Updated 06/12


Kansas Athletics has established a Post-Eligible Degree Completion Athletic Aid programto assist former scholarship student-athletes who have not completed the credits necessary toearn a degree (within a five year period), and have exhausted eligibility in their sport.

This program provides financial assistance for tuition, fees and books only. No scholarshipsfor room or board will be granted. Therefore, student-athletes are strongly encouraged toseek assistance from the NCAA through its Degree-Completion Award Program before beingconsidered for Kansas Athletics Degree Completion Program.

As with all athletic aid, this scholarship program is governed by NCAA rules. Those rules,Kansas Athletics policy, and budgetary limitations impact which student-athletes are eligibleto receive Degree Completion Athletic Aid.

Eligibility for Degree Completion Athletic Aid

1. Applicant must be a KU student-athlete who has completed his or her athleticeligibility.
2. If the student-athlete has signed a professional contract, he or she must first seektuition assistance from that professional team.
3. Applicant must have received a KU athletic scholarship during his/her last year ofathletics participation.
4. Applicants must be within 30 credits of completion of an undergraduate degree.Requests for additional credits over 30 will require additional explanation from thestudent-athlete.
5. Applicant must have made normal progress toward a degree while an eligible student-athlete.
6. Degree Completion Athletic Aid will not finance educational costs beyond thenumber of credits needed to complete the first degree.
7. Applicant must pay any existing charges on his/her student account before receivingAid.
8. If more than 1 semester of Degree Completion Athletic Aid is requested, the student-athlete must make satisfactory academic progress each semester to continue toreceive aid.
9. Applications from student-athletes who cannot meet some of the above eligibilityrequirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Full explanations for anyeligibility requirements not met must be included with the application.



Degree Completion Athletic Aid applications for the upcoming academic are available fromStudent Athlete Support Services.

A completed application must include:
1. The applicant’s name, sport, student ID number, and contact information
2. An academic worksheet completed and signed by an advisor from the applicant’smajor department, stating that the courses listed will complete the applicant’sdegree requirements.
3. A statement from the applicant as to why he/she was unable to complete a degreeduring his/her years of eligibility.
4. A statement of explanation if more than 30 credits are requested.

Once completed, applications should be turned in to the Student Athlete Support ServicesOffice, which will note the application date and review them for completion.

Award Decisions

The Degree Completion Committee (as appointed by the Director of Athletics) will meetto review all applications received and make award recommendations to the Directorof Athletics. All portions of the application, the applicant’s academic history at KU andbudgetary limitations will be considered. Once a decision has been reached on eachapplication, the Associate AD for Student Athlete Support Services will notify eachapplicant.

Award Disbursement

Degree Completion Athletic Aid awards will be disbursed directly to the recipients’ KUstudent accounts to pay the cost of tuition and required fees only. These awards will not payfor insurance, optional charges, or late fees.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement

If a student-athlete has requested more than two semesters of Post-Eligible DegreeCompletion Athletic Aid, the Associate Athletics Director for Student Athlete SupportServices will review the student-athlete’s academic progress at the end of each semester.The Associate Athletics Director for Student Athlete Support Services will make arecommendation to the Degree Completion Committee regarding whether aid should becontinued. The Degree Completion Committee will forward its recommendation to theDirector of Athletics for final approval.