Kansas Rowing Places Seventh at Conference USA Championship

May 16, 2010

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—Kansas rowing placed seventh at the inaugural Conference USA Championship and 19th overall in the South-Central Regional on Sunday in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The Jayhawks finished second in Open Four and first in the Novice Eight C final.

“The Conference USA Championship as part of the South-Central Regional was a really good mix,” said Kansas head coach Rob Catloth. “It was good for the student athletes to be involved in it.”

The Jayhawks earned 16 points toward the league championship and 111 points toward the overall regional title. Tennessee won the Conference USA championship with 45 points and Virginia won the South-Central Regional with 451 points.

“There are some teams that are pretty strong, like Tennessee, and there are some teams that are building and trying to get better,” Catloth said. “Teams are pretty motivated to really improve over the next three years and I think by the time automatic qualifying is in play, it’s going to be a really good conference.”

Kansas senior Lindsey Lawrence was named to the 15-member All-Conference team. Tennessee led all teams with four athletes selected to the conference team. Oklahoma had three athletes selected and Kansas State and Texas each had one.

“It’s a good acknowledgment for her and it’s something the young athletes can see that the older athletes can accomplish and it gives them something to shoot for,” said Catloth of Lawrence’s selection to the All-Conference team. “We’re a sport that has so few personal acknowledgements that when one of your own is up there, it’s a really positive thing.”

The Jayhawks placed third in the First Varsity Eight D final and fifth in the Second Varsity Eight C final earning 36 for each race. Kansas was first in the Novice Eight C final and earned for four points for the win.

In the Open Four petite final Kansas was just over two seconds behind first place Michigan and the Jayhawks earned 11 points for the second place finish.

“Conference USA did a really good job,” said Caloth, “it was a pretty top notch event.”

Overall Conference USA Standings

1. Tennessee 52

2. UCF 44

3. Texas 42

4. Oklahoma 39

5. Tulsa 26

6. Alabama 25

7. Kansas 21

8. SMU 14

9. Kansas State 7

Kansas Results

Varsity Eight D Final

1. SMU 6:53.84

2. Miami 6:56.00

3. Kansas 6:59.43

4. Kansas State 7:02.11

5. Dayton 7:08.69

6. Eastern Michigan 7:18.24

Novice Eight C Final

1. Kansas 7:13.00

2. Kansas State 7:20.64

Second Varsity Eight C Final

1. Indiana 6:53.60

2. Louisville 6:54.59

3. Duke 6:59.23

4. Oklahoma 7:00.06

5. Kansas 7:00.56

6. Tulsa 7:06.40

Varsity Four C Final

1. Tulsa 7:34.20

2. Kansas 7:40.55

3. Alabama 7:44.30

4. Oklahoma 7:51.26

5. Kansas State 7:55.63

6. Indiana 8:03.92

Open Four Petite Final

1. Michigan 7:36.59

2. Kansas 7:38.72

3. Texas 7:40.48

4. Michigan State 7:43.27

5. Notre Dame 7:46.32

6. Dayton 7:57.69