Rowing Announces Award Winners

May 8, 2004


The University of Kansas rowing team held its annual banquet Friday, May 7 at the Adams Alumni Center. In addition to honoring the eight senior rowers, coaches and players handed out ten awards.

Top honors went to senior Beth Olson who won the 2004 Oarswoman of the Year and the Top Ergometer Score award with her time of 7:00.1, a new Jayhawk record. Amber Snyder took home the Senior Academic Achievement Award while fellow senior Sara Kilbride earned the Nikia Rosenberger Outstanding Coxswain Award. Kilbride earned the same honor her sophomore year.

Junior Erin Hennessey was honored as the Most Improved Oarswoman, while senior team manager Elizabeth Hodges earned the Service Award for her four years of hard work and dedication to the team. Lindsey Miles notched the Outstanding Freshman Oarswoman award and junior Rachel Chapman was named Most Improved Newcomer.

The senior class recognized junior coxswain LeAnna Kemp as the person who best represents Kansas rowing with the “Essence of a Jayhawk” Senior Award. The Jayhawks will conclude their spring season on May 15-16 at the South-Central Regionals in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Award Breakdown

  • Oarswoman of the Year – Beth Olson
  • Senior Academic Achievement Award – Amber Snyder
  • “Class of 2000” Academic Award – Kelly Abrams, Kristy Hainer, Amber Snyder
  • Service Award – Elizabeth Hodges
  • Most Improved Newcomer – Rachel Chapman
  • Most Improved Oarswoman – Erin Hennessey
  • Top Ergometer Score – Beth Olson
  • Outstanding Freshman Oarswoman – Lindsey Miles
  • Nikia Rosenberger Coxswain Award – Sara Kilbride
  • “Essence of a Jayhawk” Senior Award – LeAnna Kemp