Marcus Morris Talks With Media About Experience at LeBron James Skills Camp

July 8, 2010


Mc. Morris Meets With the Media

On attending the LeBron James’ Elite Skills Camp:

“It was fun. We did a lot of drills and there were a lot good guys there. It also gave me a chance to meet a few guys who I didn’t meet the first time. It was a good experience.”

On how attending camps over the summer have affected his game:

“It has been good for my game. By traveling, I have continued to play a lot of basketball and haven’t taken a lot of days off. I have done a lot of skill development and it has really helped me to work on my conditioning. At this time I am probably at full speed. I feel like I never took any days off (since last season ended).”

On what part of his game he feels has improved the most:

“Shooting. I really feel like my perimeter game has gotten a lot better. I need to get better because I am going to be one of the go-to guys (next season). It can open things up for everybody else if I can knock down threes and perimeter shots.”

On if he feels like one of the leaders on the team:

“By talking to coach, he keeps telling me that he is looking towards me as a leader. He wants me to keep the team together. I feel like the younger guys looks up to me and look at me as a leader. By having that role, I feel like I have to step up and be more vocal, to tell the team how we need to do things.”

On how he feels about the opportunity to train against the USA Men’s Basketball National Team:

“I am very excited to go out and compete against those guys and see where (my level of play) is at. Especially playing with the elite guys, it is going to be special. I think I’m going to go out and compete well.”