2010 Kansas Relays Day Four Quotes

April 17, 2010

2010 Kansas Relays

Day Four Quotes

April 17, 2010

Women’s Sprint Medley Relay

KeAira Dickerson (Seton Hall)

On their performance:

“We didn’t do our best, because we were cold. We have had some better days.”

On making the extra effort in a close race:

“You can kind of feel a runner coming up on you. The race was kind of slow so after running the 800 so many times you start to know when you are slow and if you run slowly, you already know that someone is coming for you. So I knew she was going to come eventually. I heard her footsteps and just went.”

Men’s Sprint Medley Relay

Clifton Leake (Missouri)

On their performance:

“I think that we ran pretty well. It was our first-ever Sprint Medley, so it seemed pretty good.”

On Missouri winning the Sprint Medley at the Kansas Relays for the first time since 1951:

“It is a good accomplishment, I really like that. We came in hoping that we were going to win, ran hard, and got the victory.”

On winning at Kansas:

“It feels really good. Even though KU was not running, it feels good to get the victory here.”

Men’s 200m Dash

Terrel Cotton (Speedway Track Club)

On his performance today:

“I ran pretty good. I was trying to hit something in the 20’s, but it was a little cold today (21.18 winning time). So I did ok considering.”

On his feelings about the Kansas Relays:

“It is a pretty good event. I come most every year and usually there is a lot of competition.”

Women’s 2 Mile Relay

Layne Moore (Missouri)

On the race:

“I think that we did ok; we got out fast and ran pretty strong. I don’t think that we were all feeling the best, but we stayed tough.”

On it being hard to push yourself when you have such a big lead:

“It is hard, but you still have to be able to push yourself. You have to have the mindset that you are going to run no matter what.”

On winning at the Kansas Relays:

“It is pretty exciting, especially being from Kansas. Running here in high school every year was such a big deal for me. So it is fun to come here and win things.”

Men’s 2 Mile Relay

Tyrell Everett (Missouri)

On how he felt his team did in the race:

“We ran pretty well. We are just really prepping up for the Drake Relays next week, so this is like a tune-up meet, but it went really good for us.”

On leading the whole race:

“We run our best races when there is actually competition, so it is not ideal. It works out though, because you run comfortably when you are ahead.”

Women’s 100m Hurdles Winner

Karyn LaCour (Nebraska)

On what it felt like to win at the Kansas Relays:

“It always feels good to win, but I know I’m better than a 13.70. I’m kind of disappointed, but you just have to roll with the punches.”

On if it is different winning here as opposed to anywhere else:

“I don’t know, it’s just great to win anywhere.”

Women’s Invitational 100m Hurdles Winner

Kelly Wells (Nike)

On if the hurdles is a different kind of test:

“It’s more of a test of the mind. I train day in and day out for this. It’s just whoever is mentally strongest out there.”

On how she feels about her time:

“It’s a decent time for now – we’re still working on things, practicing really hard. It will be a very long year, so we are just trying to get things under control and get going.”

Men’s 110m Hurdles Winner

Lehann Fourie (Nebraska)

On how he felt he did today:

“I thought it was a dirty race. I didn’t think it would be that fast, that’s why I kind of eased up at the end. I think I could have ran faster if I actually ran the last few meters.”

On the competition he faced:

“It was really good competition, it is very fun to see the Big 12 schools this early in the season – so it is kind of cool to see them.”

Men’s Invitational 110m Hurdles Winner

Dexter Faulk (Nike)

On how he felt his race went:

“I ran a lot faster than last week, so I’m happy. As long as I’m first at the end, that’s all that matters.”

On the competition he faced this year at the Kansas Relays:

“It’s a great field, better than any field they have had before.”

Women’s Discus Winner

Amanda Latsch (Nebraska)

On her performance as a whole:

“It’s really nice. It’s very exciting, it’s also very exciting that my teammates got second and third. I think that’s more exciting than the win.”

On what it means to win the Kansas Relays:

“A meet is a meet. It’s just nice to get first, no matter where it is.”

On the weather conditions today:

“I’m actually really excited because there was no wind today. With a little bit of a wind, I’m probably looking at 50 meters and that is really exciting.”

Men’s Long Jump Winner

Malcolm Pennix (Kansas City Community College)

On his performance:

“I feel great. It was a PR [7.64m (25-00.50 ft.)] so I feel very good about that. There were good conditions today. I wish it could have been a little bit warmer, but other than that, it was pretty good.”

On how he feels winning an event at the Relays:

“It does feel good. I was here last year and I didn’t do all that great, so to win it this year makes it even better.”

Men’s High Jump Winner

William Moses (Unattached)

On his performance:

“I think my performance was pretty good. I could have gone 2.15; I was aiming for 2.20, but today was my first track meet [2.10m (6-10.75 ft.) result]. So all I’ve got to do is just improve; that’s what I’m doing, just trying to improve myself so I can compete at a USA level.”

On challenges he faced today:

“It was a little bit windy, but besides that everything was pretty good. All I’ve got to do is keep performing to the best of my ability and practice hard.”

On what it means to win an event at the 83rd Annual Kansas Relays:

“It feels good. There are a lot of competitors out here and everyone is aiming for the same thing. I’m just trying to improve myself to get to that national level. Hopefully I can go to the USA Outdoor meet this year.”

Glenn Cunningham Invitational Mile Winner

Peter Van Der Westhuizen (Doyle)

On how last year’s Invitational Mile race compared to this year:

“It was a little more competitive. I ran a sub four (minute mile last year). It was a little more competitive race than this time.”

On not being able to run under a four-minute mile this year:

“I put a really hard week into training. It’s a hard time in the season. I’m trying to get ready for the European season in July and August.”

On how many meets he has competed in already this season:

“It’s the first official outdoor. I’ll run at the Drake Relays next weekend and possibly one meet here and there, then I’ll go over to Europe at the end of May for two or three weeks and then come back. Then I’ll race over there in all of July and August.”

On how he felt about his performance today:

“I wasn’t very happy with that. I felt really tired. I should be able to run a sub-four (minute mile)–even by myself. It just didn’t happen today. It shows that I’ve been working hard. I had a bad indoor season coming back from the world indoor championships. I’ve been sick a lot so I’m just trying to put a lot of training in now and catch up. It’s always great to come here. These guys put on a great meet every time. I love coming out here. It was a lot of fun last year and a great time this year. Hopefully next year we can come back and give something special.”

Men’s 1500m Winner

Don Wasinger (Kansas)

On his improvement from last year:

“Last year I think I was third in the 15 (1500m Run). It’s always fun to come out at home and have a good run. I’m definitely excited about putting out a fast time at home.”

On the competition closing in on the last curve:

“It was a little scary. I had been out in front for the last lap and a half; there’s a little breeze out here, so I was a little bit worried, but I was able to hold it together.”

On how a year of college competition has helped him:

“The difference between high school and college competition is definitely a huge difference. It puts a lot of stress on you, but I think it’s a year worth of experience helping out for sure.”

Women’s 1500m Winner

Rebeka Stowe (Kansas)

On passing the leader on the last turn:

“Both Boglarka Bozzay (sophomore, Kansas State) and Corey (Corinne Christensen, sophomore, Kansas) are 800 runners and when I was talking to Coach (Michael Whittlesey) before the race he said if it came down to a kick I might not have as good of luck. Basically I thought I had to stay with them and give myself a shot to win it because if I just let them go I would have been in trouble.”

On winning her first 1500m race:

“I never ran the 1500 until last summer. This is my first one this year. It’s exciting, especially to be here at home. It makes it more special.”

Women’s Pole Vault Winner

Natalie Miller, Nebraska

On her performance today:

“I’m definitely happy with a win, as always. It’s good to be back at the (Kansas) Relays. I’m not stoked about the mark [4.00m (13-01.50 ft.)], but I think I had a good jumping day nonetheless.”

On the conditions today:

“It is beautiful out today; great weather, no clouds, so I couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

On what it means to win the Relays:

“I came here in high school my last three years, so it feels a little bit like home I guess. We were here last year and it’s always good to come back; there are great fans and great people. Lately, there has been great weather, too.”

Women’s 4×100 M Relay

Leandra McGruder (Nebraska)

On the race:

We are really happy today. It is our first time breaking 47 seconds as a new team (46.73). We are just really excited about the time and glad it came with the wind. Today went a lot better than yesterday; we had long handoffs. We want to just keep working on our exchanges and speed and get better as the season progresses.”

Men’s 4×100 M Relay

Dan Christensen (Nebraska)

On the race:

“We had some bad handoffs, but overall it was an ok showing and bodes well for our future.”

On if this is where they want to be at this point in the season:

“No, this is not our fastest time of the year (40.58 time today) so we are not right where we want to be. We just got our anchor leg back (senior Dax Danns) so we should be able to do some things with him.”

Women’s Invitational 4×100 M Relay

Tia Rolle, Anchor Leg (Lincoln)

On the race:

“The race was pretty good, the other teams were sticking around, but our team came out on top.”

On winning the event:

“This is my first Kansas Relays, so winning the Invitational is very good.”

On their time:

“Last week we posted a faster time (44.56 winning time today), but this time we just wanted to get the baton around. Last week we did run faster, but that is still ok.”

Men’s Invitational 4×100 M Relay

Richard Phillips, Second Leg (On Track Management)

On the race:

“The result was not really the best. The temperature is a little cold; we are not used to this kind of climate. We went out, did our best and were victorious. Once you are victorious, the time will come when you will go out and the exchange will not be shaky. We did not get enough practice, but I think we did well.”

Darvis Patton, Anchor

On the competitive field:

“We are from Jamaica and we run against the best in the world. We run against Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell. We won’t say that this is nothing, each athlete is very talented, but we have been with the world’s best.”

On if he knew he would pass his competitor (Desmond Wright, anchor leg for Lincoln All-Stars, runner-up team in the event) in the last few meters:

“Sure, I know him pretty well and I knew that I could easily catch him.”

Men’s 400m Dash Winner

Kyle Clemons (Kansas)

On the race:

“I thought that it was a really intense race. It went kind of the way I wanted it to go, just run off of lane four and kick it in at the end. Things came out the way that I wanted them to.”

On his winning time of 46.94 seconds:

“I am not satisfied with my time at all. I have run better than that before. I just want to come out here and improve. I thank God for allowing me to run.”

On winning at on his home track:

“It means a lot. The fans are amazing here. It is home and who does not like running at home?”

Women’s 400m Hurdles Winner

Michelle Cumberbatch (Lincoln)

On what was going through her mind when she hit the last hurdle:

“Not falling was running through my head and I saw someone coming up on my side. I told myself that I needed to keep running and that was what I did.”

On hitting a hurdle:

“It is the last place I wanted to hit it, because once you hit a hurdle you lose momentum and your rival can come up and snatch away the victory.”

On her time:

“I was very happy with my time, it was my PR (59.17). I am very happy.”

Men’s 400m Hurdles Winner

Eric Lund (Nebraska)

On his race:

“It felt really good. I finished really strong. I was behind at the 300 mark, but I knew I had conserved enough energy. Then I hit the last hurdle perfectly and carried my momentum and finished strong.”

On having confidence:

“For the hurdles you have to stick to your race, you can’t let other people throw you off. You have to know your body.”

On competing at the Kansas Relays:

“I like the Relays and the experience. A lot of fans come out for this meet and I really enjoy it.”

Women’s Invitational Pole Vault Winner

Natalie Willer (Nebraska)

On her performance today:

“In the second competition I felt great. The day started out a little rough, but I was lucky enough to get a second chance and I’m very happy with how it turned out.”

On getting the win today:

“It means a lot. It’s a prestigious meet. It’s been around for a long time. Jumping with Olympic and international professional vaulters makes it really mean a lot. I’ve been competing here since I was a sophomore in high school and I always have fun.”

Women’s Long Jump Winner

Bettie Wade (Unattached)

On how she performed today:

“It was a season best, so I’m happy about that (6.29m, 20-07.75 ft.). [There is still] A lot of work left to do though.”

On getting the win:

“It’s great. It is my first time at the Kansas Relays and the crowd was great. They were very supportive. It was a nice day out, the sun is shining, and overall it was a good day.”

Women’s 4 X 400 Meter Relay Team

Nevada Morrison, Chelsey Jacobs, Jenny Kordick and Faith Burt (Wartburg)

On the team’s performance:

“We did some good things this weekend. It is always nice to come down here and run against some good competition. Especially for our relays, it prepares us for our national meet. Our goal is to get to finals of the 4 x 100 and 4x 400 meter and be able to compete to win it.”

On the importance of this win to their season:

“It is just another step, the season is so early. Coming out here and winning the 4 X 400 meter relay was good, and we have the Drake Relays next weekend and a national meet at the end of May. We would like to get our fourth-straight 4 X 400 meter relay win at nationals.”

Men’s 4 X 400 Meter Relay Team

Christopher Watts, Roland Denson, Nathan Arnett and Garfield Powell

(Iowa Central Community College)

On their winning performance:

“We just tried to get as much of a lead as possible and maintain it.”

On the importance of win to the season:

“It is a big encouragement for our season, we have been running 3:15 consistently and finally we dropped three seconds (3:12.45). So it was a big race for us. We are very excited about our performance.”

On competing in the Kansas Relays:

“It was wonderful. It was our first time here and we enjoyed the crowd and atmosphere a lot.”

Men’s Discus Winner

Mason Finley (Kansas)

On the win:

“I wouldn’t say it was a very good performance, but I came through at the end and I guess that is what matters. I just think I can throw a lot better.”

On his foul throws:

“Some days you just don’t have the feel for the release and that is pretty much what happened today.”

On the development in his season:

“It is still pretty early for us. This was only our third outdoor meet. I am trying to get over 200 feet. I am really inconsistent right now. If I could just perform like I do in practice, then it would be great.”

On his last throw, the winning toss of 57.15m:

“I pretty much just went back there and kept telling myself to focus on my form. Form was the only thing that was going to allow me to make the throw I needed to make.”

Women’s 200 M Invitational

Veronica Campbell Brown (adidas)

On the win:

“It was a great day and a great way to start the season. I am happy with the way I executed the race and it actually turned out to be a very nice day. I am happy with the result.”

On running a 400-meter race last week:

“I actually hadn’t run an open 400 race since high school. It was hard to run the 400 (meters) because it is a very painful race. I don’t really enjoy running that race, but I guess it paid off for me.”

On the field of competition:

“It was a good field. One of my training partners raced today and she was one of the runners that beat me last week in the 400. So it was good field, but I was focused on executing and trying to run a good time.”

On the pressure coming in as the favorite:

“I didn’t feel any pressure at all. I love what I do, but I did start focusing on the meet record in warm-ups because the record has stood for a long time. I was happy that I was able to get it (22.32).”

Men’s 200 M Invitational

Omar Brown (adidas)

On his victory:

“I didn’t come here expecting to win. I have battled injuries the last couple of years, but it was a true blessing to come out here and win the race. I am really happy and hopefully, over the course of the season, I can keep on improving.”

On discussing race strategy with his wife, Veronica Campbell Brown, 2010 Women’s 200 M Invitational Champion:

“We talk about our races and how we are going to set up a race. I am really proud of her accomplishments because I see all of the hard work she puts in every day. For her to win all of the gold medals and championships makes me really proud of her.”