STAFF (603A)

Updated 10/12


Kansas Athletics is committed to employing coaches and administrative staff members whoare capable of performing in professional roles in an educational community where highstandards of integrity and ethical behavior, as well as sportsmanship, are valued and expected(see Policy 101, Mission Statements & Philosophy).

All full-time head coaches are hired by contract. Coaching contracts may vary in terms andduration, depending on the sport and the coaching position.

Employment Negotiations

Kansas Athletics searches for coaches and administrators who demonstrate a quality imagein athletics and who will promote academic success. In order to hire this type of individual,candidates may be recruited from other educational institutions. However, KansasAthletics will not enter into negotiations with an individual who is under contract to anothereducational institution without first contacting that institution and securing permission.Likewise, if a staff member is under contract with Kansas Athletics and is contacted byanother institution, he/she is expected to notify the Director of Athletics before enteringinto negotiations. Once negotiations have begun, the staff member is also expected to keepthe Director of Athletics or his designee informed about the status of those negotiations;all contractual obligations must be fulfilled prior to beginning employment with anotherinstitution.

Commitment to the NCAA

The policies of Kansas Athletics regarding employment contracts reflect both the philosophyof the University and of the NCAA. All contractual agreements with athletics’ staffmembers are to contain a provision stipulating that the University or Kansas Athletics hasthe right to terminate an employment contract with any staff member found in violation ofNCAA rules or regulations.

Contract Provisions

All contracts must be in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations of theUniversity of Kansas, the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA. The University and KansasAthletics recognize their obligation and legal responsibility to uphold all contractualagreements. Likewise, administrative and coaching staff members are expected to representthe University and Kansas Athletics in a positive, professional manner, while abiding by allapplicable University, Kansas Athletics, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations.

While contracts with individual staff members may vary according to duties andresponsibilities, the sport or administrative area involved, and the budget and revenue-producing capability of the unit, they all must:

  • State clearly all salary and benefit agreements;

Specify any special concessions or additional provisions that are to be included;Stipulate the duration of the contract; andInclude an NCAA compliance clause.

Contract Renewal/Non-Renewal

Multi-year employment contracts may be renewed prior to their expiration by the Director ofAthletics. The criteria used when evaluating the renewal of a coach’s contract include, butare not necessarily limited to, the following:

1. NCAA and University rules compliance;

2. Student-athlete academic success;

3. Success on the field;

4. Success in public relations and fundraising;

5. Player relationships;

6. Administrative skills, including adherence to budget allocations;

7. Personality;

8. Integrity;

9. Loyalty to the University and Kansas Athletics;

10. Talent of the individual; and

11. Work ethic.

Individuals whose contracts are not renew are notified in writing by the Director of Athleticsor his designee prior to the recruitment and hiring of replacement staff.