Postgame Quotes

April 23, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 10, Texas Tech 2

April 23, 2010 – Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas Head Coach Ritch Price

On the six-run first inning:

“I think we only hit two balls out of the infield and we scored six runs. We took advantage of two or three of the infield hits and obviously the pitcher’s (Brett Bruening) wildness. There’s nothing like pitching with a lead like that, that’s almost every pitcher’s dream. You can just attack the strike zone and let your defense play.”

On the No. 6-9 hitters in the lineup:

“I was actually really pleased with them; it’s no secret that those guys have been struggling. We got seven hits from them today and that’s the key to the number of runs we scored. Last Friday, we didn’t get a hit from those spots. Those guys have got to start producing and they’ve got to start producing with runners in scoring position. The only thing I was disappointed in was we had runners at third with less than two outs three times and we got punched out. Somebody’s got to put the ball in play in those situations so you can continue to score.”

On the pitching staff’s progress:

“Coach (Ryan) Graves has done a really nice job with our guys. The thing we’re doing really well is throwing a first pitch strike and then we are able to mix the pitches up after that. We’ve done a really nice job pitching to contact. When you play against metal bats, you can’t set the table and that’s what happened to them tonight. They set the table for those big innings we put up.”

Junior Outfielder Casey Lytle

On the ten runs scored:

“When their starting pitcher (Brett Bruening) came out, it was kind of hard for him to throw strikes. You start sitting on one pitch and wait for a strike, and then your offense starts to get the mindset that you’re going to get fastballs and you’re going to be able to drive them.”

On hitting sixth in the lineup:

“It’s been fine. I actually got to lead off two times in the game. It’s not a big deal; I just enjoy being in the lineup whether I’m hitting sixth, first or ninth.”

On if the team can duplicate this type of offensive performance:

“It’s kind of hard to expect to put up runs like this when you’re facing Big 12 pitching. You always have guys who are throwing 90-94. When you put up runs like that though, it gets us rolling and ready for the rest of the weekend.”