Postgame Quotes

May 23, 2010


Kansas Postgame Quotes

Oklahoma 9, Kansas 6

May 23, 2010

Senior first baseman Brett Lisher

On the sweep this weekend:

“They just came up with big hits when they needed them. We had a couple of opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on, but we have the Big 12 Tournament coming up this week. This is something we have to let go of now because it’s over with. We have to come out next week and play our best game.”

On the reaction of the team:

“We’ve got to let this go. The minute it’s over, it’s over. We’ve got to get ready for something bigger and better. Next week is really big for us and we’ve got to come out and compete every pitch of every inning. I think we can do it if we flush this one and get ready for next week.”

Kansas head coach Ritch Price

On the loss:

“(Oklahoma) proved over the weekend why they are no. 14 in the country. I’m sure after sweeping us they have an opportunity to host a regional. I was proud of the way we competed. I was a little worried after last night, but I compliment the seniors in our dugout. We’ve got some tremendous individuals.”

On inexperience in the bullpen:

“I don’t know if you can play harder than we have in the last five weeks. We’ve hit the wall pitching-wise as a result of some of the injuries. We’re just too young at the back end of games and too inexperienced on Sundays at the start of games. Unfortunately, because of injuries, we’ve had to play some guys before they’re completely ready to pitch in this conference. Hopefully next year, because of the experience, they’ll take a huge jump forward.”

On the game vs. Oklahoma in the Big 12 Tournament:

“If we get down there and (Kansas pitcher T.J.) Walz pitches better than he did Friday night, we have a chance to win. He’s capable of beating anybody in the country and it’s a good match-up for us. Obviously, we’d like to play somebody else rather than play one team four consecutive games. The great thing about my guys is that they love to play. It all comes back to Walz. If Walz goes out, pitches well and gives us a chance, there is no reason we can’t beat them. I think it shows how close we are that they are ranked 14th in the country and had to scratch out two victories here that we had an opportunity to win.”