that quality basketball started and still resides in Lawrence Kansas. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!
Wayne & Shawn Wilson, KS: BELIEVE!!! What a ride!!! Thanks for the memories!!! ROCK CHALK!!! Stay with us Bill! We love ya.
Laurie Toppenish, Washington: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Way to go!!!!! Awesome Game!!! loved it, just loved it!!!!
Carla – Springfield, MO: THANK YOU Bill Self and team for an outstanding season! That game was worth the 20 year wait! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!!!
Matt Feeney, Laramie, WY: Great job, Jayhawks!
Alex Castro (Austin, TX): thanks for the best season ever!!!!
Michelle – Leewood KS: Fabulous TALENT Bleeds from this team!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!

Mike (Leawood): Bill & Players,

Besides the thrill we all experienced, a special thanks for bringing a local championship that our young sons can enjoy. This is really special!

Jerry (Toronto, KS): Congrats Coach Self and the entire Jayhawk team. 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! I’ll remember this season for the rest of my life. Thank you.
Mary Beth: Even this K-State Fan cheered on the Jayhawks, Way to Go!!!!
Dave (Naperville, IL): What a game. What a shot. What an ending. To borrow Coach’s words from post-game, it was all “unbelieveable”. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU
Phil (St. Louis, MO): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! Thanks for a truly magical year. This was truly a team by every stretch of the imagination. Thanks for giving us memories to last a lifetime.
Merey Seitova, Kazakhstan (Fredonia, KS): Can not believe finally we are the CHAMPS!!!!Thank you all for the Wonderful, Unforgettable game and Joy of the Victory!!!!!!!!We all are VERY PROUD of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sincerely,your big fan,Merey.Rock Chalk!
Paola: This was a great year for the jayhawks thanks for the ride – coach self you made it happen great coaching. great team
Terry (Atchison, KS): The entire staff of coaches and players showed nothing less than classiness day after day. You all deserve the accolades from winning. Keep up the tradition.
Trent, OK: I traveled to Lawrence to watch the game.. It was an unbelievable experience. Rock Chalk Jayhawk



Littleton, Co: What a talented and classy group of men. It was an honor to watch you all play. Thank you!
Rocko (St. Louis): Job well done. Rock Chalk!
Tamara Laughlin (Lawrence, KS): We are so proud of you. Thank you for bringing a National Championship home to us. It means so much to all of Jayhawk fans! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!
BW (Manhattan): Outstanding game and wonderful season! Congratulations to the team & coaches!
Marilyn/Anchorage Alaska: What a game!!! Mario, we are all so proud of you up here in Alaska. So cool under pressure. Congratulations to all the Jayhawks!
Matt (Green Bay, WI): Rock Chalk! Congrats guys on the big win. I’m loving it up here in the cheese state.
Alex & Brandon (Olathe): Congrats! No team is more deserving than you! Rock Chalk!
Jamie (Overland Park, KS.): Thank you for your grace under pressure, your discipline and your humility. All Kansans and KU fans are so VERY proud of you! WE BELIEVED!!!
Pat Kansas City, MO: Thanks for an exciting season. CONGRATULATIONS JAYHAWKS!
Stephanie (Dallas, TX): I have a lot more gray hair this morning, but it was worth it! Thank you all SO much for a thrilling game and an outstanding season!! Coach Self, please stay at KU!!!
Dale Belvin, Pikeville, NC near Raleigh: This was an awesome experience. Great win over UNC and even better over Memphis. Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU
Rob Johnson (Cincinnati): It’s real cool that you guys won. Im happy for everyone. Congratulations!
Melodee– Lincoln: Fantastic Season.. That was a game for the record books in excitement!! I wouldn’t have missed it or any of the games…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!
Super Mario, Jr (Lenexa, KS): Enjoyed every minute of it all! Thanks for a great year, Coach! Now, it would be an equally great achievement if we can keep Coach Self at KU for another 50 years!
michael (davidson, nc): unbelievable; best basketball game I’ve ever seen. 20 years after 1988…to have it happen again, in this way…no words to describe. Rock Chalk Forever!!!
Dan (ms ’96) – OP, Ks.: Way to go Hawks! Hey Bill, how about taking “Defense” all the way to “Dynasty”!!!!!
Adam Carter, Buckner Mo: Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Congratulations to Coach Self and the entire team. I work with you all at Bill Self basketball team. You guys are the best! Thanks for the memories.
Chelsea (Pineville, WV): Amazing game! Although I am a Mountaineer fan, I couldn’t help but cheer ya’ll on all the way. =)
Sara (Chicago): Thanks for the wild ride!!!
jill / lawrence: You guys are an inspiration to people in every walk of life. Hard work! You did it!
Laurie@ Toppenish WA: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so proud of the whole team!!! Rock Chalk Jay Hawk!!!! Look forward to seeing the senior graduates in May!!!
Hamm Family (Aurora, CO): Great job. Go Jayhawks!!!!!
Arnold, York Pennsylvania: Awesome! You have shown the world that winners can be selfless and gracious. You deserve the best! Class of ’70
Arnold, York Pennsylvania: Awesome! You have shown the world that winners can be selfless and gracious. You deserve the best! Class of ’70

Angela (Gregory, SD): I have loved this team since 1998 and am soooo proud of all the players! Congratulations on your HUGE WIN!!! See you next year!!


Austin,TX: Congrats on a great season!!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Ken Peery, Topeka: Why not a Jayhawk license plate for the BB and Football teams? Both great!
Kristi Branstetter, Raytown, MO: Congratulations, Coach Self, staff, and players, on a wonderful championship season! πŸ™‚ Kansas Jayhawks: The 2008 Men’s NCAA Div-1 BB Champions! πŸ™‚ Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!
Rick Stones (Lawrence): I was too young to remember 1988, so I have been literally waiting for this my entire life! Congrats on a spectacular season, and the best of luck to all the awesome seniors who brought us here!!!!!! Rock Chalk!!!!!!
Nick Overland Park: Thank you so much. I got to see the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 3 times this year. Mario you will always remember and cherish that shot. 08 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS BABY!!!!!!
Chicago, IL: Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Way to redeem yourselves Jayhawks! So proud to be an alumna. πŸ™‚
The SouthAmerican Jayhawk: Born in Ecuador Made in American and KU is my passion!Proud to be a JayhawkThanks Champions, Gracias Campeones!
Topeka: Coach Self and your selfless players…what team work!!! So proud to be a Kansas Jayhawk. You guys are truly a class act!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
Naveen (Overland Park, KS): Amazing Game!!! KU was destined to win it all, this year. Thanks for the memories!!!

Allison – Decatur, IL: I’m waving the wheat over here in Illini country!!

Great comeback!!

Dustin, Hays, KS: Coach Self, you did a great job with a group group of guys, it takes a lot of poise to play the way you did at the end, your team a long with all the fans, truly did believe! Congrats
Rebecca, Overland Park: My Grandfather had a class taught by James Naismith, my Mother went to school with Wilt. There is a reason that our blood looks blue and bleeds red! Thank you from all of us!!!!!!
Tess (Boston): I remember my freshman year when we lost to Syracuse and this feels SOOOOOOO much better!!! ROck CHalk Jayhawks! I’m so proud!!!
Kay-Topeka: Awesome! See you at Memorial in a few hours.
Rick Shawnee: Thanks for taking the tradition to a new level. What a thrill to watch.Best of luck to all you!Rock Chalk Jayhawk Nation
Madison (Wichita): Darnell, this summer at a Bob Chipman camp in Derby, KS, you managed to turn 1 little 10year old girl into your biggest fan and a KU fan for life. Thanks for the awesome year and congrats
Cindy (Denver): Wow! What a ride! I am so proud of our team, always a class act! Congrats to all!
Koralyn in Thayer: Thanks 4 the great bday present! You are the best team ever! Love you all. Jayhawks 4ever!
Ryan (Austin, TX): I may be a student at the University of Texas, but every part of me is a Jayhawk right now. I was born 8 months after the 1988 championship to Kansas parents and have been a lifelong fan, waiting to see this day for as long as I’ve known what the University of Kansas was. Congratulations!
Kirk Russell (Wichita): Thanks for an amazing season I’ll never forget!! You guys are the best!
Marcia – Pratt, KS: Chalk and Awe!! Congrats to Bill Self, all the Jayhawk team and coaching staff! I’m so lucky and Proud to be a Jayhawk. Thanks for a truly wonderful season!!!! πŸ™‚
Cheryl and Eric Lynd, Lenexa: We love the Hawks! Thanks for all your hard work. I am sending the KU flag for my two sons to fly on post in Iraq.
Shaunna Sturgeon (Burlington, KS): Wow! Great job – you guys were awesome! Thanks for working so hard, not just this season, but seasons past. What a great game to watch! You all rock chalk jayhawk!
brock and madison and kylie: Way to go hawks
Topeka: Awesome season coach and Jayhawks! Mario you rock! Congrats on a well deserved championship win!!! Please stay Coach Self!!!!!
Chet Hiatt (Pittsburg, Kansas): Thanks to each of you for coming to Kansas, for representing KU so well, and for the 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Julie (Seattle, WA): Go KU! I knew the team could win it all this year and am glad you all could show the nation how great you are. Congratulations champions!
Joey (Jacksonville, FL): Thank you KU! Chalmers you are the savior!
Roma (Chapel Hill, NC): Congratulations to Coach Self, the team and all the Jayhawks. I am so proud of my KU team. What an amazing game. Rock Chalk and Kepp Rockin’
Paige (Lawrence, KS): My tears went from ‘sad tears’ to ‘happy tears’ very quickly… thank you for the AMAZING season. You make KU so proud! You are the reason we carry the tradition and the glory. KU IS BASKETBALL!
Christina (Lawrence, KS): I’m so proud of you all! You showed class and dignity through the tourney and represented the Jayhawk Nation in an amazing way! Thank you all, and congrats to all, especially those who will not return next year!
Josh Cox (Fort Collins, CO): My wife and I are former mascots, and huge KU fans in hostile Buffalo country. You guys were awesome! Thanks for having such a terrific season, and putting the cherry on top with the National Championship! Coach Self, you rule! And the team… there aren’t words to describe the awesomeness. Enjoy your victory, guys!
Mike Largo FL: Congratulations on a great season Thank You Kansas
McPherson Dave: Congrats to all of Jayhawk nation. The entire city of McPherson is Rock Chalkin today. Way to coach!
Doug, Missoula, Mt: Thanks for another great season of jayhawk basketball. You aguys are amazing!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!! KU!!!
Amanda (Lawrence): No greater feeling…I’m proud to be a Jayhawk. Congratulations, and thanks for giving me this amazing memory. ROCK CHALK!
Doug (Northfield, MN: Congrats to the Jayhawks. Never in doubt!
Justin “Boomer” Ryman, Gretna NE: This is a Championship TEAM for the ages!!! Everyone made plays, this was what TEAM stands for. Thanks for being such great players, coaches and people that represent KU. Made me very proud to be a JayHawk…Rock Chalk
Charles (Delafield, WI): Thank you for a great season. The team has been an inspiration and now a legend in basketball history.
Joe (West Palm Beach, FL): Thanks for the best season ever. Congratulations!
Aaron (Huntsville, AL): Thank you all so much! You have created memories that will last us all a lifetime.
Ashley (Mentor): I love you Kansas Jayhawks… It has been my dream to have you win a National Title, thank you for making it come true
Michael Chavez (Topeka, KS): Thanks for one hell of a season. You guys played your hearts out and I couldn’t be any happier! Rock Chalk forever!
Andrea (Lenexa): We will never forget the hard work you put into this season. I will forever be proud to be a Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!!
Jeff ( Desoto ): One Wonderful Year, May GOD Bless you each and everyone. ROCK CHALK BABY!!!!
Joey (Savannah, GA): The game was unbelievable. I thought it was over at two minutes remaining, but you guys pulled it off. Congrats to the team and Coach Self!
David (North Bablyon, NY): You guys have an indomitable spirit, you never give up, not at UNC, Davidson, or in the title game, congrats.
Emily and Jason Stitt: Go Hawks!!! You guys rock!!!! Best game ever!!!
Diane, Lompoc, Ca: thanks from a proud j-hawk!!!
P. Bhummichitra (Bangkok, Thailand): Congratulations! We’re proud of you. From Ku Alums in Thailand
Paul Ruhter (Idaho Falls, ID): Great Game! Great Season! Wow!!!
Phil Wichita: What a great time to be a Jayhawker. You make us PROUD!
Nick Stewart (Portland, OR): Thank you for that amazing season! It was truly uplifting.
Brad S (Col. Springs): Thanks for the hard work and great season. I am proud to be a Jayhawk. ROCK CHALK!
Christina (Overland Park, KS): What a wondeful gift you just gave every single Jayhawk and major sports fans! I’m so honored to be a Jayhawk!!!
Alan (Chillicothe, OH): The win was great, but watching the character you displayed as you did it proved what real champions you are!
Jason (Columbus, OH): That was the happiest moment of my life! Thank you for the memories! I cried like a little girl…and I loved every second of it! Rock Chalk!
Jason (overland park): Thank you guys!!! that’s all I can say is thank you. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.
steve and gloria (Austin, Tx): It’s all about the karma!! God is a Jayhawk and he wears the crimson and blue. Congrats and Rock Chalk!!
Laura (Lawrence): Thanks for the memories Jayhawks. Twenty years ago I was four months old and watched the championship game with my dad. Now I’m a student at KU and couldn’t ask for anything more. “One Shining Moment” has never been sweeter.
K.R. (Franklin, Nebraska): Thanks for showing all the little boys and girls out there what basketball is all about…teamwork, defense, and perseverance…ROCK CHALK!
Brian – Topeka: Way to Go Jayhawks!!! You Earned it!! Rock Chalk BABY GO KU!!!
Alec (Jericho): Dude, you guys rock the house off last night. Everyone thought that memphis was gonna win, but NO!!! you shut them down. Awesome 3 to tie it and then the game in OT. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!
Wendy Le (Olathe): You guys are wonderful!!!!! I love how you played the game and the OVER-TIME was awesome!!!!
Greg (Emporia): Unbelievable comeback! The guts and poise from the team and coaches was amazing! Chalk & Awe! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!!!!!!
Jaclyn (Nashville,TN): I’ve been a KU fan since I lived in G.C. I’m so proud to be a Jayhawk! Awesome work guys!! Rock Chalk!!
Boniface Ndemping Wewe-www.africanvideos: Cogratulations on a marvelous feat!You made my night!BAYETE Jayhawks and that means “King of Kings”!BAYETE!
Tracy Hanson (McPherson, KS): The 2007-2008 KU men’s basketball team and coaching staff will be remembered in years to come! Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the season! Congratulations!!
Angie Tonganoxie, ks: You all rock, It was the best game . Congrats!
Tony Resnik (Wichita, Ks.): GREAT YEAR GUYS! CONGRATS! I knew you would do it again. KU IN MY HEART FOREVER! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
Todd Allen Waco TX: Congratulations Guys, great game!
Scrappy O’Brien (the DOT): Theres sooooo much I can say but THANK YOU is all thats needed
Renee Yao, China: Thank you for all the wonderful job and happiness you bring us. I’ve never been so proud to be a jayhawk. Rock Chalk!
Kenda (Dallas): I am from kansas and have always been a ku fan!! you guys played an amazing game and had a great season!!! rock chalk jayhawk!! πŸ˜€
John (Topeka: The Greatest, Thank You!
Sarah ( Kansas City ): Congratulations!!!Rock Chalk Baby!
Fonz(Denver, CO): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU!!! good stuff guys!!
Barbara Clearwater Florida: Thanks for one of the best Finals I have ever seen. What a joy those last 2 minutes were.Thanks you so much Luv Ya KU!
Dawn (Topeka): Excellent Game!! KU JAYHAWKS RULE BABY!!!
JESSICA (Wichita KS): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WORK GUYS I LOVE MY HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greg, Nashville: Thank you Coach Self and the Kansas Players for a great season and god bless the wonderful seniors in their future endeavors.
Reagan (Blue Springs): Thank you so much for the awesome season! You guys are the best!!!

Khalid El-Hassan, Doha, Qatar: Congratulations my lovely kids, Chalmers, Brandon, and the rest of the team on your stunning win!!! I’m so proud of you all, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Khalid El-Hassan, Former KASC Associate Director from Doha, Qatar

Ken(Omaha): Congrats to the Jayhawk program. Darrell, great game, you made SOC proud.
David (Independence, MO): amazing season! Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Jaclyn Boles (Nashville,TN): I love KU!!! You guys never gave up and you gave it you all!!! Awesome. It’s a great day to be a Jayhawk!!
Cindy (denver): I am so proud to be a Jayhawk today. This group is the epitome of team and a classy group of people. Congrats!
S.C. (Indep., KS): Rock Chalk you guys! This has been one good season and you guys deserve your title! Congrats you guys, see you next season!
Wei (Orlando, FL): Congralations KU!!! That was the best performance I have seen KU basketball for the past 15 years!
Kevin Newland Jr. (Venice, FL): Thanks for a wonderful year! I am proud to be a Jayhawk! Congratulations on the championship! ROCK CHALK!
Tim Stewart, Morris, OK: Congratulations KU! We LOVE you guys and Bill Self. Always proud to be a Jayhawk fan.
Adam Delich (Kansas City,MO): Thanks for the wonderful ride ive been a jayhawk for 16 years Rock Chalk Jayhawk
F.J. (Germany): As a former and soon-to-be-again KU graduate student I set my alarm and watched the game at three in the morning. I almost got a heart attack but it was just amazing!! Congratulations!!
Mark Bowers Columbia MO: Love you guys, Loved this season!!! You are all true sportsman & that showed every game this year. Thanks for all your hard work.
Niki (Washington, DC): Congratulations on a great season! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!
Joe (Shepherdstown WV): im 26 and born in Kansas and my father went there, i went to my first game at the PHog this year, and it makes it all the better that you played that well all season. something special i will remember forever. Heck of a job guys, now come back you underclassmen and do it again
Susan (Shawnee): Great Job. Congratulations. You have been a joy to watch this year. We will enjoy these memories along with you forever
Casey (West Fargo, ND): Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Unbelievable Game…Mario and the Miracle!
Shelley B. Lawrence, KS: Rock Chalk Jayhawks! You made my birthday the best ever! Congratulations!
Jim (’70), Laurel, Maryland: First my Giants pull off the Super Bowl, then the Jayhawks big win. What a year! ROCKCHALK!
Susan (Shawnee): Great Job Men. Congratulations of the Championship. We will cherish these memories along with you forever.
Derek (Scottsdale, AZ): Words can’t describe the feelings of my second National Championship! I was in college for the first and this one is almost sweeter. The way the team played the entire year, during the tourney, and especially during that last 2;12… is a great lesson for anyone… Never give up, don’t ever give up! Congratulations!
Paul (Boston, MA): I was a student at KU during the ’88 championship season. It was great to relive some of that magic 20 years later. Congratulations to the team and there great run! Go KU!
Michael (Burke, Virginia): What an awesome, talented and exciting team! We are all proud of you!!!!!
Maribel (Germany): Well done! Congratulations on the championship!
Caleb (Salina, Ks): Thanks guys u are the reason im proud to say im from kansas ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!
Wolf (Hamburg GERMANY): Congratulations!!! what an exciting game. i am happy to have seen it. ROCK CHALK!
Chris Williams (Gardnerville, NV): The hard work paid off. The long road to victory led to one of the most intense showdowns in basketball history! With that said…..WAY TO GO GUYS! You kicked some major tail!
Lavell Thompson (Pacoima, CA.): Way to never give up guys. Live life the way you play basket ball and success is sure to come. Excellent game!!
Gina (Los Angeles): My dad was an avid Jayhawks fan. He graduated from KU in 1960. He died in San Antonio one year ago. He would have loved to see his beloved team win the championship so close to his new home, which he lived in for only two months. Thanks for a wonderful season, Jayhawks. I’m so happy you won and that you did so there, in San Antonio.
Lavell Thompson (Pacoima, CA.): Way to never give up guys. Live life the way you play basket ball and success is sure to come. Excellent game!!
Jennifer (Overland Park): I was up at the Fieldhouse for the game and what a place to watch! Congrats guys you deserved it!! ROCK CHALK!
Shawn (Topeka): Thank You. I cannot even begin to articulate how much pure joy you have brought to Jayhawk Nation. I hope you realize how much this means to all of us. Thank You.
Gordon Pearson (Lawrence, Kansas): I just want to thank you guys for never giving up and it paid off. I’ll remember this season forever.
Allison (Boulder): Way to go Jayhawks! Congrats on a great season! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! GO KU!
Louisville, KY: What a wonderful ride guys. Congrats. Today, like everyday, is a great day to be a Jayhawk. Self, don’t leave. We need you in order to take this program to the next level.
Jim Kensett (Las Vegas,NV): I’ve been a loyal KU Fan since 1965 and have never seen such a display of heart and character in a team. This will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. Thanks Jayhawks and Coach Bill Self. You are the best!!!!!
Alden (in IL but from Goodland, KS): You just had to believe and we all did!!! What a season, a game and finish we will never forget!!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, GO KU!!!!!
CJ – Overland Park, KS: We are the champions!! Thank you for a great season and a team which brings great PRIDE to all Jayhawks everywhere.
Laura (San Antonio, TX): I enjoyed watching you guys play!!! Coach Self is an awesome coach!!! Congratulations
Kona (Big Island) Hawaii: Been a Jayhawk for years. Thanks to all for the most wonderful, truly awesome year. ROCK CHALK!
Imperial, NE: AWESOME….you played like the KU team I have known for years! Lets not forget to thank Collins for he pass to Mario…without him, none of this would have been possible!! ROCK CHALK!!! Live the dream!!
Julie – Marshfield Mo: Rock Chalk Jayhawk is ringing loud out here in Missouri! THANK you for the awesome year with an amazing finish! I’m standing tall out here in Tiger Country PROUD TO BE A JAYHAWK FAN!! CONGRATS!!!!!
Jason (Olathe): Congratulations!! And thanks for so many great memories. We love you guys! Rock Chalk!!!
Liz Sedalia Mo: You guys are rock chalk jayhawks you all rock Thanks for a game I will never forget watching.Congratulations you did GREAT!!!!!
carolyn (st. louis): Thanks Jayhawk players for making this such a great basketball season. I wish there was a game on tonight to watch. But the season is over. Thanks for a great one.
Ginny & Samantha O. (Lenexa, KS): Congratulations on winning the National Championship and thank you for all of your hard work. You had fun and we did, too! You are very appreciated. What a year – the Orange Bowl and the National Championship. Thank you! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Denver: Yeah, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! I love you guys!!! Congrats!


Adam Naill (NYC): Thanks for all the memories! Rock Chalk forever!!
Colin mcguire (aurora CO): im 14 and i live for playing and watching bball. i have been a fan for forever and you guys are the quickest i have seen. Rockchalk and Good luck seniors!!!
Robert (Houston, Tx): Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks for a great season of basketball, capped with the NCAA national championship!
Kaylee (San Luis Obispo, CA): I’ve never felt more proud to be a Jayhawk!! Congrats guys, you deserved this!!
T-Mac (Texarkana, AR): Thanks for hanging in there through Bucknell and Bradley. And UCLA, which led to being able to overcome ‘Carolina…and Memphis when the chips were REALLY down! Great job guys, thanks for such an inspirational year!!
Heide (Greeley, Co): You guys have put the TEAM back in basketball, what a pure joy to watch you play!
Bob Rankin ’89 (Shawnee, KS): Way to go Coach Self and all of the amazing Jayhawk players. I was there in 88 for Danny and the Miracles and this was so much better. Thanks for a wonderful year. I look forward to next season Coach Self, I have faith you can do it again.
Dr. Wes Rockers (Evansville, IN): Way to go Hawks! ROCK CHALK BABY! We’ve been waiting 20 years for another title. Thank you so very much! Enjoy it.
Wichita, Ks: Thanks for never giving up on yourselves and your game. We never did. Way to go Champs
Caulfield Family (Naperville, IL): Congratulations! thanks for the memories. We are so proud of you and proud to be Jayhawks!Rock Chalk…YOU ROCK
Tim (Houston): Congratulations to Coach Self, the coaching staff, and the team from your biggest fan in the state of Texas. You guys ROCK!!!
Peter (Denver, CO): Way to go! #1!
Mike & Julie & kids: Wow! Guys – Thanks for a great season and for being such great role models! Coach Self- We & the rest of Kansas love you, too!
Kari (Manhattan, Ks): Congratulations Jayhawks! I am a 44yr old female who fell in love with and became vested in KU men’s basketball in the 80’s watching Danny Manning! Our current team and coaching staff is every bit as inspirational as the one 20 years ago. Thank you. We have to say goodbye to our great seniors but Bill, Darrell, Brandon, Mario and Sherron please don’t go…. We are Kansas and we love you!
Michael ( Lee’s Summit): Great Job. I was here in 88 and proud to be here in 2008. Rock Chalk Baby !!!!!!!!
Thomas family(Iola,ks): Congrats Coach Self and the entire Jayhawk team. 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! I’ll remember this season for the rest of my life. Thank you
Greg (Midland, TX): One for the ages. Thanks guys. An amazing season with an amazing ending. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.
Missy Windsor Colorado: You did it!!!!!!!!! I love you Chalmers and Rush
Robert U. Clovis ,N.M.: Thanks for the great year. Waited 20 yrs for this. I live and die with KU. National Champs. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU
mike ala (enid,ok): WOW! Thanks for a great year! After watching the championship game, I sure owe GOD a lot of favors. I knew you could do it!!!!
Erik Gnagy, Austin, TX: Wow wow wow!!!!! Way to go guys, true heart and determination prevails!!!
Kathy Wichita: WOW!! You guys are the greatest!!! I haven’t stopped screaming since Mon. night!!
Dave & Linda Hacker (Auburn,IL): Coach Self. Congratulations on a great year & team! Thanks for your 3 years at Illinois.Fighting Illini Fans!
Ann (Lawrence): My family (spouse and I are alumni, 2 sons have been assimilated into the Jayhawk collective) congratulates you all on an incredible win. Thank you for an amazing season. It is a great day to be a Jayhawk!!
shannon (maryland): i just want to say congrats to you all, i was born and raised in kansas. i have been a fan for as long as i can remember. you all make me proud to be a fan.
Norm Stewart (Columbia Mo): Great job coach. I was rooting for you to get this one.
Bryan Schoenleber (Lincoln, NE): Amazing job guys! That’s a game none of us will ever forget. Congrats! Rock Chalk!
Karen (Brookfield, WI): We became Jayhawk fans from a distance in 2002 via our student. This has been the BEST of all. Thanks for all the fun. Congrats Mario!
Hal McRae (St. Louis, Mo): I am proud of you kids. Well done.
Annie (Port St. Lucie, FL): Congratulations Jayhawks! Even though I had to watch the game from Florida, I so enjoyed seeing your great performance! Everyone is so proud of you and I hope you are proud of yourselves and enjoy this win! ROCK CHALK!
Tracy & Curtis, Kelseyville CA: Awesome! What a fantastic year- You guys were fantastic. The best game I’ve seen!
Chris Kiefer (Minneapolis, ks): Awesome job u guys rule rock chalk jayhawks go ku
Emily (Mulvane, KS): I have loved and cheered for KU my whole life. It was incredible to see this deserving group of guys win! Love ya!!!
Bill Oxner (Olathe, KS): YESSSSSSS!
Matt (Houston, TX): Thanks for the wonderful ride and one shining moment that will go down in history! Congratulations Jayhawks! You are a very classy bunch that has represented our university that makes all of us alumni proud.
Ann Arbor, MI: Thank you 2008 Jayhawks for all the hard work, dedication, and passion. You’ve given us a lot of reasons to cheer!!!
Michael (Costa Mesa, CA): Congrats on winning an amazing game! This game has instant classic written all over it. Coach Self and all KU players came out on top in stunning fashion! This is my first time seeing the ‘Hawks win the dance and I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. Thank you guys for making it possible!
Faith [California]: Congrats, ya’ll I guess all I can sayis Rock Chalk Jayhawk, until you guys did what you did on Monday night I didn’t even know what a jayhawk wasI GUESS I KNOW NOW. Coach Self you deserve it…oh and by the way sendThe Monster Sasha Khan my eternal congratulations
Brittani P (Tonganoxie, KS): congarts on a great season and a National Championship…..and Brandon Rush is the BEST!!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!!!!
Sabrina Stewart (Kansas City): The first day I became a Jayhawk fan, I was 11 years old and it was 1988. Now 20 years later with an 11 year old son, you guys have done it again!!! Ironic, and oh so sweet!! My whole family will always be Jayhawk fans. Congrats on an amazing season and a well deserved ending! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK…KU!!!!!
Brian, Chicago: I love Kansas basketball…thanks for a wonderful tournament run. Mario Chalmers a special thanks to you. I have never been prouder to be a jayhawk
Michelle KCMO: It was an Awesome game!!! An Awesome year!!!I have been waiting 20 years for this!! Enjoy it, the fans sure are!
Jan Marquette, KS: Congrats to all the players and coaches for a wonderful year. I saved pictures of Sash from the Salina Journal if he would like them.
Ben Rayome (Waupaca, WI): What a great year to be a Jayhawk Alum! Orange Bowl Champs in football and National Champs in Basketball. Thanks for the ride. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU!
Vickie (Springfield, MO): Wow! Thanks for the incredible memories!
dc jewell county: way to go guys it’s been a great season thanks for the ride
EmilyG-Hays: Way to go! You all deserve this more than anyone else! Thanks on such an amazing season. To coach Self and all the players, thanks for being such a classy group of people. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Raleigh-Durham, NC: Great job Men. Thanks for a great year. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.
Seelai (Ellinwood): You guys rock! WOO HOO JAYHAWKS! GO KU!
Kristi( Moline,Ks): Thanks for a great season and the National Championship! Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!!!!!
Robyn and Jeff (Hugoton): AWESOME!! Thank you KU!!
Atlanta, GA: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! What a GREAT season.
Brian (Grand Rapids, MI): I’ve been a fan of KU ever since Coach Roy Williams and Kirk Hinrich had back to back final four runs. I knew that would set the stage for massive recruiting, and when I saw Rush and Chalmers followed by Arthur and Collins play in the McDonalds All American Game, I knew it was only a matter of time for greatness to be achieved.
McKenzie from Kansas City: You guys played with so much heart and determination this entire season! I knew you had it in you to earn that prestigious hardware! Congrats!
Dawn (Darien, CT): Congratulations and thank you for an absolutely wonderful season!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Jackie (Lyons Ks ): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS GO KU !!!!!! can’t wait to watch you play in Hutchinson in May. You guys are # 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael (Kansas City, KS): Wonderful season. Congratulations to the national champions. We all knew you could do it and have been cheering you on from the first game this season.
John & Becky Olathe, KS: Great season and FANTASTIC final game! Thanks for the ride.
Marcia (Harper, KS): Thanks Coach Self and team for a great season. I’ve enjoyed seeing you on TV and at AFH. Continued success for all of you! Rock Chalk Jayhawks!
larry judson jr from fort scott,ks: what a ride been waiting for this since 88.NATIONAL CHAMPIONS? ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS O KU
Salina: Congratulations on a fantastic season. Thank you for being tremendous role models for all the kids that are true Jayhawk fans.
Thu (Castlewood, SD): This is the best team that i have ever got to see play. Hold the tradition high. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Caitlin from Iowa: I knew this was our year Jayhawks!!! Being from an area full of Iowa State fans, I’ve had my fair share of enemys by being a true and through Kansas fan but I sure paid off this year! What an incredible season, with incredible athletes and an even more incredible coach! WE LOVE YOU BILL! You boys put the definition to what a TEAM is. You made basketball beautiful again. just AMAZING. I will never forget this season. MUCH LOVE from Iowa.

P.S. Mario– BEAUTIFUL shot. You always amaze me!

Michelle ( Olathe, KS): U guys are awesome. Been a great season and I cant wait till next year!! Rock Chalk
Holly (Dallas, TX): Wow!!! What a ride. Thanks for a great season of awesom memories. It is a great day to be a JAYHAWK.
Audrey (urbandale,IA): You Guys R Awesome! Thanxs 4 Knocking them out Rock Chalk JAYHAWKS!!!
Ashley (Kansas City, MO): Congratulations, Jayhawks! I knew you could do it – I’ve been saying it all year!!! I love you all!
Jason (Springfield): You won the year I came into this world. Twenty years later, You give me another. I love the Jayhawks. Thanks for giving me braggin rights. Mario is a King!
shelby williams: you guys are my fav. i love you.. see you at camp.. again!!
Jordan (Kansas City): thanks alot guys for an exciting season! U guys never gave up those last 2 minutes and is the reason why we are national champs!
JC (Lawrence, Ks): Each one of you guys made this town so proud…we love our Jayhawks
Jason (Overland Park): We never lost faith, even when you were down by 9. God bless you, and thanks for not giving up.
Cody(edgerton,mo): Great job guys i was born on March 27, 1988 when Danny and the miracles won it and it was amazing to see you guys bring a championship back to KU. thank you!
Cedric (Diepenau, Germany): Congrats to the team and coach Self! It was a great season! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Chris (New York,NY): Words can’t express how special this team is. Truly one of a kind. Congrats to Bill and the 2008 National Champs!!!
Jarret (Indianapolis, IN): Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all made your university, your fans, and yourselves proud. What class, what teamwork, what hard work, what determination. I have never been so proud to be a Jayhawk. You are simply the best.
Amy, Bruce & Sophia (Lawrence, KS): Congratulations to the 2008 Jayhawks, Coach Self, the coaching staff, and Jayhawk fans everywhere! We am SO PROUD of you ALL!!! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work this season and for giving us the season of a lifetime. We want to thank you and let you know just will how special it is to be a part of such magic!!!
Victoria (Gravois Mills, MO): Thanks for the great victory and the wonderful memories! Congratulations!
Ty Schneider (Topeka KS): CONGRATS! on an amazing season. This group of young men truly represent what it means to be a “team”. Thanx for an amazing ride and an uforgettable season, one that will go down in history, not only becouse of the shot that shook the world but becouse of the amazing character this team and coaching staff showed throughout the season. I think i speak for Jayhawk Faithful around the world when i say that this Season, ONE shot, and ONE team will be truly unforgetable. ROCK CHALK!
Ernie (Kansas): Best team, best coaches, best university. Thanks for the memories!
Amy Olathe Kansas: That was amazing come back.what a year you had and and thank you again for the excitement to watch…Good coaching also..
Joanna in Wellsville, KS: Yeah! I knew you could do it! I’m so proud to be a Jayhawk!
Greg (Rockford, IL): Greatest feeling on earth! Thanks for helping relive the ’88 season! Congratulations and Best Wishes for the future to all the players and coaches!
Kansas City, KS: Great team! Great coach! You represented KU well. Congratulations!
Susie (Pittsburg, KS): What an awesome accomplishment for a class coaching staff and a group of great “team” players. You guys make us proud to call KANSAS Home!
Abbey, Evanston, IL: Great job!!!
Romeyn (Salina): All year long I have believed that this was a magic year and that you were a magical and very talented team. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. I am proud to be a Jayhawk! Best of luck to all of you as you go on with your lives. This team is in the Jayhawk hearts forever.
Shane, Des Moines IA: Incredible thats all that you can say. Thanks to Coach Self and the team, and I do mean team.
Jonathan Norwich: Great Job!
Scott , Moundridge, Ks: Oh what a feeling ! Great job Hawks. The best team ,the best coach and the best fans in the country. lest do it again next year.
Bruce and Diane Yost, Miami, FL: We watched our beloved Jayhawks rule at the Orange Bowl this winter, and with great pride we watched you rule the court in San Antonio! We are in awe of all you have accomplished this season and the teamwork you showed the nation Monday night! Rock Chalk, KU!
Sheila, Topeka: Congratulations to the team,Coach Self and the rest of the coaching staff. You never gave up and you never stoped believing. What a great leason for everyone
Amy, Madison WI: Congrats guys! That was one exciting championship game.
Jean (Wichita, KS): ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK…GO KU!!! You all are so talented, what fun it was to watch you this year. Congratulations. Coach Self…thank you!! Great job.
Lori (Danville, KS): What a game! You made ever person from Kansas proud to be a Jayhawker! Go KU!
Jennie Olathe Kansas: Congratulations to all the players and especially coach Self. You belong in Kansas and you are a great asset to Kansas God Bless you
John Woody Cedar Rapids: Thanks for the wonderfull season, picked you guys to win it 16 strait years and will never stop. Go Kansas!
Joanne M, Anchorage: CONGRATULATIONS!! You were fantastic!! You showed young people the importance of never giving up!! Special congrats to Mario, all of Alaska is very proud of you!! (Fan since 40’s)
Julie Reno, NV: Thanks for the wonderful season. It is one for the ages. I will never forget. Congratulations!!
Logan, Cambridge, NE: This year’s team was amazing. Good luck to this year’s seniors. You guys were fun to watch.
Jillian — Los Angeles: I was in a bar in L.A. filled with 300+ Jayhawks going CRAZY for Coach Self and our boys! Thanks for making my year — I’ve always been proud to be a Jayhawk, but now I’m a bit famous too…my California license plate says “JHAWK” and people have been honking at me all day and yelling congrats! We love you ‘Hawks and Coach Self!!!
Christi (Wichita): Congrats, you all are awesome!!!
Danielle (Austin,TX): As a very proud alumna, the Championship is fantastic. More than the win, I am so proud of Bill Self and his players who represent the University of Kansas. Your class and poise is what shone most especially on Monday night. Thank you for keeping the KU tradition!
Mahasarakham Thailand: My Family is Jayhawk Alumni. We have waited for NCAA champion since the time of coach Larry Brown. Finally, Jayhawk made it and it made us oversea feel great.Thank you all for making our hope became true.Always miss Allen Field House. Go Jayhawk.
The Caylors (McPherson, KS): What an amazing game, amazing team, amazing coaches! You never gave up and you believed, like we believed. KU absolutely deserves this moment in time. Just Extraordinary!!! We Are Kansas!!
Linda – Bartlesville, OK: I am a Jayhawk Mom-my daughter graduated from KU. Congrats to the whole team & Coach Self. I am so proud and love those Hawks! What a fantastic journey.
KC MO: Congratulations guys!!!! I’ve never seen a better game!!!!
Devin Carter (Overland Park, KS): Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU, Party Like It’s 1988!
David (KCK): Congrats fellas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!
Amanda, Wichita, KS: Congratulations! I didn’t think it was possible, but you’ve made me even more proud to be a Jayhawk! Thank you so much for making this happen while I was a student – I’ll never forget this! ROCK CHALK!!
Shelby (Wichita): Awesome job! You guys stuck with it all the way to the end!
Anne and Bill Larson Louisville, KY: Congratulations to the Jayhawks! You represented our home state in thrilling fashion and with class. We are so proud to be fans.
RICHARD, WICHIYA KS.: We watched our beloved Jayhawks rule at the Orange Bowl this winter, and with great pride we watched you rule the court in San Antonio! We are in awe of all you have accomplished this season and the teamwork you showed the nation Monday night! Rock Chalk Jayhawk,GO KU!
Grant, Wichita: Rock chalk baby!thats a way to win it all!!
Joe & Cindy Yuma, AZ: Wow! So proud of you. Thanks boys and Coach Self. Rock Cahalk!
Jim Olathe, Ks: Congrats to the team; the coaches and to Bill Self. What an incredible season. You make us proud to be Jayhawks!!!! The 2008 Jayhawks will remain in the hearts of Jayhawk fans forever. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!
Scott (Seminole, Oklahoma): I am an Okie but I have been a Jayhawk fan half my life Congratulations on a tremendous season
Taylor (Kansas0: the best team won the final game and chalmers u will never forget that shot cause its in the history books! Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!
Brad (Houston, TX): Congratulations on a fantastic season and championship game…. the image of selflessness and teamwork projected by your team of basketball overachievers combined with our team of football underachievers and on the way the University treats it’s student provides a huge positive image of the University to the rest of the country and makes me proud to say I am a Jayhawk
Steve (College Station, TX): Congrats from your friends at Texas A&M.
Linda Paxson: I am so proud of the Jayhawks! My daughter is a graduate and I am a KU Mom through & through. Congrats to all and keep on celebrating. You’ve earned it!
Val Smith (Lawrence): Thank you, Coach Self, for inspiring and for leading such an immensely talented and wonderful set of young men to the National Championship. I attended KU four decades ago, and am privileged to be on its faculty; I have never been prouder to be a Jayhawk.
Kevin (Miami, FL): Thanks for the great ride. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Spreading Kansas pride, deep in the South.
kelly cooper- kansas city: we love and appreciate all that you guys have done this year,,,, football and basketball, you have shown the world how we roll
Theresa Walker(Katy, TX): You made my dream come true…all of you…Rock Chalk…don’t go Bill.
bartholomew, saint louis: always believed in you guys!! thanks for winning with class!!
DJ, Denver CO: That was so amazing! Congratulations to the coaches and players. Thanks for working and playing so hard!! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
jay erven the pas: congrats everyone been a diehard fan for 20 years,just wanted to let you know you got fans up here in canada to ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK
Steven P Graves – Juneau, AK: What is the possiblity of keeping the nucleus of this team together for a “REPEAT” for next year??Rock Chalk from Allen Fieldhouse West in Juneau, Alaska.
Debbie, scottsbluff, ne: graduated from KU in 81, proud to have a son attending there now – from Joes Donuts to Rock Chalk KU – the tradition lives on – thanks for the memories !
Derby, kansas: Thank you so much! KU is and always will be my team and this just makes it much more sweater to see the success of KU pay off!!ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!

Steve Mason, Kansas City: Great Job!!

You guys made us proud!!! Bill we want you and your family in lawrence.

John (Grain Valley, MO): Thanks for the memories and showing the class of a true champion, Rock Chalk!
Sharon (Memphis): I am a KU fan stuck in Memphis. Thanks for the win!!!
Sean (Los Angeles): Rock Chalk! This was the year!
John (Wichita): What a year! Your earned it all. Go Hawks.
Taylor (Kansas): u guys rocked and in the final game the better team won! Rock Chalk Jahawk KU!!!
Chris (Leavenworth): I didn’t think anything in my lifetime would be better than 1988 but this one was. How about another statue next to Phog Allen?
Ryan (Lee’s Summit): Thanks to Coach Self and his staff and his AWESOME TEAM!! for a job well done. 2008 Basketball National Champions!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! KU!!
Dee, Lyons: Thanks for the chills and the thrills. Congratulations for a GREAT season! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Linda Schneider: Thanks for a GREAT year. I look forward to many more years of great basketball to come. That final game couldn’t have been scripted any better. You all are AWESOME and I’m proud to call myself a “Jayhawk”.
Judy: It couldn’t have happened to a classier bunch of guys!!!!! Way to be role models for the younger fans.
Fort Collins, CO: You have brought such joy to all KU fans with your class act, your incredible talents, and your team spirit. WOW! Rely on SELF!
Smith Center, Ks.: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!! GO KU!!!!
Tom Lingg (Wichita): Great game KU – My 9-year old son was so excited after the game he slipped climbing into his bunk bed and broke his ara (true story).
Carissa: Way to go Jayhawks!! You are the reason I started watching basketball.
Jeff (Kentucky): Thank you! Rock Chalk Jayhawks. The Kentucky fans here hate it and I LOVE IT!
Michael J. Gartner Reno NV: Congratulations on a great season and your national championship. You won with honor and epitomized sportsmanship.
Becky (Hutchinson): You guys are awesome! Congratulations on keeping that winning attitude through the whole season. You never gave up! What an inspiration you are to us.
Lee (Lawrence): Congratulations on an awesome season!!!! Thanks for the ride!!!ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!
Carl Petz (Olathe): WOW, We were there to see this and witnessed total class by KU players, coaches, university family and fans around the world… Thanks for the memories and Congratulations!
Rod(Wichita): Danny and the miracles…1988, Mario and the miracle shot…2008, 2nd KU basketball championship in my lifetime…Priceless. Congrats to all players and coaches for a season to be remembered.
salina: Bill, your team showed everyone what a Championship team is made of!!! We love you all, congratulations and please dont leave!
Bakersfield, Ca.: Congrats Coach Self and Jayhawks for a GREAT !!! game. The Kurtz krew were pulling for you all the way..Congratulations on a wonderful season! Liz Kurtz-Shein
brian iowa city: Bill you are a great coach please dont go to state and the jayhawks you guy played a great game GO JAYHAWKS
Debbie (Pittsburg): UNBELIEVABLE!!! But then, you couldn’t let Mangino show you up, could you?
Rene’ (Sandy UT): I have always been proud to be a Jayhawk and this just makes it better! Congratulation! Job well done!
barry shaw (philadelpia): you are so awesome, do it again pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeee
Tammy (Arizona): So proud to be a Jayhawk Fan out in the Desert!! ROCK CHALK CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!
Debbie (Columbia, SC): So proud of you guys! You have unbelievable heart and talent. Your hard work and integrity have paid off. Wish you the best.
Janet (Wichita): I’m a KU fan stuck amidst WichitaState fans. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great year.
Andale: All I can say is Baby Colliins is gonna go far with KU
Ryan Kirchoff Garden City, KS: Thanks Guys! Amazing job, amazing run, now come back and REPEAT!!!!!ROCK CHALK!!
Seattle, WA: Your amazing championship run was extra special for us Kansas alumns in Seattle as a close Jayhawk friend of ours, Adam Webb, passed away suddenly the day before the Final Four. We felt his presence during those last 2 games and were happy you gave us a championship to celebrate in his honor. Rock Chalk!
Erin ( Wichita): I am so excited that you guys won the Championship! Congrats!!! Go Hawks. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!
Randy Albuquerque: Man thanks for the wild ride! GO HAWKS! You guys are great representatives of the University Of Kansas and my home state of Kansas. Thanks for your dedication!
Jane (Leawood): Your victory was pure skill, not a miracle! I had KU in the championship game early in the season when players at other schools said KU was even better than they looked. Great job-great talent!