Postgame Quotes

April 30, 2010


Postgame Quotes

Kansas 17, Oklahoma State 3

Stillwater, Okla. – April 30, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Ritch Price:

On T.J. Walz’ performance:

“One of the things we talked about after getting boat-raced in the previous two games (against Texas Tech and Wichita State), when you hand the ball to your best guy he has to go up there and stop the bleeding. T.J. Walz was absolutely magnificent.”

On what Walz did differently tonight:

“One of the things I complimented him on in the postgame talk was how well he used his changeup. A couple weeks ago when we went to Baylor, and they had the seven left-handed hitters in the lineup, he got knocked around pretty good. His changeup allows him to neutralize left-handed hitters the way his curveball does to righties. That made his fastball better and his curveball better. Tonight he took a huge step in his development.”

On how the entire lineup swung the bat:

“One of the things you try to teach to your players is that your impact players have to carry your lineup, and for us that’s our three left-handed hitters (Robby Price, Brian Heere and Jimmy Waters) and (Tony) Thompson. This thing was going to get turned around with them. They need to take the pressure off the back end of our lineup. Then you saw James Stanfield with an RBI hit, you saw (Brett) Lisher with a couple of hits and (Jake) Marasco with a couple of knocks. We were solid No. 1 through No. 9 in the batting order tonight, and that’s why we were able to put up so many runs.”