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Under circumstances permissible by State Statutes and Regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, official University academic and administrative units and University affiliated organizations may serve alcoholic liquor at approved events in designated non-classroom areas on the University campus.

Alcoholic liquor service may only be provided at campus events which are related to legitimate functions of the University. Such events cannot be opened to the general public and only members of the sponsoring organizations, their spouses and invited guests may participate. Such events may not be of a commercial nature, but rather occasions which are luncheons, dinners or receptions in honor of certain individuals, and which occur in connection with official University events and/or fundraising activities for University programs.

The following guidelines will be observed in serving alcoholic liquor at approved University events and locations (except that the Regulations Governing the Use of Alcoholic Liquor in the Scholarship Suites at Memorial Stadium and during home football game fundraising events shall govern the use of alcoholic liquor in the Scholarship Suites and in designated parking areas immediately adjacent to Memorial Stadium):

No liquor license will be held by the University of Kansas or by any units of the University. No sale of alcoholic liquor is permitted on the University campus.At all times, the serving of alcoholic liquor on the KU campus will be in compliance with the Kansas Liquor Control Act.All events on the University campus at which alcoholic liquor will be served must be approved by the Chancellor. A University unit or affiliated organization wishing to serve alcoholic liquor on campus must submit a detailed plan to the Provost for review prior to any public announcement, but in no case less than two weeks before the event. The Provost shall recommend to the Chancellor whether the event should be approved.Alcoholic liquor served at approved campus events must be provided by the group or organization hosting the event.The Kansas and Burge Union (Union) shall be the exclusive caterer of alcoholic liquor on campus. The Union shall provide all qualified personnel necessary for and have full control over dispensing alcoholic liquor at approved events. The Union may furnish, for a fee, all setups and services needed. The Kansas Union will adhere to the following definitions and regulations in its capacity as the caterer of alcoholic liquor: The terms used herein shall have the following meanings:Events, as used in this policy, shall mean prearranged functions not advertised to the general public and limited in attendance to members of the sponsoring organization(s) and their guests.Members — Shall mean the basic makeup of the sponsoring organization.Guests — Shall mean the spouse of a member of a sponsoring organization and/or invited personal friends of a member in attendance.The length of pre-dinner alcoholic beverage service shall be determined between the sponsoring organization and the Union. A service period of between one hour and an hour and a half is advised.It shall be a responsibility of the Union to designate those areas in approved buildings that have appropriate and adequate facilities for the service of alcoholic beverages and for control of the patrons to be served.No alcoholic beverages other than those served by the staff of the Union may be dispensed.Members and guests of the sponsoring organization may not carry alcoholic beverages outside the area in which they are being served.The Union reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service to any individual under the age of twenty-one or who appears to be intoxicated. Staff members in charge shall have this authority.Alcoholic liquor shall be defined as those beverages containing alcohol, including beer, wine, spirits, etc., but does not include cereal malt beverages. Unused quantities of alcoholic liquor shall remain the property of the host group or organization and will be removed from University property at the conclusion of the event. Nonalcoholic beverages and food must be provided at all events where alcoholic liquor is served.Use of alcoholic liquor is permitted only for approved events held in Allen Field House, Anschutz Sports Pavilion, the Art and Design Gallery, Continuing Education Building (Commons and Patio areas), Edwards Campus (designated areas), Green Hall (Rice Room), Hall Center for the Humanities (Watkins Home), James Naismith Society Room (Athletic Complex Expansion), the Kansas and Burge Unions, Lied Center, Lippincott Hall, Murphy Hall, Museum of Natural History, Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, Spencer Museum of Art, Spencer Research Library, Spooner Hall, Summerfield Hall (School of Business Placement Center), Scholarship Suites or home football game fundraisers (Memorial Stadium and designated parking areas immediately adjacent to Memorial Stadium, in accordance with the following specific regulations for that location). Alcoholic liquor service shall be available from 10:30 a.m. until midnight daily.

Regulations Governing the Use of Alcoholic Liquor in the Scholarship Suites of Memorial Stadium and during Home Football Game Fundraising Events.

Alcoholic liquor will not be used, consumed, possessed or permitted near the premises or in Memorial Stadium except in accordance with the following policy:

The only location in which alcoholic liquor is permitted in Memorial Stadium is in the Scholarship Suites.The only time that alcoholic liquor may be consumed in the Scholarship Suites is on home game days for the University’s intercollegiate football team, during the period commencing two hours prior to kickoff, and ending two hours after the end of the football game (or one and a half hours after the game if the game begins later than 5 p.m.) The Chancellor, upon recommendation by the Provost, may approve exceptions to this time limitation, but requests for exceptions must be made in writing not later than two weeks prior to the event and will not be deemed approved unless written approval is granted prior to the event. The Chancellor, upon recommendation by the Provost, may approve written requests by Kansas Athletics to allow consumption of alcoholic liquor in the Scholarship Suites at other athletic related events, but such approval will be subject to all conditions specified in the approval by the Chancellor.Alcoholic liquor to be consumed in the Scholarship Suites shall not be brought into Memorial Stadium and the Scholarship Suites on game days. The only time alcoholic liquor may be brought into Memorial Stadium and the Scholarship Suites is during a designated period of time for stocking the bars in the suites. Kansas Athletics shall be responsible for advising the suite holders of the time during which they may stock their bars. Alcohol shall not be consumed in the Scholarship Suites during the designated periods for stocking the bars. If anyone attempts to bring alcoholic liquor into Memorial Stadium at any time other than the designated stocking times, it will be confiscated and disposed of. Kansas Athletics, suite holders, and their guests in the Scholarship Suites shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy and all applicable laws and regulations governing consumption of alcoholic liquors, including but not limited to all laws governing age of consumption of alcoholic liquors.Each suite holder shall provide liability insurance and name Kansas Athletics, the University of Kansas, the Board of Regents and the State of Kansas as additional insureds. Such policy shall provide full liquor legal liability insurance coverage up to $1,000,000.Sale of alcoholic liquor in the Scholarship Suites is prohibited.Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available in each suite during any times in which alcoholic liquor is available for consumption.The only people permitted to consume alcoholic liquor in the Scholarship Suites are those people of lawful age for such consumption who possess a pass or ticket to sit in the Scholarship Suites.After the last home football game, each suite holder will be responsible for removing all alcoholic liquors. No alcoholic liquor will be stored in the Scholarship Suites or at any other site in the Stadium or on campus, at any time other than during the football season. Kansas Athletics will provide to the suite holders locked cabinets in which they may store their alcoholic liquor during the football season. As a condition of being permitted to use a Scholarship Suite, each suite holder must agree that the State of Kansas, the Board of Regents, the University of Kansas, and Kansas Athletics will bear no responsibility for loss of any alcoholic liquor the suite holder chooses to store in the suite. Suite holders will be required to remove all alcoholic liquor from their suites immediately following the final home football game of the season. Kansas Athletics shall be responsible for removing and disposing of any alcoholic liquor remaining in any suite after the last home football game of the season.On a limited basis, certain fundraising events to benefit KU programs have been approved. These fundraising events will be conducted in conjunction with home football games and will take place concurrent with traditional tailgating activities. As described in detail below, alcoholic beverages may be consumed during tailgating activities during the three hours preceding kick-off in designated parking areas immediately adjacent to, but not including, Memorial Stadium and the Campanile Hill. Not later than 30 minutes following kick-off, consumption of alcoholic beverages will end; remaining beverages will be transported off-campus following the end of the game. Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed in areas outside those designated by this policy. Sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited. This policy does not provide authority for University of Kansas organizations to serve alcohol as part of tailgate fundraisers. Containers of a capacity in excess of one gallon will not be permitted. The legal drinking age of 21 years will be enforced, and individuals consuming alcoholic beverages at tailgates will be responsible for their conduct and that of their guests. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available at any location where alcoholic beverages are consumed. Consumption of alcohol in conjunction with fundraiser tailgate activities will be permitted in lots 50, 52, 55, 58, 59, 60, 63, 64, 70, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, and 124 as well as in designated areas up to 75 feet from these lots. Consumption of alcohol will not be permitted on city streets, including Mississippi, Maine, and 11th Streets, and J.R. Pearson Drive, and will not be permitted in lots north of 11th Street or east of Mississippi Street. The southern and western perimeters for alcohol consumption will be designated by a boundary line established by the University Public Safety Office in consultation with the KU Athletic Corporation.Failure to comply with this policy or any law governing the consumption of alcoholic liquor will result in loss of the privileges granted under this policy.

Approved by the Chancellor
March 1, 1988;

Amended July 22, 1988; November 16, 1993; August 31, 1994; November 12, 1996; November 6, 1998; March 22, 1999; July 6, 2000; August 29, 2001; January 8, 2002; August19, 2002; June 18, 2003.