Downtown Long Jump, Distance Carnival Highlights Day Two of 84th Kansas Relays

April 21, 2011


The second day of the 84th Kansas Relays is officially in the books, despite threats from Mother Nature.

Thursday’s weather held up just long enough for the 84th Kansas Relays’ second street event of the meet to be contested. For the second night in a row, hundreds of fans came to downtown Lawrence, this time to see the Invitational men’s long jump.

While the crowd pulled heavily for former Kansas jumper Eric Babb, Babb received a second-place finish and Nebraska senior Nick Gordon claimed the title despite the fact that both recorded jumps of 25-2.50 (7.68 meters). Gordon was named the winner based on the next furthest jump, which was 25-00 (7.62 meters), while Babb’s next longest mark was 22-11.75 (7.00 meters).

Another former Jayhawk, Eric Fattig, finished in fifth-place with a jump of 23-8.00 (7.21 meters).

Earlier in the day, the combined events wrapped up with a Nebraska sweep.

Junior Rachel Butler moved up from third place to capture the Candace Mason Heptathlon title with a total of 4,948 points. Starting the day in the long jump, Butler jump of 18-6 (5.64 meters) proved to be the top mark of the day. After a strong performance in the javelin, Butler was in position to make a run for the title. A time of 2:27.86 in the 800-meters was good enough, and Butler earned the Cornhusker’ first victory of the day.

In the Jim Bausch Decathlon, another ‘Husker, Teran Walford, overtook Iowa State’s Jamal Currica for the victory with a total of 6,583 points. Walford unleashed a massive toss of 102-02 (31.15 meters) in the discus to start his chase for the lead. Currica maintained his lead with a strong showing in the pole vault, but Walford continued to gain momentum with another strong throw, this time in the javelin, and finished first in the 1,500-meter run to take the win.

Currica finished second with 6,577 points and Kansas’ Nick Canton finished third with 5,771 points in his first career decathlon.

In the Bill Penny Hammer Throw, Penny, the 1969 and 1971 Kansas Relays Hammer Throw champion, sat from the sidelines and watched as his son Scott, who was competing for Kansas, posted a throw of 187-09 (57.22 meters) for a fourth-place finish. Lindenwood’s Bruno Boccalotta won the event with his final throw of 207-06 (63.25 meters).

On the women’s side, Chandra Andrews, who was competing unattached, needed just three throws to take the title.

The Distance Carnival wrapped up the day. The rain began to fall just as the first distance events got underway. But the weather didn’t put a damper on the day, as 10 new Kansas Relays champions were crowned.

The 84th Kansas Relays continue Friday with the preps taking the stage. Preliminary rounds for the sprint, hurdle and relay events will take place after the official opening ceremonies. Friday’s results will also be livestreamed on

Complete results can be seen here.

2011 Kansas Relays

April 21, 2011

Lawrence, Kan. — Memorial Stadium

Day Two Quotes

Heptathlon Winner Rachel Butler, Nebraska

On how she felt after finishing the first day:

“I don’t know if it was because it was cold, or because I was really tired — I could list a lot of different reasons. Sometimes when you don’t really feel well it’s really hard to just say, ‘You know what? I’m just going to move on to the next event, and everything is going to be fabulous.’ And then when the next thing isn’t (fabulous), it just gets harder and harder as you go. But I had a good talk with my mom last night and she kind of just said the mom thing, so I just decided Rachel Butler is going to compete today.”

On when she knew she had a chance to win:

“After long jump, because I knew I had a better day than some of the other girls did. Going into javelin, I knew it wasn’t my event, but I posted the best mark I’ve ever thrown so it came down to if I could finish the eight (800m run), everything should be in pretty good shape. The (800-meters) is probably my least favorite event and it’s definitely been a challenge learning how to run it, but I feel pretty good about it.”

Decathlon Winner Teran Walford, Nebraska

On how this meet will help prepare him for the Big 12 Championships:

“It was good practice. I learned a lot, especially in the pole vault. I almost cut myself out of the lead with that. I was a good practice and you need to get one in before the Big 12s (meet).”

On his overall performance:

“It was as good as I hoped. The pole vault was as good as I expected, and (also) then yesterday with the 100 (meters). I had a couple of good personal bests so I’m happy with that.”

On his strongest events:

“I thought they were hurdles and pole vault, then pole vault was a disappointment. I haven’t gone that low all year.”

Women’s 800 Meter Run Winner Ellen Dougherty, Nebraska

On how pleased she was with her performance:

“I am not that satisfied because I wanted to run a 2:10 but I came through my 600 three seconds slow. For kind of leading it (the race) the entire time, I was not that disappointed.”

On how she felt during her race:

“I felt really good but I wish I would have had someone out there to bring around.”

On the competitiveness of the field:

“Some of the best in the country are out here, even on my team alone there are a number of girls who push me everyday.”

Men’s Unseeded 800m Run Winner Dan Yoder, Fort Hays State

On his performance:

“I felt good and I was really pleased with my time. The weather held out really well and I was just glad to get my time in.”

On his expectations heading into the race:

“I thought I could be up in the top two or three in my heat or at least going for the top five overall.”

On his age and lay-off before competing:

“I am 25 and a grad student at Fort Hays and I help coach, so I just came down with our athletes and decided to get into a race. It has been about three or four years since I competed here (at the Kansas Relays), but I have been training quite a bit since January to get back in shape.”

Invitational Men’s Long Jump Winner Nick Gordon

On competing in downtown Lawrence:

“Yes, this is the first time I’ve done something like this in the street. It was definitely fun, I like hearing the crowd and hearing their responses. It’s definitely a different experience, as I said before it’s really fun. The crowd has the clap going and they’re cheering. Most people have probably never seen the long jump before so it’s always fun for them to come out and see the sport.”

On his expectations for the event:

“I come out here to win, I didn’t know what to expect, but I wanted to win.”

On the length of the runway:

“I had to shorten my approach a little but, but I mean it was fun. It wasn’t that much different than what I’m used to, probably 15 feet or so.”

On how he will utilize this meet:

“It’s another meet, but for me it’s all on the road to the NCAA Championships. I use it as another practice meet, as I’m sure all of the other jumpers do. We all come out here to execute and try to do what we’ve been doing at practice. So that’s what I try to take from it and move on.”

3,000 Meter Steeplechase Winner Mitchell Haun, East Central College (Mo.)

On how he felt about his race today:

“It went well. I went out strong, but the pace was a little bit faster. It was great weather. It’s not that cold really. It’s about perfect (weather) for a race. It’s a little windy but this is an amazing track; all the wind is blocked.”

On if this is his first appearance at the Kansas Relays:

“No, this is actually my second time (here). I ran in the unseeded steeple chase last year, I placed seventh I think.”

On if competing here before helped him:

“Yes, yes. It helped me get rid of the nerves and just come out ready to compete this year.”

Women’s 10,000 Meter Run Winner Sydnee Cole, Midwestern State

On how she felt the race went:
“I was a little scared at first because I was up there by myself, but I felt really good running it. It was a great time, so I was really happy with it.”

On if the weather affected her performance:
“No, this weather is great for the 10k. It was nice and cool. The rain felt really good while I was running.”