Kansas Chancellor Robert Hemenway's Comments After NCAA Committee on Infractions Hearing

Aug. 13, 2006

University of Kansas Chancellor Robert Hemenway, Athletics Director Lew Perkins and other KU officials met Sunday in Baltimore with the NCAA Committee on Infractions. The following is Chancellor Hemenway’s comments following the 6 ½ hour hearing.

University of Kansas Chancellor Robert Hemenway:

“I want to thank the committee for giving us a fair, thorough hearing. The committee was cordial, inquisitive and very business-like. It was clear they had prepared well.

“We reaffirmed to the committee our absolute commitment to NCAA rules compliance. We felt the committee asked good questions, took their time, listened well and allowed us to fully explain our answers.

“I don’t think it would be productive to speculate on how the committee reacted to our presentation. The focus now is that this chapter is over. We can now move forward, confident that the changes we have made in the area of compliance will help prevent us from going through this again.”