Updated 11/2012


Kansas Athletics network of Friends Clubs is coordinated by the Associate Athletics Director/Development under the umbrella of the Williams Education Fund (WEF). Friends Clubs within Kansas Athletics have been established to benefit the various sports programs.

These clubs are organized to promote a specific athletic program through special events, programs and social activities. In addition to raising money, the clubs bring many members and guests to Jayhawk events. A donation through a Friends Club to the WEF counts towards the priority points system and other WEF membership benefits as described in Policy 903, WEF, in this Manual.

Each individual associated with a sport’s Friends Club organization is responsible for upholding all University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations related to outside support of the intercollegiate athletics program. The Associate Athletics Director/Development, in conjunction with the Compliance Office, the Faculty Athletics Representative and coaches, ensures that information concerning such rules and regulations is made available to members of these booster organizations.

All fundraising activities including, but not limited to, solicitation appeals, correspondence, events, sales and booster-related efforts must be coordinated and approved by the Associate Athletics Director/Development.


Before any sport organizes a Friends Club, written permission must be obtained from the Director of Athletics. A proposal must be submitted listing all relevant information concerning the group or club. Items to be covered include the following:

  1. Name of the organization
  2. Person(s) in charge of the administration of the organization
  3. Cost of joining, including different levels, if appropriate
  4. Procedure for collection of monies
  5. Benefits of membership (e.g. shirts, posters, tickets, meetings, mailouts, etc.)
  6. How the associated start-up costs are to be handled (i.e. between the sport’s budget and monies raised)
  7. If items are made available for sale to members, the names of such items and their costs, as well as procedures for the purchase of items and method of payment
  8. Proposed by-laws, organizational structure, etc.

Fundraising Accountability

All Friends Club fundraising activities (e.g. clinics, etc.) must be approved prior to the activity by the Associate Athletics Director/Development and the Assistant Athletics Director/Compliance. Approved activities are included on Kansas Athletics Master Calendar of Events.

All funds raised by a Friends Club or the WEF on behalf of a sport are deposited in a WEF Margin of Excellence account. Each check must be accompanied by a memo listing the name of the member (donor), the amount of the check and a description of benefits for which the person is entitled, if any. Any funds deposited from the sale of items must have a full explanation attached.

  • Acknowledgements

    Within each Friends Club, the Head Coach, or his/her designee, is responsible for acknowledging gifts personally and providing membership services related to the specific club. The WEF Office also acknowledges each gift with a thank you note and KU Endowment (KUEA) prints the receipt.

Summary of Accounts

The KUEA provides the Director of Athletics with a summary of all active accounts. Each account summary is reviewed by the Chief Financial Officer. Account summaries are then distributed to the Head Coaches for review. The Chief Financial Officer is available to assist with obtaining additional information from the KUEA, as necessary.

Use of Funds

Requests for the use of Friends Club funds must be submitted to the Senior Associate Athletics Director and approved by the Sport Supervisor. All such requests must be in compliance with KUEA fiscal guidelines and NCAA regulations. (See Policy 404D, Disbursements: Margin of Excellence Accounts, in this Manual for additional information.)