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Player Chat: Todd Reesing

Todd Reesing will join us in a live chat on Tuesday, May 11th at 10 am CT. We’ll take questions from fans and talk to Todd about KU football and his plans for the future.

You can submit questions in advance for Todd to answer on the day of the chat by using the form below.

ku-chat-icon-75x75.gif spacer.gif Moderator: Hey Jayhawks–we’re running a few (well…30) minutes behind. Start time is now 10:30. Sorry for the delay!
Trinidad, CO: Todd, first of all, thank you for giving us four amazing years at KU. My question is… Do you think Kale Pick is the best choice (at this point) to start for KU this fall?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: I think Kale has all the talent he needs to be the starting QB, but whether or not he wins the job will be up to his performance and the coaches decision in the end.
Jason M (Austin): Todd–What are your plans after graduation? Will you be heading home to TX?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: No, as of right now I’m going to continue playing Football. The final destination is unknown at this point, but I should know more in the next week or so. But I’m definitely planning on ending up in Austin down the road.
Makenzie (Dallas, TX): Todd–what is your favorite memory from a game in a KU uniform? Rock Chalk and best of luck!
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: It’s tough not to pick the Missouri game in ’08 with the way it finished with the snow and the pass to Kerry. But the Orange Bowl will always be the best memory of a game as a whole.

Mitch H.: Hey Todd,

Heard you were writing a book. Can you tell us what it’s about and when we can buy it? RCJ.

reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: It is true and the book just details my thoughts and perspective on the last four years at KU as well as some background from growing up and being in high school back in Austin. The book is planned to be released in August throughout the region–it should be available online and in stores.
Felicia: Todd–thanks for answering questions! And thanks for four great years of memories. What is the thing you will miss most about being in Lawrence?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: I’m going to miss all the friends I’ve made over the last four years and just the experience of being in college and getting to play college football.
Casey G: When you were playing, did you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions, something you did before every game?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: There wasn’t any specific superstitions, but I was very much a creature of habit. Starting on Thursday night, everything I did was the same–the places I ate were the same. In that way, that was kind of my superstition, to keep my routine the same, even down to the music I listened to.
Kyle (St. Louis, MO): Todd: We’re going to miss seeing you out on the field on Saturdays. Best of luck in all you do in the future–hope to see you back in Lawrence again. Who do you feel has been the most influential in terms of developing your game?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: It’s really tough to pick one person because so many people have helped me out so much along the way. But if I had to narrow it down to two people, it would be my high school football coach, Jeff Dicus, and Ed Warinner.
Stephenie: What kind of music do you like to listen to?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: Mostly techno and house and trance music.

Miles (Omaha): Todd,

What are your favorite pro teams and are there any players you looked up to that you inspired the way you play?

reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: I grew up watching the Cowboys being from Texas, so the guys I always looked up to were guys like Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, Flutie and Major Applewhite.
Theo: Todd, What are your favorite places to eat in Lawrence
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: Johnny’s, Quinton’s, 23rd Street
Hailey: Hey Todd: Do you watch Friday Night Lights? If not–what are your favorite tv shows?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: No, I do not watch that show. The shows I like the most are Dexter, The Tudors, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Brent: Whats the toughest place to play in the Big 12?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: Nebraska. Because the stadium is so close and on top of you, it just amplifies the noise. And they never sit down.
Trent (NYC): Hey Todd–congrats on a great career and enjoy your graduation this weekend. Much success to you in the future. Can you share a memory from the most fun you’ve had playing in a game?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: The most fun would probably be when we were playing Nebraska in 07. We had scored like 10 touchdowns in a row, so it got to be kind of like practice where we were all laughing and goofing on the sidelines because there was nothing they could do to stop us.
Dexter (Chicago): Seems like the CFL (Canadian League) would be a great fit for your style of game. John Cornish had some success there–is that something that you’ve considered?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: Yeah, it’s definitely something that I’m considering. I’ve been talking to the team that has my rights in Canada, which is Saskatchewan. There’s a large possibility that I may end up there.
Jill: Will you come back to Lawrence for any games next season? Rock Chalk!
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: I would definitely love to come and watch my first game in Memorial Stadium not on the sidelines, if at all possible. It really just depends on whether I’m playing and if I’m available.
Trace: Are there other sports you like to play aside from football?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: I love playing tennis and golf in the summer as well as some pick-up basketball or frisbee.
Owen G. (Madison, WI): What is the significance of wearing jersey #5?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: It’s the jersey they gave to me when I first came here as a freshman. But I grew to love it.

Mason D. (Lawrence): Todd,

When you look back on your career at KU, what is the most important lesson that you’re taking with you after graduation?

reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: If I learned anything from playing football for four years in college and keeping my academics up, I guess the lesson would be that the hard work you put into something ultimately results in what you’re going to get out of it.
Devon (Houston): Thanks for the memories, Todd! Do you have any regrets about coming to KU over staying at a Texas school? We’re so happy you are a Jayhawk!
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: Absolutely not. I loved every second I spent at KU and I couldn’t imagine playing football and going to college anywhere else.
Cory (KC): If the NFL and CFL never work out, would you be interested in other leagues, like Arena football or the UFL?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: I would definitely look into different leagues to play in because as long as I have the desire to play football, I’m going to try to find a way to play that’s realistic.
Leslie (Ames, IA): Todd: So much drama surrounded your senior season, but fans will always remember all the awesome things you did for Kansas Football. Have you ever considered going into coaching? What are your aspirations for your career?
reesing-chat-75x75.jpg spacer.gif Todd Reesing: At this point in time going into coaching is something I really haven’t put a lot of thought into and as of right now, something I wouldn’t pursue. But things can always change over time. As far as my career, I’m going to try to play football for as long as I can and then possibly go to grad school and start a career doing something in business.
ku-chat-icon-75x75.gif spacer.gif Moderator: Thanks to everyone who joined us today and thanks to Todd for taking time to answer questions. We’ll post info on his book over the summer, so check back for updates! Rock Chalk!
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