Kansas Relays Fans Can Ride the "T" For Free to the GOLD ZONE

April 18, 2005

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas Relays Meet Director Tim Weaver announced Monday a partnership with the Lawrence Transit System. Travel on all Lawrence Transit System “T” buses will be free to the public on Saturday, April 23 in recognition of the first year of the Kansas Relays GOLD ZONE.

“We are excited about this partnership with the `T’,” said Weaver. “The Lawrence Transit System provides an important service to our community, one that they hope more people will sample and become make a regular part of their travel plan. I am thrilled that they think so much of the public interest in the Kansas Relays GOLD ZONE that they are offering free rides on all routes for the entire day on April 23. This will make it even easier for Lawrence residents to come down to the stadium for the afternoon and be a part of history and enjoy the convenience that the `T’ has to offer.”

The city’s public transportation system operates eight fixed routes and travels throughout the community to businesses, educational institutions and employment areas. The “T” operates from 6am to 8pm Monday – Saturday. The exceptional public interest Kansas Relays GOLD ZONE provides an excellent opportunity for the Lawrence Transit System to showcase the “T” buses as clean, accessible and dependable.

“Public transportation is a community link to many individuals in Lawrence and Lawrence Transit System has a focus to build and foster the community. The Kansas Relays GOLD ZONE is creating quite a stir in Lawrence, and it is exciting to be a part of the event,” said Rachel Cornish, Marketing Coordinator for the Lawrence Transit System. “Individuals riding the `T’ on Saturday will experience two benefits of public transportation, avoiding traffic and no parking concerns.”

Routes travel throughout the community and with a short walk; most people can go from their hotel or neighborhood to Memorial Stadium using the “T”. The benefit of public transportation is its ease and dependability. After trying the “T” for free, riders will find that when they are in need of transportation they can turn to the “T.”

“The GOLD ZONE is going to be a premiere event that will bring thousands of fans to Memorial Stadium on Saturday. This offer will provide our community a great opportunity to avoid traffic and parking issues. There is no better time to try the `T’ than when it’s free,” said Cornish.

For more information on the T bus system, including maps and routes visit www.lawrencetransit.org , or call 312-7054 for help planning your trip to Memorial Stadium for the GOLD ZONE.

The 78th Kansas Relays will run from April 21-23; the GOLD ZONE is Saturday, April 23 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. For more information on the Kansas Relays, a complete GOLD ZONE schedule, and ticket information, visit http://kuathletics.collegesports.com/sports/c-relay/