G'Day Mate Volume Five: Notes And Photos From Down Under

Aug. 14, 2007

CAIRNS, Australia –

Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning Andrea Hudy Blogs From Down Under: We are one day away from leaving Australia and I can’t beleive how the time has flown by! The last two days spent in Cairns have been especially exciting!

We hopped off the airplane and headed up into the rain forest to AJ Hackett’s Bungy Jumping site. Most people took a ride on the ninja swing, while a few went bungy jumping. I even bribed the jump aide to dunk Karen Lange in the water to her waist—it was worth the 10 dollars! What an awesome experience.

After a good night’s rest–we took off early in the morning for the Great Barrier Reef. We were able to sail an hour and a half offshore to snorkel and scuba dive with all kinds of tropical fish. The weather was wonderful and the views from the boat were amazing. I think a few of us even found Nemo out there in the reef!

I am looking forward to one final day in Cairns and then of course returning home to the United States. Hopefully the 30 hours of traveling are not too bad! Rock Chalk Jayhawk–Andrea Hudy