Postgame Quotes

Aug. 21, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 4, Arkansas 1

August 21, 2011

Kansas head coach Mark Francis

“I thought today for the whole 90 minutes we did what we talked about doing, the game plan. We didn’t really shy away from that. I was proud of them today. We just kept battling and going at them. We didn’t really let them back in the game. Those guys are a good team so for us to beat them 4-1 I think was a great result. I was a little bit disappointed in (Arkansas’) goal. We let their kid get a free header on that set piece. That’s something we focused on last time, being more disciplined with our marking on set pieces. We still have some work to do there. I think defensively we looked better today than we did Friday, so we’re definitely making some progress.”

On freshman Jamie Fletcher:

“She played great today and great Friday. She was a little quiet last week on Sunday. We talked to her about being more aggressive in the box, taking more chances because she’s a great finisher as you saw today. She’s going to be a dangerous player for us. And I love the way she battles, too. She’s not just a goal scorer, she fights and scraps as well which is huge.”

On midfielder Amy Grow:

“Amy played excellent today. We do a thing at the end of every game where we give one kid a heart and soul award and we gave it to Amy today. Defensively she won balls, won balls in the air. And then she was consistent when she had the ball, distributing. She did a great job.”

Freshman Forward Jamie Fletcher

On the team scoring four goals today:

“We weren’t unlucky. We were possessing the ball so well that goals came easy today.”

On how she is consistently in the right position to score goals:
“I asked myself that question, too. Today I was just in the right place at the right time. Everyone else did all the work, and I was there.”

On how much confidence she can gain from scoring three goals in two games:
“A lot. After Friday my confidence went up a lot because of my first goal. After today and two more goals, I’m just happy.”

On what the team can work on before its trip to San Diego:

“Keep possessing the ball because it’s so important to keep the ball. Then we don’t have to run around as much. That tires everyone out.”

On being more aggressive in the last two games:
“I didn’t take a shot in the exhibition game, so my goal was to shoot because that leads to goals. It’s not an easy thing to do. You have to change your whole mindset. I kept passing the ball too much. Coach Francis told me to be greedy, which I think is hard to do, but I tried and I guess it worked.”