KU Coaches Come Out `Aces' in NCAA's Academic Database

Aug. 5, 2010


Led by Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Self’s fourth consecutive perfect score, KU’s head coaches show outstanding results on the NCAA’s newest academic database.

Thursday the NCAA released the new database, which charts how head coaches’ teams have performed in what’s called the Academic Progress Rate. The APR assigns a score to each team each year, based on academic eligibility and retention. The NCAA has released the APR for each team at every Division I school for the past six years. This is the first time the NCAA has released coaches’ scores; this chart shows how a head coaches’ team did at every school where he or she has been a head coach from 2003-04 to 2008-09.

The new database tracks the scores of head coaches’ in six sports: football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, women’s indoor track and field, and women’s outdoor track and field. The NCAA will expand the database to all Division I sports after the 2010-11 academic year.

At KU, men’s basketball has scored a perfect 1000 for the past four years, and Coach Bonnie Henrickson’s women’s basketball team achieved that score in 2008-09. Those teams, as well as Stanley Redwine’s women’s track teams, and Ritch Price’s baseball teams, all averaged well above the 925 the NCAA requires before considering penalizing teams. Turner Gill’s football teams at Buffalo also averaged above 925 during the three years of this survey that he was the Bulls’ head coach.

The database is available at http://www.ncaa.org/wps/wcm/connect/public.