20 Questions With Junior Wide Receiver/Kick Returner D.J. Beshears

Aug. 10, 2011

081011aab_23_4335164.jpegKansas football head coach Turner Gill singled out junior wide receiver/kick returner D.J. Beshears as one of the players who has stood out thus far in Fall Camp on the offensive side of the ball. Gill said the following regarding Beshears:

“Last year we had him playing a little bit at receiver in what we call the ‘H’ position and then also a little bit in the ‘Z’ position. We’ve now moved him over to the ‘X’ position and he’s competing with Christian Matthews and he has really stood out. He’s done some good things running routes. He runs routes really well, has good hands, is very fast and obviously strong.”

Beshears was lauded with Play of the Day honors from Saturday, Aug. 6.

20 Questions with junior wide receiver/kick returner D.J. Beshears

Q: What I watch on TV?


Q: What music I listen to?

DB: Tupac, Lil Wayne, Big Chief

Q: Favorite Movie?

DB: Scarface

Q: What I’m reading?

DB: Innumeracy

Q: Websites bookmarked on my computer?

DB: Facebook

Q: The one person I’d love to trade places with?

DB: Barack Obama, it would be awesome to run the country for the day

Q: My first job?

DB: Sonic

Q: My favorite meal?
My Grandma’s soul food

Q: Talent that I’d most like to have?

DB: Sing

Q: My favorite athletes to watch in another sport?

DB: Lebron James

Q: My dream date?

DB: Ciara

Q: Favorite City to visit?

DB: San Francisco or Los Angeles

Q: Favorite sports team growing up?

DB: Oakland Raiders

Q: My greatest love?

DB: Football

Q: My favorite physical attribute about myself?

DB: My face

Q: My least favorite physical attribute about myself?

DB: My toes

Q: Favorite value in others?

DB: Loyalty

Q: My hero?

DB: God

Q: My bucket list?

DB: Go to the moon, Go to Italy, Fly in a helicopter

Q: My motto?

DB: “Go hard”