Kansas Rowing Falls to Kansas State in Kansas Cup

April 11, 2009

LAWRENCE, Kan.—Going into the last race of the day Kasas led 8-4, but the Jayhawks’ First Varsiy Eight boat was unable to overcome the Kansas State boat and Kansas fell 12-8. The Jayhawks did win the Varsity Four and Second Varsity Eight races.

“The first varsity struggled today and fell behind,” said head coach Rob Catloth. “That was the points for the trophy. We have some more work to do with the first varsity.”

The Wildcats won the First Varsity Eight race with a time of 6:37.4 while Kansas was 9.3 seconds behind with a time of 6:46.7.

In the Second Varsity Eight race Kansas lead the entire way and finished with a time of 6:58.2. Kansas State was second with a time of 7:07.5.

“This past week we really worked on the start and getting the lead right from the beginning,” said senior coxswain Lexie Peterson. “Last week we were down from the beginning and this week we were up the whole way.”

Kansas also did well in the Varsity Four, taking the top three spots, with the first place Kansas boat posting a time of 7:38.7.

“We got off to a really good start,” said senior Abbi Huderle, “we took a couple seats right at the beginning. We were able to hold onto it all the way through.”

The second place Kansas boat was nine seconds behind with a time of 7:47.7. Fourth place Kansas State finised with a time of 8:08.8.

“We’re real pleased with the Second Varsity Eights and the Varsity Fours,” said Catloth.

The team honored the 12 seniors after the regatta. Kansas travels to Oak Ridge, Tenn., next weekend for the SIRA’s. The two-day event begins on Saturday, April 18 and concludes Sunday, April 19.


Second Novice Eight (1 point)

1. Kansas State 7:46.0

2. Kansas 7:48.1

First Novice Eight (3 points)

1. Kansas State 7:02.3

2. Kansas 7:33.2

Varsity Four (3 points)

1. Kansas (A) 7:38.7

2. Kansas (C) 7:47.7

3. Kansas (B) 7:52.1

4. Kansas State 8:08.8

Second Varsity Eight (5 points)

1. Kansas (A) 6:58.2

2. Kansas State 7:07.5

3. Kansas (B) 7:12.9

First Varsity Eight (8 points)

1. Kansas State 6:37.4

2. Kansas 6:46.7