May 2, 2011

Effective 4/11


The Student Athlete Advisory Committee’s (SAAC) mission is to encourage unity, common purpose, and camaraderie among teams and all student-athletes; to promote positive student-athlete images on and off campus; to provide an accessible way to be involved with the athletic and university communities; to give back to the community through outreach programs; to give all student-athletes the opportunity to enhance leadership skills, and to enhance the quality of life of student-athletes.

I. Policies

1. The activities of SAAC should enhance and promote the interests of the University of Kansas and Kansas Athletics.

2. SAAC, as an advisory committee, may recommend policy to the Athletics’ administration when appropriate but may not seek to direct it.

3. SAAC may cooperate with other community or educational organizations, provided that SAAC representatives make no commitments binding SAAC, the University of Kansas, or Kansas Athletics.

4. SAAC shall work closely with the Big 12 SAAC and shall adhere to Big 12 and National SAAC rules and policies. The Big 12 SAAC’s primary purpose is to provide a perspective on issues that impact student-athlete welfare within the Conference and the NCAA. The Big 12 SAAC reports directly to the Big 12 Conference Joint Council. Is

5. SAAC shall be under the guidance of, and report to, the Director of Student-Athlete Development.

II. Membership

1. Membership in SAAC is open to all student-athletes in good standing at Kansas Athletics. For the purposes of this policy, members of the University cheer and dance squads qualify for membership in SAAC.

2. In order to be considered to be in “good standing” a student-athlete must be eligible to participate on an intercollegiate sports team and must be on the team’s roster. Fifth-year student- athletes, redshirt student-athletes and medical hardship disqualifiers are eligible for SAAC membership if they would meet team requirements but for the eligibility status. Student-athletes who are suspended, who apply to transfer to another institution, or who in any manner are not able to participate in the team’s activities are not considered to be in “good standing” and are therefore not eligible for SAAC membership.

III. Duties of Members

1. SAAC members are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in activities as endorsed and supported by SAAC. Meetings occur on alternate weeks throughout the academic year.

2. Members are encouraged to convey information to their teammates as needed or requested by SAAC.

3. SAAC members are encouraged to seek internal and external activities in order to create camaraderie and cohesion among teams and to create a positive image within the community. Examples of such activities can include the following: community food drives; community service activities; participation in Jay Rock; Jayhawks Supporting Jayhawks; and personal development opportunities.

4. Members are encouraged to promote a positive student-athlete image on the University of Kansas campus.

IV. Executive Board

1. Each athletics team shall be permitted at least one, with a maximum of three, representatives to the Executive Board. Representation numbers depend on the team’s roster size. For example, teams with less than twenty members (20) on their rosters will be eligible for one representative. Teams with 21-40 on their rosters shall have two representatives. Teams with 41 or more members shall be eligible for three representatives. Cross country (men’s and women’s) shall count as one team. Indoor and outdoor track and field (men’s and women’s) shall count as one team.

2. The selection process for the Executive Board shall consist of an interview with the current Executive Board Members and the Director of Student-Athlete Development. They shall make the selection for board membership in consultation with the Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator. Additional selection criteria may be determined at the discretion of the Director of Student-Athlete Development. Executive Board members must be members in good standing of SAAC; however, fifth-year student athletes and medical hardship disqualifiers are not eligible for Executive Board membership.

3. Executive Board members must uphold and follow all team rules and requirements and follow all rules and guidelines set forth in the Kansas Athletics Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. Failure to follow these requirements may result in removal from the Executive Board. The Director of Student-Athlete Development, in consultation with the Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator and the Sport Supervisor for the student-athlete’s sport, shall determine if removal from the SAAC Executive Board is an appropriate sanction. Their decision to remove Executive Board membership is final and not appealable.

4. The SAAC Representative to the Student Senate, selected by the Executive Board, shall be a fifth-year student-athlete or a medical hardship qualifier. The Representative shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Board, and is expected to attend Executive Board meetings but shall not be permitted to vote on Board matters.

5. The Executive Board shall meet during weeks that the SAAC general meetings are not held.

6. The Executive Board, in conjunction with the Director of Student-Athlete Development, shall have the following responsibilities: select two representatives to the Big 12 SAAC; select three representatives to the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics; select a representative to the Student Senate, propose legislation to the Big 12 SAAC; annually review and comment on proposed legislation prior to the NCAA national convention; participate in Big 12 SAAC conference calls and webinars; make recommendations for events and programs for SAAC participation; decide the format, hospitality, and activities of general SAAC meetings, and other actions and activities as requested by Athletics leadership or SAAC members.

7. When votes are required, the vote must take place at a regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting. A quorum must be present in order for a vote to be conducted. A quorum is defined as one-half of the current Executive Board members. Each Executive Board member has an equal vote. Voting is determined by a simple majority of those Executive Board members present at the meeting. In the case of a tie, the Director of Student-Athlete Development will cast the deciding vote. There are no officers. Meetings are run by the Director of Student-Athlete Development and the members of the SAAC Executive Board.