Postgame Quotes - Texas 9, Kansas 1

April 22, 2011


Postgame Quotes

Texas 9, Kansas 1

Lawrence, Kan. – April 22, 2011

Kansas head coach Ritch Price

On his thoughts after the game:

“I just told our guys that we’ve been in this situation about nine times already during the course of the season. We’re playing on Sundays to try and salvage the weekend and save our season. Texas is playing better than anyone that we’ve played so far this year, and that includes Arizona State when they were (ranked) No. 4, Arkansas or Texas A&M when they’re playing at a really elite level. It’s going to have to start with starting pitching and we’ve got to execute defensively a lot better than we have been the last two days.”

On the game coming down to two-out RBIs:

“It’s interesting. When they had 12 hits, 10 of them were with two outs, so that’s how they’re putting all of their runs together. We have to finish hitters and I think that’s a compliment to the hitters. Every time we left a ball up, they were on time. They’ve done a really good job of taking the fastball away from both of our starters, and that’s what it comes down to.”

On starting pitcher T.J. Walz:

“That’s the first time he’s been hit that hard since the opening game at TCU. That’s only the second bad start he’s had all year. His velocity wasn’t as good as it normally is and – to their credit – they worked the counts in their favor. They were on time with his fastball.”

On how to improve offensively:

“We’ve just got to do a better job of taking one pitch away. We’re letting them dominate us with the fastball. We’ve got no chance when we’re seeing a breaking ball and it’s been back-to-back days like that. I mean, we’ve had some horrendous at-bats. At the same time, I’ve got to compliment those two arms. Those two guys are really special guys that walked out there. We haven’t been made to look that bad very often this season. “

Senior shortstop Brandon Macias

On Texas’ starting pitching:

“All of their pitchers are tough. They throw a lot of stuff away and they don’t leave too many pitches over the plate. It was just tough. They paint the corners pretty well, but they’re hittable. We’ve got to come out tomorrow and bang it around a little bit.”

On missing opportunities with two outs and runners on:

“That’s what’s big. With runners in scoring position, we’re not getting hits right now. You’ve got to get hits when runners are there.”

What it will take to get those hits tomorrow:

“We just need to relax. We can do it, we’ve done it before. It’s not like we’ve never won before, we just haven’t done it in the last two games.”