East Coast Awaits Jayhawk Rowers

April 11, 2007


Kansas will go on the road for the first time this spring as they travel to Camden, N.J. for the Knecht Cup. The two-day regatta on April 14-15 will feature 28 Jayhawks competing in five different events against numerous universities including Maryland, Villanova, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Penn State, Wisconsin and UConn.

The first event featuring Kansas rowers will be the Varsity Four. KU will also compete in the First Varsity Eight, the Second Varsity Eight and the Varsity Quad. The majority of Saturday, April 14’s events are preliminary races. The top times will qualify for the finals on Sunday, April 15.

The last time Kansas competed in the Knecht Cup was in the spring of 2005. KU performed very well as every `Hawk boat qualified for either the Grand Final or the Petite Final. The Jayhawks took the top spot in the Varsity Four Grand Final and secured second place in both the Novice Four and Second Varsity Eight Grand Finals.

Saturday’s Schedule and Boating and Lane Assignments

Event 8, Varsity Four (A) – 7:49 ET – Heat 2, Lane 3
Coxswain: Naji, Samira
4 Laugesen, LlynnAnn
3 Selden, Carrie
2 Sawtelle, Tricia
Bow: Patterson, Elisheva
Event 8, Varsity Four (B) – 7:56 ET – Heat 3, Lane 1
Coxswain: Brosious, Katie
4 Huderle, Abbi
3 Heacock, Megan
2 Oliver, Melissa
Bow: Hughes, Ashley
Finals: 8:40-9:00 ET Sunday

Event 24, 1st Novice Eight – 1:25 ET – Heat 1, Lane 5
Coxswain: Leuck, Jenny
8 Larson, Elena
7 Beall, Katie
6 Bortz, Amber
5 Martin, Emily
4 Karcher, Sara
3 Flickinger, Brianna
2 Rachow, Stacy
Bow: Green, Abby
Finals: 11:10-11:30 ET Sunday

Event 26, Varsity Quad – 5:30 ET – Final, Lane 2
4 Miles, Lindsey
3 Da Silva, Jelayna
2 Jeffers, Tiffany
Bow: Boston, Kara

Event 27, 2nd Varsity 8 – 12:01 ET – Heat 3, Lane 4
Coxswain: Naji, Samira
8 Sims, Annie
7 Heacock, Megan
6 Fasbender, Whitney
5 Broockerd, Ashley
4 Sawtelle, Tricia
3 Patterson, Elisheva
2 Huderle, Abbi
Bow Hughes, Ashley
Finals: 12:50-1:00 ET Sunday

Event 34, 1st Varsity Eight – 10:51 ET – Heat 4, Lane 3
Coxswain: Brosious, Katie
8 Miles, Lindsey
7 Da Silva, Jelayna
6 Jeffers, Tiffany
5 Boston, Kara
4 Selden, Carrie
3 Lawrence, Lindsey
2 Jackson, Valerie
Bow Laugesen, LlynnAnn
Finals: 1:10-1:30 ET Sunday

For complete results following the regatta, check back with kuathletics.com