KU To Appeal NCAA Staff's Denial Of McCay Waiver Request

042012aaa_84_6167586.jpegApril 20, 2012

LAWRENCE, Kan. – The University of Kansas will appeal sophomore wide receiver Justin McCay’s eligibility waiver request directly to the NCAA Subcommittee for Legislative Relief after the NCAA staff Friday denied KU’s original waiver request.

KU, because of McCay’s extenuating personal circumstances, had requested a waiver of the NCAA’s rule that requires transfers to sit out a year of competition. The NCAA staff informed KU Friday that it could not approve KU’s request for a waiver based on the guidelines the staff is required to follow.

The NCAA staff, however, recommended that KU appeal the decision to the Subcommittee for Legislative Relief, which is comprised of representatives from conferences and universities from around the country. The Subcommittee is the only group with the authority to deviate from the waiver guidelines that the NCAA staff is required to follow when approving waiver requests.

“We are disappointed in the NCAA staff’s decision,” said head coach Charlie Weis. “But we will take its advice and will appeal to the Subcommittee. We certainly hope that the members of the Subcommittee, who work day-to-day on campuses and in conference offices, will see Justin’s situation for what it is and make a decision that is in his best interest.

“I’ve spoken to Justin and he understands the initial ruling by the NCAA and is encouraged that they recommended that we appeal his case to the Subcommittee. He will make a statement after the ruling by the Subcommittee.”

KU will make its appeal by next Tuesday, April 24. The Subcommittee will make its decision by 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 1.