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Head Football Coach Mark Mangino Chat Transcript

LAWRENCE, Kan. — University of Kansas Head Football Coach Mark Mangino participated in a chat on Friday at 2:30 p.m. (CST).Check out what Coach Mangino had to say in the following transcript.

Coach Mangino and the Jayhawks open the 2005 season on Sept. 3 when Florida Atlantic visits Memorial Stadium. Order tickets online or call 800-34-HAWKS for more information.

Moderator: I’d like to thank everyone out there in Jayhawk land who has joined us this afternoon. We’ll get through as many of your questions as we can before the start of practice. Coach, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us this afternoon. Let’s get to the questions.
Shad (Sioux Falls, SD): Coach Mangino,Is there one player that we haven’t heard much about this summer that could really surprise us this season? Keep up the great job!
Coach Mangino: Well, Shad, there are several young players making big strides. I’ve been very pleased with the camp performances of Russell Brorsen, Kerry Meier and Jake Cox, just to name a few. We’ll have to continue to monitor their progress, but I’ve been very pleased with our young guys.
David (Castle Rock, CO): Coach: You seem to recruit scrappy, undersized high school linebackers. I want to compliment you because I believe these are the types of young men that set a positive, aggressive tone for your program. Is that part of your strategy when you recruit high school players?program. Is that part of your strategy when you recruit high school players?
Coach Mangino: We look for the best players at every position on the field. However, we also look for intangibles in prospects as well — such as work habits, character and leadership qualities. Fortunately, our linebackers possess all of these great qualities. That’s why they’re such a respected group.
Ehren (Lawrence, KS): I know that our defense is without a doubt one of the best in the country! And I know that our offense is capable of putting up some big numbers. Can we expect to see Charles Gordon at wide receiver a lot this season? I personally think that with Gordon and Simmons as dangerous receivers on the field at the same time, that would allow us to be even more of a threat to move the ball and score a lot of points this season. Thanks for a tremendous coaching job, keep up the good work and good luck this season!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!
Coach Mangino: Thank you, Ehren. Charles Gordon’s repetitions on offense are important, but his play on defense is making a big difference on that side of the ball. Yes, we will use Charles on offense, but we just have to pick and choose his battles.
Mike S (Wichita, KS): What is the status of Theo Baines? Is his injury connected to his injury from last year?
Coach Mangino: Theo’s injury is not the same injury as last year. He has been getting better and should be ready for action very soon!
Allison Clark (Wichita, KS): Coach, what goals need to be accomplished for you to view the upcoming season as a success? I’m looking forward to what I hope is a very exciting season. Best of luck, Allison Clark.
Coach Mangino: Thanks, Allison. We must improve in all phases of the game. If we do that, we’ll be successful. I’m confident in this team. We just have to be persistent in our mission.
Brent (Olathe, KS): Coach, thanks for bringing pride back to KU football. Can’t wait to get the season started. Any chance we will see two QB’s get significant minutes in the first couple games?
Coach Mangino: Thanks for the nice words. To answer your question, I haven’t drawn any conclusions at this point. We have more than one capable quarterback, so anything is possible. The progress this group has made is significant. We’ll see here pretty soon.
Mark (Wichita, KS): Coach Mangino, it’s been great watching the transformation of KU Football. One thing different about the team that I see is the ability to keep their cool in tight games, and believing they can win. How do you coach that? Thanks.How do you coach that? Thanks
Coach Mangino: Our kids have great confidence, there is no question about that. We spent a lot of time this offseason working on winning in the fourth quarter. We are more mature this season which will allow us to finish stronger.
Drew Glenn (Garden City, KS): Do you think this team can win the Big 12 North?
Coach Mangino: I think anyone can win the North, so we’ll throw our hat in the ring too! We understand it will be tough and we will have to earn it. The North will definitely be better this year.
Tim (Lawrence, KS): Coach, never before have I been so excited for a KU football season. I have been counting the days until kickoff since the Missouri game last year. Which quarterback do your foresee being a passing threat and which do you see more as a running threat? Thanks and I will see you at Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas on 12/03/2005!
Coach Mangino: Thank you for your enthusiasm. I like it! Our system on offense doesn’t change according to the QB. However, we try to play to their strengths and focus on what they do best. They all bring something to the table.
CB (New York, NY): Coach — I have never felt this much excitement around the KU alumni community for the upcoming season. Good luck, and go get ’em. My question is: it seems like during summer camp, your quarterbacks were doing a nice job of distributing the ball – especially getting it across the middle or in the flat to the tight end. Will the TE position become more a part of the offensive attack this year – and a more prevelant option for your quarterbacks. Thanks Coach for making KU football exciting again.
Coach Mangino: Thanks, CB. The tight end is prominent in our system. We need to find him when he’s open and get the ball to him. I think tight end play is crucial in our offense. We just need to get the ball to him more often.
William Gula (Boca Raton, FL): What are your thoughts about the matchup against Florida Atlantic to start the 2005 season?
Coach Mangino: Florida Atlantic has a lot of quality skill players. They are quick on defense and they have a fine quarterback that transferred from West Virginia. They are well coached and we must be prepared heading into our season-opener.
Moderator: That’s all the time we have for today, but we look forward to hearing more from Coach Mangino as the season progresses. Coach, thanks ‘for stopping by this afternoon to chat with us. Coach good luck this season and we’ll see you at Memorial Stadium.
Coach Mangino: Thanks everyone for your questions. We look forward to seeing everyone at Memorial Stadium on Saturdays this fall!