2010 Kansas Relays Day Three Quotes

2010 Kansas Relays

Day Three Quotes

April 16, 2010

Women’s Shot Put Winner

Amanda Latsch (Nebraska)

On the conditions:

“I don’t think the weather had much affect. As long as your technique is there and you practice enough, the weather isn’t going to be an issue unless it is pouring rain and you have 70 mile per hour winds.”

On using this win to build momentum going forward:

“I am definitely going to use this to attempt and try to build momentum. I feel like I am just getting going this season and I am going to use this to motivate myself to do better.”

On the Kansas Relays:

“I am definitely thankful that we (Nebraska) have the opportunity to come here. The hospitality is very good here. I thought the competition was going to be tougher, but I am definitely happy to win the event. My teammates also performed very well, which is good.”

Women’s Triple Jump Winner

Izehi Ileso (Iowa Central Community College)

On winning big event such as the Kansas Relays:

“I was trying to set a personal record. It did not go as I planned, but I am happy that I won the competition. It was quite a big competition, so it was boosting for my confidence. I thank the competitors, because without them, I wouldn’t have jumped 42-4 ft.”

On if the winds blowing in Memorial Stadium today were a factor:

“I think it was a tailwind with me, and that helped because I do have problems with my approaches. I had a few scratches, however.”

On if her jump of was a good mark personally:

“I’ve jumped 42-4 a couple of times now. I have never done it in America, though. I am an International student. My lifetime best is 43 feet, so I would like to jump 43 before national competition. I thank God for everything though.”

Women’s High Jump Winner

Jennifer Robinson (Emporia State)

On how she felt about her performance today:

“I felt all right. I wanted to jump higher; 5-7 (ft.) isn’t that great of a height to be clearing, but I know it will come at the right time, just like everything does. I wanted to jump higher; Five-seven is all right, but not by Division I or Division II (standards).”

On what it mean to be crowned champion of the Kansas Relays:

“It’s definitely a confidence-booster. It just tells me I’m where I should be right now in the season.”

Men’s Pole Vault Winner

Jacob Pauli, Unattached (formerly of Northern Iowa)

On the conditions:

“There was a beautiful North wind coming in at our backs, it was perfect. Just the right amount of wind. I really do not have an explanation for the sub-par performances today.”

On the all of the pole vaulter’s struggles:

“It was a tough day. When the clouds are covering up the sun it kind of sucks the energy out of everyone. That is the only thing that I can think of for the sub-par numbers today. There were great conditions today, so you can not complain.”

On the Kansas Relays:

“I won it a couple time in college and a couple times as a pro and it is one of my favorite places to jump in the world. I like the atmosphere and I like the board runway on the turf, it is just a really cool feeling. The crowd is usually a big one. There is a lot of pole vaulting tradition here at Kansas. I make sure that I try to get here every time I can.”

Men’s Triple Jump Winner

Wilbert Walker (SPT Track Club)

On the win:

“It feels very good to win. The weather wasn’t something a jumper would want, but it’s ok.”

On the weather:

“I think the weather was a big factor, but I didn’t let it affect me. I just came out here to jump, but I wish that I could have jumped further.”

Men’s 3000 M Steeplechase Winner

Tomas Cotter, Iowa Central Community College

On his performance:

“My personal record is 9:19 so I was about point four outside of it. I was happy enough to win my first time here – I’m from Ireland, you see. I’m getting used to all the universities because I went to junior college at Iowa Central (Fort Dodge, Iowa).”

On the race:

“I thought it was good. I was only the fourth or fifth seed. I’m delighted to have won.”

On when he took the lead:

“I just tried to run fast and not win and I ended up winning.”

Men’s Javelin Winner

Martins Pildavs (Cloud County Community College)

On winning at the Kansas Relays:

“It feels fine. It wasn’t my best throw, but still, we had very good competition here – it kept the pressure going.”

On if he felt as if he threw better today than before:

“Last week I threw a little bit farther, but it is pretty hard to get those consistent throws over 70 meters (70.69m winning toss).”

Men’s 4 Mile Relay

Zach Zarda, Anchor (Kansas)

On the race as a whole:

“It was fun, I always love running in front of the home crowd and these guys are pretty great teammates (Greg Bussing, Bret Imgrund and Kaleb Humphreys) so it’s always fun out there with them.”

On the last couple of laps:

“Well, I’ve got my family and friends here so I wasn’t going to lose. In a Kansas jersey, in this stadium, it’s not going to happen. It’s not an option. We’ve got to honor God and honor Kansas with our efforts.”

On being from Kansas and winning the Kansas Relays:

“It feels pretty good. I’ve got a headache right now. But other than that, it feels really good. It’s kind of what you dream about as a kid, coming to these meets and seeing these guys running; you always want to be the guy in the winning jersey. It’s almost like a duty, we just went out there and did what we had to do.”

Women’s 4x 1 Mile Relay

Tessa Turcotte, Second Leg (Kansas)

On the race:

“It was fun; we just went out there to race and have some fun. We have been training really hard and the mile is not really any of our events, but we did well.”

On being so far ahead:

“It is hard to push yourself; it was probably not any of our personal record times. It was fun.”

On the win being satisfying:

“We had fun with it today; it was all just about coming out. We all have other events that we are more focused in.”

On the Relays:

“It is fun. It is something different. It is exciting running here in Kansas and it is nice having our friends being able to come.”

Women’s Steeplechase Winner

Meagan Hudson (Unattached)

On the race:

“I was not happy with the time, but I came here to win the Kansas Relays and that is what I did, so I cannot be too picky.”

On the steeplechase:

“This race is very, very tough. It is so exhausting. I run it because I am good at it, but it is not my favorite race at all.”

Women’s Distance Medley Relay Winners

Cory Christensen, Rebeka Stowe, Lauren Bond and Kathyrn Lupton (Kansas)

Cory Christensen, On the win:

“It was good, but it wasn’t a great time because we all ran different legs than we usually do. Coach wanted to switch it up and put us in different positions.”

Rebeka Stowe, On the leg changes affecting the race:

“I think if we had been in our normal positions, we would have run a little bit faster of a race. We usually ran a minute faster than we did, but we are happy with the win still.”

Lauren Bond, On the weather during the race:

“It was a little windy during the race, but we train in this everyday. It is not fun to race in, but we are used to it.”

Men’s Distance Medley Relay Winners

Frezer Legesse , Scotty Brasher and Brayden Barrientez (Oklahoma Christian)

Frezer Legesse, On the win with a two freshman:

“It felt pretty good. We just wanted to keep the winning the streak going. Before the race we realized our main competition was going to be KU. Last year we won it with three different guys and they all left. This year we won it with two freshman and we did well.”

Scotty Brasher, On OC’s winning streak:

“It feels great. Last year OCU won it and it just feels good to out here and part of the team and win it again this year.”

Brayden Barrientez, On competing as a student-athlete:

“It feels awesome because last year I ran in the Kansas Relays as a senior in high school. To come back as a college student-athlete and win this event is great.”

Women’s Javelin Winner

Kayla Wilkinson-Colgrove, unattached athlete

On the win:

“It feels really good because I haven’t been to the Kansas Relays in two years. This meet means a lot to me because I am from Kansas originally.”

On returning to the Kansas Relays:

“It was hard to get back into the meet just from being an unattached athlete. I went to California last year for a meet and it just feels good to back in Kansas.”

On the weather:

“The weather was actually really nice. The wind wasn’t too bad, so the weather didn’t affect me at all.”