78th Kansas Relays to Host 75 Champions at GOLD ZONE

April 13, 2005


On Wednesday, Kansas Relays Meet Director revealed a list of 75 champions set to compete at the 2005 Kansas Relays GOLD ZONE. The list includes seven Olympic champions, three Olympic Silver Medallists, 22 additional Olympians, seven World champions, seven US champions, 17 NCAA champions, and 12 other major championship winners.

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“I thought that we had set some high standards last fall for the first year of the GOLD ZONE; I brought to Lew Perkins the goal of three Olympic Champions and 15 total Olympians. We’ve now doubled both of those numbers,” Weaver said. “Each event is filled with champions that are known to all fans, plus some others who will certainly be recognized after they put on a show for the crowd in Memorial Stadium. I can’t imagine what the Kansas Relays record list will look like after this. I can tell you that there will be `2005′ after a lot of events in next year’s record book.”

The GOLD ZONE will run from 2-5 pm on Saturday, April 23. It is a new, fast-paced, three-hour format for the most popular events at the Kansas Relays. Featured athletes include Olympic Champions and World Record Setters Maurice Greene, Marion Jones, and Stacy Dragila. Also highlighting the GOLD ZONE will be Olympic Champions Allen Johnson, Nick Hysong, Inger Miller, and Savatheda Fynes. Local Olympians include Muna Lee from Kansas City, Mo; Charlie Gruber of Lawrence, Kan; Derrick Peterson of Columbia, Mo; and Melvin Lister from Leavenworth, Kan.

“There will be two groups of people on April 24: those who were there to witness the first GOLD ZONE and those who will lie about having been there,” added Weaver.

The list of champions set to appear at the 2005 Kansas Relays includes:

Maurice Greene Olympic Champion

Marion Jones Olympic Champion

Stacy Dragila Olympic Champion

Allen Johnson Olympic Champion

Nick Hysong Olympic Champion

Savatheda Fynes Olympic Champion

Inger Miller Olympic Champion

Matt Hemingway Olympic Silver Medallist

John Steffensen Olympic Silver Medallist

Austra Skujyte Olympic Silver Medallist

Christian Cantwell World Champion

JJ Johnson World Champion

John Capel World Champion

Adam Steele World Champion

Leonard Byrd World Champion

Joey Woody World Champion

James Davis World Champion

Tye Harvey World Championships Silver

Jenny Adams World Championship Finalist

Jason Smoots World Cup Champion

Charlie Gruber Olympian

Muna Lee Olympian

Derrick Peterson Olympian

LaShinda Demus Olympian

Duane Ross Olympian

Shelia Burrell Olympian

Angela Williams Olympian

Dwight Thomas Olympian

Amy Acuff Olympian

Dinsdale Morgan Olympian

Ian Weakly Olympian

Kurvin Wallace Olympian

Kirt Thompson Olympian

Melvin Lister Olympian

Diane Nukuri Olympian

Egle Uljas Olympian

Priscilla Lopes Olympian

Dace Ruskule Olympian

Jamie Nieto Olympian

Dmitrjis Milkevics Olympian

Shandria Brown Olympian

Nenad Loncar Olympian

Pat Manson US Champion

Joel Brown US Champion

Bershawn Jackson US Champion

Jason Lunn US Champion

Vanitta Kinard US Champion

Suziann Reid US Champion

Gwen Wentland US Champion

Gatis Spunde National Champion

Marisa Uzoaru National Champion

Leo Bookman NCAA Champion

Amy Linnen NCAA Champion

Jacob Pauli NCAA Champion

Leonard Scott NCAA Champion

Nichole Denby NCAA Champion

Dan Taylor NCAA Champion

Dominique Arnold NCAA Champion

Eric Eshbach NCAA Champion

Stephanie Durst NCAA Champion

Scott Russell NCAA Champion

Jordan Vadan NCAA D2 Champion

Anwar Moore NCAA D2 Champion

Kia Davis NCAA D2 Champion

Jason Smoots NCAA D2 Champion

Nikkisha Maynard NCAA D2 Champion

Moya Thompson NCAA D2 Champion

Merlene Smith NCAA D2 Champion

Dexter Faulk NJCAA Champion

Sheldon Battle NJCAA Champion

Bobby Reyes NJCAA Champion

Kaaron Conwright World Univ Games Champion

Ashton Collins Pan Am Jr Champion

Gavin Ball Jr Olympic Champion

Ivory Williams World Junior Champion

The 78th Kansas Relays will run from April 21 – 23; the GOLD ZONE is Saturday, April 23 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. For more information on the Kansas Relays, a complete GOLD ZONE schedule, and ticket information, visit http://kuathletics.collegesports.com/sports/c-relay/.