Marcus Morris Recaps Training with USA Basketball Men's National Team

July 26, 2010


Kansas basketball junior-to-be Marcus Morris was one of 20 collegians named to the USA Men’s Select Team. Morris had the chance to train against the 2010 USA Basketball Men’s National Team during its July 19-24 training camp in Las Vegas, Nev.

Was this the best of the three camps you have attended this summer?
“This was the best experience so far because I had the chance to be around more NBA players. I had the chance to get to know them as people instead of just knowing them as players on T.V.”

You wanted Doren Williams; did you get to guard him?
“Actually I didn’t. I guarded Rudy Gay the most of the time.”

Did you have the chance to meet Doren Williams?
“Yes, he was a cool guy and I ate with him a couple times.”

What was the whole routine like?
“We got up at nine and ate breakfast. After that we worked out for a couple hours and after lunch we worked out with the NBA players. We played a lot and we learned international plays as well. We were the scout team against the NBA players. We played full court and ran every set with different plays.”

National team coach Jay Wright said you were going to be valuable because you could play outside, Is that where you played?
“Yeah, I did what a normal international forward would do. I didn’t dribble or hand the ball a lot, but I shot a lot of three pointers.”

What advice did Wright give you?
“Wright told me that I have had a good couple of years and that he is looking forward to watching me this year.”

What NBA player took you under his wing?
“Tyson Chandler. I talked to him a lot about the NBA. He explained to me what playing in the NBA was like and how long he had been playing. He told me the key to getting drafted and staying in the NBA was all about your work ethic. He also told me being a consistent shooter is another key to staying in the NBA because a lot of guys can’t keep their consistency.”

Did you go out on the town at all?
“Not really, we could have, but it was too hot out there. We all stayed at the Wind Hotel. It was my fifth time in Las Vegas, so I have seen the town before.”

Was Jacob Pullen (Kansas State guard) on your team?
“He was on my team the whole time. We have a close-bond now. A couple other K-State guys and I have been at a lot of camps together, we have had the chance to hang out a lot and we have become friends over the summer.”

How good is Rudy Gay?
“He is a really good. He was one of the better players I saw at the camp. He is really young too, he is only 23. I didn’t know that. He is one of the next best things.”

How good is this USA National Team?
“The closer they become as a team, the better they will become. They have a really good chance of winning the gold. Their work ethic is really impressive. I don’t think they do anything different than college guys do, but they are a lot stronger.”

Did that affect your confidence at all?
“It was good being around these guys because it showed me if I work hard like they do every day, than I can become stronger and better like they are.”

Does this make you want to go the NBA more after next season?
“No it doesn’t at all. I don’t think anything needs to be rushed.”

How tired are you?
“I am not really tired, I feel good. We didn’t do any hardcore workouts; we played a lot of basketball and had fun. My summer has been busy, but I would rather have it be like this than any other way. There is no way I am going to be burned out.”

How would you rate this whole experience?
“This whole experience was a 10. I had fun doing everything. I had the chance to meet new people and new players. It is going to be fun being able to call these NBA players this season and talk to them about different games.”