April 14, 2008

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Blue 17, White 3

April 14, 2008

Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino

On tonight’s overall performance:

“I thought we got some things accomplished today. I feel like there are some kids in position to win jobs. I thought defensively we looked sharp. I believe we have the chance to have a pretty dog gone good defense again. I think we are closer today to get the offensive line arranged properly. We’ve got to get some improvement in the running game and that goes with the offensive line. I think once we make some adjustments with the offensive line, then the offense can move the ball better. We are looking for depth in defense and I think we are finding it. There were several kids that are going to play a lot, and several that were in the blue (jerseys) and even several in the white (jerseys) are going to be in some packages and out on the field. Overall, it was a good night to work. We got plenty of snaps in, but we know what our weaknesses are. We have to continue to work hard in the summer and in August. We got a good picture tonight. We’ll look at the film and it will be clear. We know the areas we are strong in and we have to continue to develop those kids and getting better and better as we go.”

On the offensive line:

“We did not protect the quarterback at all in the first half, but then we protected better (in the second half). Obviously we miss Ryan Cantrell. He is a key player for us. I thought Sal Capra did some good things. With three new faces on the offensive line, we knew that there was going to be a little bit of an issue tonight. I think we might have found the right combination and that’s something we are pleased with.”

On Junior Quarterback Kerry Meier:

“I’m very pleased with him (Kerry Meier). We got a lot of work with him at quarterback tonight. He is still important at that position. We used him a little bit at receiver. We know what he’s capable of. He and Dexton Fields, right now, are our two most dependable receivers.”

On attendance:

“At halftime, I got to face the stands and I thought there was a pretty good crowd there. If I had to guess, I would say that it was probably the best crowd we’ve had at the spring game since I’ve been here. It looked like it was the most we’ve ever had.”

Junior Quarterback Todd Reesing

On the game:

“On offense I didn’t think it was very pretty. We struggled with a lot of execution things, myself included. We had too many mistakes on the offensive line and with dropped passes. The running backs didn’t protect and I missed some throws. We did get some good things done but we just have to build on this.”

On the team’s motivation:

“Things aren’t just going to happen for us. We have to show up and make them happen. We learned that from last year. The Orange Bowl doesn’t mean anything this season. We have the players that we need to have a great season, but we just need to make it happen.”

On the restrictions on offense for the spring game:

“I don’t think that was that big of a deal because we have enough plays that we can execute to move the ball. Just because we didn’t use every play that we might use during the season isn’t an excuse for not being able to score.”

Senior Linebacker Mike Rivera

On spring practices:

“I felt that we learned a lot this spring. We came together a lot on defense and we have been learning like crazy. It has been a really productive spring for the defense.”

On newly-promoted Defensive Coordinator Clint Bowen:

“It is going to be great. He has a great coaching style and he tells us how to do everything. We are ready to learn and he is helping us out a lot.”

Sophomore Defensive Back Chris Harris

On what it is like without Aqib Talib in the locker room:

“It has been weird because when you walk into the locker room he is the star. It is weird not seeing that, but it is time for new stars now.”

On replacing some of the impact players from last year:

“It takes awhile for the offense to click, but once our offense starts clicking I am pretty sure we will be ready to go.”

On the attitude that the team must have after the Orange Bowl victory:

“We are just trying not to get complacent and know that we have to work hard to get where we were last year. We are not even talking about last year, because it is a new year. We just have to rebuild and get ready for next year.”

On the problems both on offense and defense:

“The white and blue defense played really well, we (blue) did not give them many points. It is going to take a while for us to get clicking, but I am sure that we will be ready when season starts.”