Fall Camp Update: Center Jeremiah Hatch

Aug. 17, 2010

Hatch Q&A

Kansas football concluded two-a-day practices Monday afternoon. The Jayhawks worked hard through the August heat for nearly two weeks of two-a-days and came together as a team.

Junior offensive lineman Jeremiah Hatch took a few minutes after practice on Monday to discuss the end of two-a-days and to look forward to the season-opener on Sept. 4 against North Dakota State.

How does it feel to be done with two-a-day practices?

“It feels pretty good, we did a lot of hard work (over the last two weeks), so it feels pretty good.”

What is the best part of two-a-days?

“The best part is the bonding with the guys, with your teammates. We see each other all day, and that’s a good feeling. Sometimes it can be bad, but sometimes it can be good. (This year) we bonded together as a team.”

What is the worst part of two-a-days?

“The worst part is probably the 130-degree heat (we had to practice in).”

Do you feel like the offensive line came together these last couple of weeks?

“Oh yeah, I feel like we’re really getting better as a group, as a unit. We’re working hard out there; we’re taking a step forward every day.”

What do you think you have to do as a unit to be successful this year?

“I think we have to continue to get better as unit every day. I think we need to critique ourselves, and not just let the coaches do it. We need to critique ourselves and take responsibility on ourselves.”

You guys are known as the best eaters on the team, which offensive lineman can do the most damage?

“Probably Tanner (Hawkinson).”

With classes starting this week, what class is going to be the toughest for you this semester?

“My econ (economics) class.”