Football Depth Chart Released

Aug. 19, 2010

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Head football coach Turner Gill released the depth chart Thursday. The long-awaited answer to the question of who would be the starting quarterback was answered with Kale Pick’s name listed as the starter.

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Pick Named Starting Quarterback| Quigley| Springer/Laptad| Capra

Media Session

Aug. 19, 2010

Kansas Head Football Coach Turner Gill

On choosing Kale Pick as the starting quarterback

“Kale Pick is definitely the guy who has earned the position. Once we felt we found a guy, who has earned it, then it’s time, we didn’t have a set time to do it. He (Kale) probably separated himself from the aspect of ball security which was huge. He didn’t really turn the ball over there, Jordan (Webb) turned the ball over a few times and from that standpoint that was a big separation between the two, and then also the intangibles. I love the way that (Kale’s) demeanor has been, not to say that Jordan Webb has not had a good demeanor but Kale Pick’s has just been a little bit better as far as the intangibles and his demeanor in the huddle, outside the huddle and when plays are going well and when plays aren’t going well, just how he’s handled himself from that aspect of things.”

On the expectations of Pick’s performance

“I am very, very interested in seeing how the guy responds in a game. Of course in any position, but especially at quarterback, you don’t know how a guy is going to respond even though he’s played in a game and he’s played in other positions. But until you’re the guy and you’re underneath that center and it all revolves around you, you don’t know how he’s going to respond. All the things are set there, that he will be able to handle that in a very good way and he’ll be able to lift the play of all of our players.”

On the team’s depth at the quarterback position

“We feel very strongly that we have two, actually three good quarterbacks that can all play Division I football and lead this football team to victories, but as we all know at some point in time we do have to start only one quarterback and we feel that this is the perfect time for us to move forward, preparing for our first ballgame. The next thing is like I told all of our quarterbacks, Kale has to prove it on game day and we’ll all wait and see how that goes from that standpoint.”

On Toben Opurum’s position change from running back to linebacker

“There’s no set time period for Toben, we’re going to take another good hard look at him for at least another week and hopefully by next Friday or so we can just see where he’s at and how he’s going along. It really may not be until the second or third game of the year where he’ll see a little more playing time. If we believe that he’s unable to perform at the level that we want our linebackers to perform, then we’ll kind of have to see where everything fits from that standpoint. We also have an option of another position or obviously he’ll have an opportunity to be able to redshirt.”

On deciding who will be the team’s starting running back

“We’re going to probably rotate some guys, again we’re still evaluating some of the guys so things can change but there are still some things happening at running back and we just have to get some guys some more reps. We have to dwindle that down because you can’t get four, five or six running backs reps and you can’t see them improve and so that is why we aren’t able to make that decision at this time.”

Sophomore quarterback Kale Pick

On his feelings about being named the starting quarterback:

“It’s definitely exciting. I’m glad that they made that decision, and I’m definitely looking forward to our season. I think we can do some pretty big things if we stay on the grind and keep working hard every day.”

On if he’s talked to Jordan (Webb) since being named the starter:

“I talked to him. He’s obviously not happy (with being named the backup), but I wouldn’t be either. It’s tough.”

On how his teammates responded to the news:

“They came out like it was a normal day. They’re also fighting for positions; I’m not the only one, so I’m sure there were some people who were down seeing that they were a two (listed on the second team on the depth chart) and not a one. But it’s up to the coaches, and that’s the way it goes.”

On if he’s allowed himself to smile after getting the news:

“I definitely had a smile when I received the news. I’m excited and I think we’re going to have a good season this year.”

Senior offensive lineman Sal Capra

On the reason he was selected a captain:

“I think it kind of goes with this program. I’ve been here for five years and if you stay on the path of doing the right things, people respect that. I think people follow that.”

On if he was surprised to be named a captain:

“I was a little surprised. There’s a lot of great guys on the team that deserved to be captain but I guess I was one of those guys also.”

On Kale Pick winning the quarterback job:

“Kale’s a great guy. He’s a great player. I think he can lead our team to great things this year.”

On his move from guard to center:

“Actually, I played center when I first moved to (the offensive line). I played center the Orange Bowl year. I felt it was kind of a rocky year, moving to center and learning O-line from the get-go. This year I feel like I’ve matured as a football player and I can handle that spot.”

Senior linebacker Justin Springer

On if he feels different being named a captain:

“I still feel like I expect the same thing out of me, but at the same time I’ve got to be more of a leader, talk to people more, be more of a vocal leader instead of being a little quiet all the time.”

On the difference between being a captain at KU and in high school:

“I feel like it is different because it’s on a lot bigger stage, more people, more stuff involved.”

On Toben Opurum switching to linebacker:

“He’s a physical guy. As a running back he was physical and he did pretty good today for his first day, so I’m looking for a big expectation from him. I think he gets to the ball real fast.”

Senior defensive end Jake Laptad

On being named a team captain:

“Being named team captain is a big thing. I think now we’ve just got to step it up, lead more in practice and pick up the tempo a lot.”

On Kale Pick winning the quarterback job:

Kale’s got good confidence out there. He’s out there running the show. He went out and led the offense, and the quarterback is a leader out there on the field, too. I feel like he’ll be a good leader for us this year.”

Senior running back Angus Quigley

On winning the starting running back job:

“We all came out here and we pushed each other. It was a tough competition every day. That’s what compelled me to work harder. When I would mess up, I would always know there’s a guy right here at the same position as me that started here. I’m proud that I can be atop the depth chart at running back and I’ll do everything in my power to be the guy that they think I can be.”

On improving as a pass blocker:

It kind of comes naturally now because I’ve done it for so long. It’s like the line makes a mistake and I can correct it. It’s just second nature to me. I guess that comes with maturity because it’s a little hard to come in and learn pass protection because in high school I can’t remember a time I ever pass protected.”