Kansas Rowing to Face No. 20 Minnesota in Duel

April 23, 2009

LAWRENCE, Kan.–Kansas rowing heads north on Saturday, April 25 to face Minnesota at Lake Phalen in St. Paul, Minn., at 10 a.m., in the team’s final tune-up before the first ever Big 12 Conference Championship. In the case of bad weather, a plan is in place for the regatta to begin at 8 a.m. instead of 10 a.m.

Last year Minnesota swept Kansas at the same location as the then 16th ranked team in the country. That Minnesota team finished fourth out of six participants in the 2008 Big 10 Championships. This year’s Minnesota team is currently ranked 20th.

Kansas will continue the 2009 spring season on Saturday, May 2 at Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas City, Kan., as the Jayhawks host the first ever Big 12 Rowing Championship. A time has not been set for the regatta which will include Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Kansas’ boatings are listed below.


10 a.m. Varsity Four

5 Varsity Four (E)

Karlie Brown (coxswain)

Kristen Allison

Cissy Orzulak

Melissa Hersh

Jessica Sadler

6 Varsity Four (F)

Erika Raschke (coxswain)

Monica Reynolds

Caitlin Roach

Kelsey Simpson

Kellie Roy

10:15 a.m. Varsity Four

4 Varsity Four (D)

Sarah Best (coxswain)

Kaitlin Squier

Brittany Francis

Kelly Miller

Megan Foster

10:30 a.m. Second Novice Eight

Samantha Overfield (coxswain)

Kelsie Cross

Charlotte Adams

Katie Bremer

Kara Ritchey

Molly Boehner

Erin Gomer

Caitlin Perry

Jackie Burton

10:45 a.m. First Novice Eight

Lindsey Bricklemyer (coxswain)

Elizabeth Dedon

Stephanie Goetz

Cassy Cobble

Paige Stephens

Angela Mings

Laura Bohling

Morgan Coleman

Kathryn Schoonover

11:00 a.m. Varsity Four

2 Varsity Four (B)

Karlie Brown (coxswain)

Amber Bortz

Julia Guard

Brooke Castrop

Lauren Pollmiller

3 Varsity Four (C)

Sarah Best (coxswain)

Kailtin Squier

Brittany Belford

Kelly Miller

Allison Able

11:15 a.m. Varsity Four (A)

Elise Langtry (coxswain)

Abbi Huderle

Kristin Deckert

Kahheetah Barnoskie

Abby Green

11:30 a.m. Second Varsity Eight

Lexie Peterson (coxswain)

Katie Beall

Jenny Robb

Erin Sargent

Kate Wiens

Cassie Sparks

Nicole Schneider

Megan Heacock

Brianna Flickinger

11:45 a.m. First Varsity Eight

Katie Brosious (coxswain)

Lindsey Lawrence

Valerie Jackson

Meaghan Oven

Becca Labat

Emily Martin

Carrie Selden

Stacy Rachow

Melanie Luthi