Kansas Relays Quotes Day Two

April 16, 2009

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Kansas Relays Quotes

Day Two

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amy Bowman (Arkansas State) – Candace Mason Heptathlon Champion

On if there was any extra pressure being the leader from the first event:

“There wasn’t really any extra pressure. I was mainly trying to get a good score because we are only doing two of these (heptathlons), this one and conference, this year. I expected to be in good shape after hurdles because that is my best event, and I also expected to do well in high jump. I did pretty bad actually. After that I just focused on taking each event one at a time and trying to get good marks.”

On the competition:

“The biggest competition for me was my teammate Carolyn (Lewis). She and I are always neck-and-neck at conference meets, so she was probably my biggest competition. It’s fun to duel with her.”

On the entire meet:

“It was good, we had a lot better weather than I expected. We are used to competing down south, so we expected some bad weather, but it turned out great.”

Michael Mai (U.S. Army) – Men’s Hammer Throw Champion

On his overall performance:

“It was not too bad. It was my first meet of the year. I have been at Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth full time. So I just get a little bit of time to train on the weekends. All in all, it was not that bad. Throwing over 70 meters in my first meet is not too bad.”

Joey Schwecke (Minnesota) – Jim Bausch Decathlon Champion

On his performance on the second day of the Decathlon:
“I was pretty happy with my second day. The last two events did not go as good as planned, but I finished the 1,500 so I guess that is good.”

On winning the Decathlon:
“I was pretty pumped. I was down here last year and did not do too well in the awful weather, but this year the weather was beautiful and I exceeded my expectations. I am happy with it.”

Lauren Bonds (Kansas) — Women’s 800 Meter Run Unseeded Champion

On the victory:

“It was exciting. It wasn’t the seeded race, so it wasn’t as exciting as winning the seeded raced, but it is still cool. I wanted to run a little faster. I had some really good girls in my heat, so it was nice being the best of the eight.”

On winning at home:

“It’s always a plus. We work out everyday on this track. It was exciting to race here. To be able to win in front our coaches and our academic advisors that never get to see us race was really cool.”

Aric Cherry (Southwestern) — Men’s 800 Meter Run Unseeded Champion

On the victory:

“It was a beautiful day here at KU. The weather is just perfect. There’s just enough breeze to feel good on that backstretch. It felt good to get out and run a good race on a nice day.”

On the environment:

“It’s a wonderful environment here at KU, but with all of the heats you never know who is going to pull out a big one. And fortunately, I was the one that came through today. In my case, I was right in the middle of a fast heat and I just came through in the end.”

Chandra Andrews (Unattached-Wichita State) – Women’s Hammer Throw Champion

On the win:

“I personally was just trying to get some things going during the prelims. I haven’t had as good of a season as I would have liked, and I am trying to qualify for the USA’s. I am getting closer to where I need to be to qualify.”

On the Kansas Relays:

“I really love this meet. As long as I throw, I plan on coming back and throwing at this meet.”

Kellie Schneider (Kansas) – Women’s Unseeded 1,500 Meters Champion

On winning at the Kansas Relays:

“It is really exciting. I have never won an event at the Relays before and I feel really good about my victory.”

On her plan for the race:

“I had a really poor race a few weeks ago and I tried to come out and redeem myself today. Usually I try to stay in the pack during the beginning parts of the race, but today I felt really good so I decided I would push the pace, and it was able to work.”

Austin Bussing (Unattached – Kansas)- Men’s Unseeded 1,500 Meters Champion

On the race:

“I felt a little less pressure running unaffiliated as opposed to running for KU, but I still felt school pride being at the Relays. My goal was to get to the 3:57 mark to qualify for Junior Nationals, but obviously I didn’t quite make it. It still feels good to get the win though. I was just trying to stay with the lead pack. This is the first time I’ve ever run a 1500-meter race.”

Amanda Miller (Kansas) — Women’s 5,000 Meter Run Champion

On her winning performance:

“It feels good. I wish I could have run a little bit faster on my own, but it was a good prep, especially for my first 5k of the season. I’ll go out and race one next week at Drake and hopefully earn a regional time. I know there were some laps in there that were slow, but I couldn’t have expected much more than that.”

On winning the 5,000 meter run after finishing fourth last year:

“Last year, I was injured coming off of indoor so that played into it. I just think having another year under your belt helps you.”

On winning at home:

“I didn’t want to lose at home, especially after having a lead the entire race. That would have been devastating.”

Donny Wasinger (Kansas) – Runner-up, Men’s 5,000 Meter Run

On his performance:

“It went alright. It was a competitive race. For second place, there were three or four guys in there. It was a healthy, intense competition. The pace went alright. I went out pretty well, and was on the inside in the beginning. I went out harder than I anticipated I would. It turned out to be a good race, so I’m happy with it.”

On preparing for the 1,500 meter run:

“This race was kind of a shake. (I was) just trying to get a really hard workout and get an anaerobic (workout) going. I’m going to go out there in the 1,500 meters and run it like I mean it. It is going to be a run for real. This was a good race, but it was a relaxed race. The next one is going to have some expectations and I have to live up to that.”

Allen Ernst (Missouri S&T) — Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase Champion

On winning the race:

“This is my first time here. It’s pretty awesome, it’s a big-name meet. It’s really exciting to win it. It’s cool.”

On his time:

“I think my time was right at my PR. It should have been faster.”

On the steeplechase as an event:

“It’s the most intense, gruesome race you could think of, but it’s pretty glorious.”

Kara Windisch (Kansas) — Women’s 3000 Meter Run Champion

On the race overall:

“It felt really good. It’s a first for this race. I was confident in that I was hoping to race well. I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know if I was going to be in the top half. Overall it was a pretty good race.”

On goals for the race:

“I was hoping to break 10 (minutes) today. It’s kind of disappointing that I was not able to do that. If we would have had more people pushing me, I probably would have been able to do that.”

Kimi Shank (Missouri Southern) – Women’s 10,000 Meters Champion

On winning at the Relays two years in a row:
“I am excited, I hope I can come back next year and make it three in a row. It gets a little more competitive every year.”

On the Kansas Relays:
“I like how the Relays have a big meet atmosphere and everyone is really friendly. It pumps me up when I hear the announcers saying my name, I really like that aspect.”

Jason McCullough (Fort Hays State) – Men’s 10,000 Meters Champion

On his performance:

“I was pretty happy with it. I coach at Fort Hays, so this is the race that I like to get in. I always like to do the 10k at the Kansas Relays. I look forward to it every year.”

On grabbing first place on the last lap:

“I’m pretty confident in my kick. I know that (second-place finisher) Scott Reed is a pretty good runner from far out, so I thought I’d be better off to try and hang and just try and out-kick him at the end.”

On why he likes running at the Kansas Relays every year:

“Running at night provides a pretty good atmosphere. There are a lot of different runners from a lot of different schools, so there’s always a big field. The weather also seems like it is always pretty decent so that’s the main thing I like about coming here.”