First Novice Eight Takes Second as Jayhawk Rowing Concludes Spring Season

May 14, 2006

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. The Kansas rowing team concluded its spring season Sunday as the First Novice Eight placed second in Final “B” to highlight the completion of the 2006 Aramark South/Central Region Sprints in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The Jayhawks placed 17th overall and 10th in the Central Region standings earning 98 points throughout the weekend’s events.

In the First Varsity Four Final “C”, Kansas finished third with a time of 8:01.33; Miami topped the race with a time of 7:10.02. By finishing third, the Jayhawks were rewarded 12 points.

The Second Varsity Eight Final “C” saw Kansas take sixth with a time of 7:25.05 earning them 18 points. In-state rival Kansas State took first with a time of 7:04.10.

The Jayhawks finished fourth in the First Varsity Eight Final “C” with a time of 6:59.79. Miami won the race with a time of 6:55.10. The fourth place-finish added 54 points to their overall standings.

Kansas’ boat of Lexie Peterson, Kelly Stromberg, Kahheetah Barnoskie, Anne Austin, Hailee Jones, Melissa Oliver, Megan Heacock, Abbi Huderle and Carrie Selden, notched second place in the First Novice Eight Final “B” with a time of 7:14.77 behind Notre Dame who had a time of 7:09.90. Second place earned Kansas 14 points.

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Sunday, May 14: FINALS

First Varsity Four Final “C”

1. Miami- 7:53.40

2. Clemson- 7:57.33

3. KANSAS- 8:01.33

4. Duke- 8:01.83

5. Iowa- 8:09.18

6. Cincinnati- 8:14.08

Second Varsity Eight Final “C”

1. Kansas State- 7:04.10

2. Iowa- 7:08.00

3. Miami- 7:10.02

4. Cincinnati- 7:11.12

5. North Carolina- 7:13.56

6. KANSAS- 7:25.05

First Varsity Eight Final “C”

1. Miami- 6:55.10

2. Indiana- 6:56.71

3. Kansas State- 6:57.13

4. KANSAS- 6:59.79

5. Clemson- 7:00.07

6. Texas- 7:06.30

First Novice Eight Final “B”

1. Notre Dame- 7:09.90

2. KANSAS- 7:14.77

3. Kansas State- 7:18.11

4. Central Florida- 7:20.89

5. North Carolina- 7:21.16

6. Iowa- 7:23.60