20 Questions With Redshirt Freshman Tight End Jimmay Mundine

Aug. 5, 2011

080511aag_871_4710827.jpegEven though he spent the 2010 season redshirting, tight end Jimmay Mundine made the most of his time snagging KU Compete Team Offensive Player of the Year honors. Mundine had a strong spring practice and opened Fall Camp with the Play of the Day.

20 Questions with redshirt freshman tight end Jimmay Mundine:

Q: What I watch on TV?
JM: Whale Wars, ESPN
Q: What music I listen to?
JM: Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross
Q: Favorite Movie(s)?
JM: Fast Five, Hangover, Hangover 2
Q: What I’m reading?
JM: To Kill a Mockingbird
Q: Websites bookmarked on my computer?
JM: Youtube, Facebook
Q: Superstitions?
JM: If a black cat crosses the road then I turn around
Q: Worst Habit?
JM: Biting my nails
Q: The one person I’d love to trade places with?
JM: Vernon Davis, TE 49ers
Q: My first job?
JM: Bi-LO Wholsesale when I was 17 in Denison, TX, I stocked the shelves for $300 a week
Q: My favorite meal?
JM: Pizza
Q: Talent that I’d most like to have?
JM: To be able to fly
Q: My favorite athletes to watch in another sport?
JM: Dwayne Wade
Q: Favorite City to visit?
JM: Miami
Q: Favorite sports team growing up?
JM: Philadelphia Eagles
Q: My favorite physical attribute about myself?
JM: My face
Q: My least favorite physical attribute about myself?
JM: My toes
Q: Favorite value in others?
JM: Honesty
Q: My hero?
JM: My father
Q: My bucket list?
JM: Playing in the NFL and score a Touchdown for my dad
Q: My motto?
JM: “Things happen for a reason, keep on keeping on”