Updated 12/11


student-athletes and spectators, is greatly affected by the condition of its athletic facilities.Therefore, every effort is made to ensure that the University’s athletic facilities are properlymaintained at all times.

The Associate Athletic Director – Operations, oversees the maintenance and upkeep ofathletic facilities and grounds.

Maintenance and Repair Requests

All required maintenance and repair needs must be reported to the Facilities and EventOperations Office in a timely manner. When possible, requests should be submitted on aroutine basis to avoid the necessity for emergency services.

Work order requests for maintenance, service or repairs are submitted in writing orelectronically to the Facilities and Events Office for scheduling with Kansas Athleticspersonnel or University Facilities & Operations personnel. The Facilities and Events Officeis responsible for completing a University Work Order Request and submitting it to theUniversity’s Office of Facilities & Operations to initiate all services. The Facilities andEvents Office also monitors the completion of requested maintenance and repairs.

Repairs involving plumbing, air conditioning, electrical and sheet metal, air-conditioning,heating, carpentry, painting, masonry, glass, mechanical and landscaping work are assignedto the appropriate Trade Shop by University Facilities & Operations.

Custodial Services

Kansas Athletics Office of Facilities and Event Operations has permanently assignedstaff members for routine maintenance, set up and tear down of practice and competitionfacilities, and reporting minor repairs for all Kansas Athletics facilities. Additionally, a “thirdshift” custodial staff (i.e. 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.) is assigned to provide routine cleaning of allKansas Athletics indoor facilities.

Kansas Athletics Facilities and Events Office provides an auxiliary crew to perform majorcleanup following athletics events held in Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium. Thesecrews functions under the supervision of the Assistant Athletic Director – Facilities.

Field Maintenance

The Assistant Athletic Director-Facilities has specific criteria for the upkeep andmaintenance of all Kansas Athletics practice and playing fields. Optimum playing andpractice conditions require regular communication between the Assistant Athletic Director- Facilities and each Head Coach to ensure that all maintenance and repair requirements aremet.

Equipment Maintenance

Kansas Athletics grounds crew operates a variety of equipment in order to maintain athleticfields and grounds. Following equipment usage, grounds crew staff are responsible forwashing the equipment, greasing all fittings, repairing broken parts and changing the oil andfilters, as necessary.

Additionally, all mechanical equipment (e.g. automatic watering systems, tractors, trucks,etc.) should be inspected every six (6) months for worn parts including blades, belts, sparkplugs etc.

Facility Improvements – Special Projects

Kansas Athletics maintenance staff or the University’s Facilities Operations Office handlesrepairs; repairs requiring outside contractors are performed by qualified contractors approvedby the office of Design & Construction Management. Whenever possible, allocations formajor capital repair projects should be submitted with Kansas Athletics annual budgetrequest (see Policy 401A, Budget: Formulation and Policy 801, Expansion/Renovation ofFacilities).

Necessary emergency repairs and repairs or improvements requested in order to meet/maintain safety requirements are handled on a priority basis.. Requests for facility repairs orimprovements to an athletic facility are submitted to the University’s Design & ConstructionManagement Office for architectural design and associated cost estimates. The Officethen determines whether the project will be completed by in-house staff or by an outsidecontractor.

Once a major repair project is approved, the Associate Athletic Director – Operations/CapitalProjects is responsible for overseeing the completion of the project.

Capital Budget Request

Major projects and capital improvements are submitted through the FY Capital BudgetRequest process which is initiated by the University Chancellor’s Office annually. Projectsprepared by Kansas Athletics are directed and approved by the Director of Athletics. CapitalBudget Requests are prepared by the Associate Athletic Director – Operations/CapitalProjects, Assistant Athletic Director – Facilities, the Senior Associate Athletic Director andthe Chief Financial Officer and approved by the Director of Athletics. (See Policy 801,Expansion/Renovation of Facilities, in this Manual for additional information.)