Diamond Dixon Blogs from London

July 28, 2012

As the first KU track & field female to represent Team USA in the Olympics, junior-to-be Diamond Dixon is documenting her historic journey to London, writing a daily blog on experiences from for her three-week trip. Impressions of the culture, training with international superstars, and updates from her competitions are just some of what will be included in her entries. Stay connected to KUAthletics.com for blog updates as well as results from her performances.

Diamond is a member of the 4×400-meter relay team which will begin competition Friday, August 10 with the event semifinals. The races are set to begin at 1:10 p.m. (CT).

072612aaa_643_7938766.jpegSATURDAY, JULY 28 – THE OPENING CEREMONY

My day leading up to the open ceremonies was pretty simple. I trained early in the day and then just relaxed and rested my feet for the awesomeness ahead that night.

Putting on the opening ceremonies outfit was something very special. I knew then that I was wearing an outfit that many people can only dream to wear if they got to walk in the Olympic open ceremonies. Once I was all dolled up I traveled to the spot where the entire Team USA was eating. Everybody was so excited and all of the ladies looked gorgeous. We all had our laughs and took plenty of pictures.

The walk to the stadium was absolutely awesome, that is until my feet started to hurt. It was a pretty long walk, but I stuck it through. I got some help taking my mind off of some of the discomfort by signing autographs and talking with the other track athletes as well as some of the other U.S. Olympians. Once we arrived inside the stadium I was absolutely breath taken. I was pretty excited about running up to every camera to try and get my two seconds of fame. I think I did a good job because my family says they saw me on TV and that made me really happy.


Being able to see the beauty of the Olympic Stadium all lit up and seeing all the smiling and teary-eyed faces just helped everything settle in just a bit more. As tears of joy came to my eyes I was just overwhelmed with happiness. To know that this moment and place is why I have worked so hard and gone through the things I have gone through with track and in my personal life. I can honestly say that was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and I will surely not forget it. I’m ready go and win the gold now and just maybe pick up the next-most happiest moment of my life. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!!


Dixon and BoltAs I was on my way to the airport I had many blessings from my family, which was definitely a moment to remember for the rest of my life. It finally sunk in that what I’m doing is such a great accomplishment and that my family is so proud of and excited for me. I can give most of the thanks to my Grammie because when my aunt, Sherry, was praying for me and my journey throughout the Olympics my Grammie cried with tears of joy and happiness and I had never heard her cry before. That’s when it all set in.

On the flight to London I luckily got a business class seat and had a pretty smooth and very comfortable ride all the way to London. As I arrived it was pretty funny because I was the only American Olympian in the line going through customs with a bunch of South African athletes. As we left the airport I was getting used to the fact that they drive on the left-hand side (of the road). It was pretty different but interesting to me.

Arriving at the Olympic Village for the first time was absolutely amazing because the way it’s constructed and set up is beautiful, especially since my two favorite colors are everywhere. Purple and hot pink!

I left the Village to go to the Birmingham training camp. When I got there the hotel looked amazing, the staff was so helpful and the security definitely made sure Team USA was safe. After I enjoyed some downtime at the hotel, I went to see the new Batman movie and I ended up running into Usain Bolt! I got to snap a picture with him. He was really nice and goofy.

I did do a little bit of shopping at the mall that they had there and that was fun, too. As far as training goes, it went very well and the coaches told me that I looked good. So far this trip has been a great one and I’m really looking forward to the rest of my days here.