Kansas Football Players Go To Boys And Girls Clubs Of Lawrence

July 10, 2009

LAWRENCE, Kan. – A number of Kansas football players spent the morning with three different Boys and Girls Clubs of Lawrence at Deerfield, Langston Hughes and Pinckney elementary schools on Friday.

The outings were part of a number of activities that Jayhawk student-athletes take part in each year.

At Pinckney, the players participated in the activities chosen by each grade level. The kindergartners and players “Freeze Danced”, while the first and second-graders chose dodge ball and the third through sixth-graders picked an obstacle course.

While most of the kindergartners had no problem dancing to the music, one shy girl was not too excited to participate. Senior linebacker Arist Wright talked her into dancing, explaining that he was shy like her when he was young as well.

The dodge ball game featured a lot of the kids sending the Jayhawks to the sidelines after hitting them with the balls.

“I was dodging balls and I got most of the guys out,” said one of the kids named Avonte.


Brad Thorson attempts to dodge a ball on Friday morning.



Justice, a second-grade girl was impressed with the football players.

“Today was fun,” she said. “It was really fun. They are really tall. When I see them, I want to be tall.”

The obstacle course featured a competition pitting the third-sixth graders against the football players. Most of the Jayhawks were in trouble right away after having to start the course by spinning around 10 times before moving to the tackling dummy, jump rope, scooter and football toss.

“You think 10 spins on a bat isn’t a big deal and you will be fine, but you come out of it and you don’t know where you are,” said junior linebacker Drew Dudley.

Perry Tong, a sixth-grader was glad to see the Jayhawks.

“It was great fun,” he said. “I was happy the guys came out. I think we all enjoyed it and we are very thankful. They were great with us.”

And while the kids enjoyed seeing the football players, the football players seemed to enjoy it as much as the kids.

“It is always a fun experience to go and hang out with the kids and have fun,” said freshman linebacker Josh Richardson. “Even if it isn’t educational and it is just goofing around, it is still fun. Seeing kids smile will make your day.”