Fall Camp Update: Tight End Tim Biere

Aug. 7, 2010


The Kansas football team is nearly one week into preseason practice, and the Jayhawks have already shown progress under first-year head coach Turner Gill. The team worked out in shoulder pads and shorts for the second straight day on Saturday, as KU prepares to start two-a-day practices within the next week.

Following Saturday’s work outs, KUAthletics.com caught up with junior tight end Tim Biere to discuss his thoughts on the first week.

What have been your overall impressions of the team after the first few days of practice?

“I think we’re a lot looser than we were last year. Everybody is flying around out there having fun. It’s just been a great atmosphere. Everybody is just working hard to get better.”

Does it feel good to put the pads on and get to hit somebody?

“Absolutely. The tight ends have been getting after the (defensive) line a little bit; we have a competition going to see who can get who on the ground. It just makes it so much more fun when you can play real football and not just touch.”

Do you feel like the tight end is going to be used more in Coach Gill’s offense than it has in the past?

“I definitely see way more of an opportunity for tight ends. Not just one tight end, but sometimes two or three in different formations. We’re out there just about every play (during practice), and we’ve seen a lot more balls coming our way. It’s been great for all of us.”

What do you feel like you personally bring to the position?

“The first two years I was here I was basically a blocker, but I catch the ball pretty well too. I think I’m pretty versatile. But (like everybody) I need to work hard and get better in every area too.”

Being from Omaha, does the hot weather during the first weeks of practice bother you at all?

“It’s about the same here as it is (where I’m from). It might be a little hotter here, but I’ve grown up playing in this weather my whole life.”

Have you followed the Brett Favre saga at all?

“I saw that he was leaving, and then he was coming back the next day. I don’t know, I just think ESPN was running out of stories.”

What do you think he should do this year?

“If he wants to play, he should come back. (The Vikings) have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl this year. If he loves the game, he should keep doing what he loves.”