Postgame Quotes

April 26, 2009

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 8-9, Nebraska 2-4

April 26, 2009 – Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas Head Coach Ritch Price:

On the importance of bouncing back after Friday night’s loss:

“It was crucial. When you have that bad of a performance on Friday night you have to show some toughness and rebound. You have to play well and get that taste out of your dugout or else it can multiply into two or three losses for the weekend. I was proud of the effort of our guys today.”

On the play of right fielder Brian Heere:

“He was unbelievable today. That was as fine of a performance as we have had from somebody since I have been here. I just marvel at his stats and at watching him play. I thought that he had a chance to be a really good player but I had no idea he could play at the level he is playing at. It has been fun to watch.”

On the play of freshman James Stanfield:

“It was big time for that kid to get that clutch hit with two outs to put us ahead. It was a tremendous at-bat for a freshman. He is a scrappy little guy and he plays hard. He is not the most physically gifted guy in America but he has some swagger and he does the things he does with confidence.”

On the team chemistry at this point in the season:

“The guys are having fun in that dugout. The energy and team chemistry in our dugout are as good as it has been since I have been here. The guys like each other and they are playing for each other. I think that some of those rallies are a result of that energy.”