Kansas Football Meets With Media Friday

April 9, 2010

Kansas Head Football Coach Turner Gill

Opening Comments:

“On Wednesday we had a little bit of a rainstorm which shortened our practice a little bit. We had some pretty good work and got a chance to do a few things. I think our guys continue to improve. I see them a little bit more relaxed and starting to react a little bit quicker instead of thinking and then reacting. That is all we can ask for, that each and every day, to keep getting better. We have some guys that continue to play good football and we are just going to keep on working so we will be ready to go in September.”

On the defensive line:

“(Jamal) Greene has done some good things. I think everybody at defensive end has improved, but nobody has really just jumped out in front of anybody else. All of them have played pretty good, but probably Greene has been the one that has stood out the most on the defensive line.”

Senior Defensive End Jake Laptad

On his injuries:

“I’m basically just going from a learning standpoint right now. Whenever I can’t do a drill, I’m standing out and learning the defense as best as I can. I’m soaking it in as far as the playbook, learning the plays and learning the new defense.”

On how things have changed under new defensive coordinator Carl Torbush:

“They’ve changed a little bit, but defense is mainly defense. Getting everybody to the ball and everybody working hard, from that standpoint, it hasn’t changed much.”

On the team’s progress:

“Practice is going good. Guys are upbeat, everybody is flying around. Everybody is learning their new offense and new defense. I think things are going really well.”

Senior Defensive Tackle Jamal Greene

On the competition for positions:

“That’s how the game is. Competition is good, not to know who is starting or who is on the depth chart because it makes everybody work that much harder.”

On who has stood out so far:

“Some of the young guys, I think (redshirt freshman) Kevin Young has turned it up a lot. I’m looking for us all to have a good year though.”

On Laptad’s injury:

“He’s just an assistant coach basically out there coaching the defensive ends. When he’s healthy, he’ll be right back out there.”

On how he handles a leadership role:

“I try to work on everything. There are eyes always looking at you. I’ve got to be at the front of the line and I’ve got to be leading. A lot of these guys might not know the drills, so I’ve got to go show them how it’s done and lead by example. That way when it’s their turn and they’ll have a chance to go, they’ll be ready.”

Sophomore Running Back Toben Opurum

On the changes this spring:“I am feeling pretty good right now. Obviously, there are a lot of new things that I need to pick up on, but I think everything is going well. We have been running a lot of different offensive and defensive sets.”

On his injury: “I wouldn’t say I am 100 percent right now. I am not going to lie to you about that, but I am out there running through some stuff.”

On next season:

“We say this every year, but I think we have the potential to have a lot of depth with what were doing.”

Junior Tight End AJ Steward

On his change of position to tight end from wide receiver:

“Each day I feel like I am getting more comfortable with terminology and the different schemes. I do feel like I can help the team and I want to help the team in whatever position I am in.”