Kansas Rowing Races Hard against Bucknell, Rhode Island and Old Dominion

April 11, 2010

LEWISBERRY, Pa.–Kansas rowing raced hard on Saturday and Sunday against Bucknell, Old Domion and Rhode Island in Lewisberry, Pa., winning four races. The Jayhawks were hoping to face some tougher competition to help the team improve before the Big 12 Championship in May.

“The competition was good,” said head coach Rob Catloth. “We went against some top teams. We rowed hard and won a few races, but we still need to do some more work.”

Kansas notched victories over Old Dominion in the Second Varsity Eight and Bucknell and Rhode Island in the Varsity Four on Saturday.

“We chased Bucknell and Rhode Island pretty well,” Catloth said. “We were coming here to push ourselves against some teams that can stretch us out a little bit.”

On Sunday morning Kansas faced Bucknell in four races, but was unable to surpass the Bison falling in all four.

The Jayhawks are making improvements from earlier in the season and are benefiting from starting competition two weeks earlier this spring.

“We have made the improvements we needed to from earlier in the year,” said Catloth. “We have two weeks to make some more improvements.”

Kansas has next weekend off before traveling to St. Paul, Minn., to face Minnesota.


Saturday Morning

Varsity Eight

1. Old Dominion 7:05.07

2. Kansas 7:08.29

Second Varsity Eight

1. Kansas 7:19.14

2. Old Dominion 7:31.60

Varsity Four

1. Kansas 8:05.17

2. Bucknell (Second Varsity) 8:09.67


1. Bucknell (ltwt) 7:35.19

2. Kansas 7:57.65


Varsity Eight

1. Rhode Island 7:09.03

2. Kansas 7:25.68

Second Varsity Eight

1. Rhode Island 7:27.63

2. Kansas 7:34.65

Varsity Four

1. Kansas 8:20.59

2. Rhode Island 8:23.37


1. Kansas 7:56.31

2. Rhode Island 8:01.24

Sunday Morning

Varsity Eight

1. Bucknell 6:58.69

2. Kansas 7:17.

Second Varsity Four

1. Bucknell 7:08.42

2. Kansas 7:25.08

Varsity Four

1. Bucknell 8:03.32

2. Kansas 8:11. 61


1. Bucknell 7:31.29

2. Kansas 7:40.41