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Stuckey returns a kickoff 57 yards for a TD

Player Chat: Darrell Stuckey

We’ll go live to chat with Darrell Stuckey on Wednesday, April 21st at 1:00 PM CT. We’ll talk to Darrell about preparation for the NFL Draft, his memories of wearing a Jayhawk uniform and he’ll also answer your questions.

Submit your questions in advance using the form below and Darrell will answer them during our chat. Be creative!

ku-chat-icon-75x75.gif spacer.gif Moderator: Good afternoon, Jayhawks! Darrell just joined us and will start taking questions…fire away!
Anita Welch (Fargo, ND): What is your greatest memory from your years at KU and what advice do you have to other students who see you as a role model?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: Greatest memory–the whole experience of academics and athletics, three bowl wins. Being able to prioritize and set my goals up early and sacrifice the time I needed here to reach those goals. Advice–you have 4 to 5 years in college to set the tone for the rest of your life. Take the opportunity to reach your goals and prepare yourself for the rest of your life.
Mary Ann Kansas City, KS.: Darrell, being A Wyandotte County resident, will you try to help the community with sports camps or seminars for the kids? Also wishing you a long and productive carrear in the NFL ! From a fellow Wildcat ’74. Thanks for the memories !
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: Yes, maybe not in the immediate future, but I have been speaking at different youth groups and schools throughout District 500.
Kyle – Wichita: Darrell, great seeing you perform on and off the field as a Jayhawk! What have your typical days been like the past month preparing for the NFL? Have you gotten any stronger or faster?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: At this point I work out four days a week on football strength and speed. Yes, I’ve gotten stronger but at this point in life the biggest thing is maintaining that strength you’ve already gained and perfecting body control.
Janelle J.: What is your life motto?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
Kirk (Detroit, MI): Darrell–What NFL player do you think you are most similar to? Is there anyone you try to model your game after?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: No one in particular, but I do watch the great safeties in the NFL and try to combine all their strengths to be a more balanced safety myself.
Leslie A. (Lawrence): Darrell–good luck with everything, we will always be cheering for you here in Lawrence! What are three games that will stand out most to you from your years at KU?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: 2008 Missouri at Arrowhead, 2007 Orange Bowl and 2007 Texas A&M
Mike (Wichita, KS): What type of music do you like to listen to–do you have a favorite artist that you listen to before games?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: Lot of mellow music. Tye Tribbet, Smokie Norful, Lyfe Jennings and many others.
Kelly Ann: Do you have any superstitions?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: No, not really. No need to be superstitious when you got faith.
Jamie M. (North KC): What is your advice to young players who want to play college and pro?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: I never put all my eggs in one basket. But football was my basket and I filled it with different eggs. If playing football is a dream you have, then chase it and don’t be afraid to want it more than the next person. You can’t always expect your coaches to get you recruited, you have to go to one-day camps to show what you really can do.
Jacey: Would you say you are a better singer or dancer?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: Definitely a better dancer.
Clint (Topeka): What things did you try to improve upon most heading into training camps and the draft? What aspect of your game did you feel was strongest?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: I tried to improve my mobility and footwork. I felt like mobility was one of my strongest ones but you can never be fluent enough in the NFL.
Deonte L. (Mission, KS): Darrell–thanks for bein a Jayhawk and good luck in the NFL. What surprised you most about the training camp process?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: How much they already knew about you. They’d ask you a question just to see if you’d tell the truth.
Scott M. (Chicago): I remember my times at KU were some of the best of my life, such good memories. What do you think you’ll miss the most about Lawrence?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: The atmosphere. The people. And the campus. It was a great place to be.
Jessica: What thing about playing in the NFL excites you the most, what do you look forward to?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: The atmosphere. Having an opportunity to be a part of an organization where the elite are playing against the elite.
Mason: Darrell: It’s been great watching you develop, I’m proud you are a Jayhawk for life. Best wishes in the NFL. Do you hope to be able to make an impact at the next level right away?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: Yes, I look forward to an immediate credit to the organization I’m a part of whether it is on special teams or on defense.
Kelsi (Lawrence): Where is your favorite place to eat or hang out in Lawrence?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: I like to eat at Longhorn, Pita Pit, Johnny’s and Subway. But my favorite place to hang out is home.
James (Omaha): When you’re not playing football, what are your hobbies or things you like to do?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: Drawing, painting and poetry. And when I’m not doing that, I’m usually watching a movie.
Linda (Overland Park, KS): Darrell–best of luck in the NFL! Will you be graduating and walking down the hill next month?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: I graduated in May of ’09 and walked then. I took a second major to finish my last season. Grad school was an option, but it conflicted with our football schedule.
Kevin (Fargo): If you could choose your team, for whom would you most like to play?
chat-d-stuckey-75.jpg spacer.gif Darrell Stuckey: I really don’t have a favorite team that I’d like to play for, but I would like to play for a team with a great defense that has a great learning environment.
ku-chat-icon-75x75.gif spacer.gif Moderator: Thanks to everyone who joined us and thanks (and good luck!) to Darrell!
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