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Marion Jones

Marion Jones Chat Transcript

Lawrence, Kan. — Kansas Relays GOLD ZONE competitor Marion Jones participated in a live web chat on Thursday, April 20, at 3 p.m. at Check out what she had to say below.

Jones, who will compete in the 4×200 meter relay at 4:55 p.m. on Saturday, is a three-time Olympic champion and a five time Olympic medalist.

Tim Weaver: Marion, thanks for joining us today. I can speak for the entire Kansas Relays family when I say that we are so excited to have you with us for the 78th running of the meet and the first GOLD ZONE. You’ve certainly brought a lot of additional attention to the event and I know you’ll be one of the reasons we draw a big crowd.
Marion Jones: Thanks Tim. This should be a fun way to visit with some of your fans – let them know a little bit about who they’ll be seeing on the track on Saturday.
Tim Weaver: Sounds great. Let’s take a look at the first question.
TigerBBR: I’m pumped about you coming to Kansas. Have you ever been here before?
Marion Jones: No – never been to the Kansas Relays or to the state before, but I’m really happy to be coming to Kansas. I’m especially looking forward to the all the competition that I’ve heard so much about lately.
Markmpm: Now that you’ve had time away from the track, how to you feel about the Athens Olympics?
Marion Jones: It’s pretty basic. I’m very disappointed that I did not perform up to my potential.
Jhawk07: What did you think about the Tarheels in the big dance this year? Do you still follow college hoops? We don’t like Roy much around here.
Marion Jones: As you know, I am an alum and a big fan. So this is great for the school and the state of North Carolina. It’s a basketball crazy place.
Red: What sort of music do you listen to? Who is your fav band?
Marion Jones: I love most all music, but right now one of my favorite performers is Beyonce.
Me: How has your training been going? What’s your goal for the Kansas Relays? What time can u run?
Marion Jones: My training has been going really well. My goal at the Kansas Relays is to go out there and perform the way I know I can. So long as I do that, I know I can give the crowd a great show.
SunnieDai: You have been my hero since I was in jr high. Did you have sports heroes?
Marion Jones: Thank you. It’s important to have those role models, especially when you are in those school years. My heroes were Jackie Joyner Kersey and Wilma Rudolph. They are amazing ladies.
Paul: I live here. What do you plan to do in Lawrence besides run your race?
Marion Jones: Unfortunately, I won’t have much free time because of my practice schedule. However, if I do have the opportunity I will probably spend time just touring the area and maybe get in a little bit of shopping.
Carie: I’m sorry you didn’t win the Olympics this time. Now that you’re a mom does that change how to look at things?
Marion Jones: Yes, it was disappointing that I did not perform as I had hoped. My outlook has definitely changed since I’ve become a mother; track is no longer my entire life. I have a beautiful son and wonderful family who are now the most important thing for me.
Paul10: You’ve already set the world record in the 800m relay. Do you think you can beat it again at KU with this team?
Marion Jones: It’s possible with my teammates. They are flat out fast!
SlikRick: Do you have a big house like on Cribs? What kind of cars do you have?
Marion Jones: That’s an interesting question. I do have a nice house and several very nice cars too.
DoratheExplora: I think it’s wild that you get to fly all over the world. What’s your favorite place to go?
Marion Jones: A few of my favorite places are Monte Carlo and the Hawaiian Islands. There are many spots I’ve traveled to that are quite special to me. I really like anyplace that has beautiful water and lots of beaches.
SprinttStarr: What’s your average day like? Do you workout 40 hours a week like a real job?
Marion Jones: No, not quite 40 hours a week. My practice schedule day usually begins at 8:00 am and lasts until 2:00 pm Monday through Saturday. At least I have Sundays off.
KCCHS: My mom is friends with Muna Lee’s mom. Do you know Muna? Who are your track friends?
Marion Jones: Yes, I do know Muna. She and I were both on the Olympic Team for Athens and are both clients of the same management firm – that’s Vector Sports Management. I have many friends around the track world over the years – too many to list here. There are some great people in this sport.
CoachT: What’s your schedule going to look like in 2005? Will you run the Golden League meets?
Marion Jones: Yes, I will be running in the Golden League meets and also plan to be at the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland in August.
123JUMP: Hi Ms. Jones. What is it that you want to get done in 2005? Will you focus on the sprints only, or will you jump too?
Marion Jones: I will focus on sprints, and on getting back to my number 1 ranking. That’s the goal for this year.
JASon: What do you want to do after you retire? Do you want another job?
Marion Jones: I was a communications major at the University of North Carolina, so broadcasting is my interest and love. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to get into broadcasting after my retirement as a professional athlete.
Alice: I think it’s wonderful that you’ve included the Kansas Relays in your competitions. What caused you to include the KU meet in your busy schedule?
Marion Jones: The Kansas Relays are such a great event that I wanted to include them as part of my 2005 schedule. Everybody wants to be in the “big meets” and this year that means Kansas. The list of athletes who will be there is impressive.
T’REEL: I’m going to be running at KU too. Do you like to run in meets where there are high school kids?
Marion Jones: Yes, it’s fun to have the opportunity to watch the up and coming track athletes. I like to go where there is action and excitement and energy. Those are the things that make a meet like KU fun.
ISUCLONE: What is your favorite event? 100m or 200m? Relays or the long jump?
Marion Jones: I really like all the events- both track and field. However, I will be focusing on the 100m and 200m this season. That fits in with my goals for 2005.
Kity: How old were you when you started running track?
Marion Jones: I was very young, maybe about 8 when I became more serious about running. It was a big part of my youth.
Moderator: That will be the final question for Marion Jones. Thank you to everyone who participated in this chat.