Post Meet Quotes

Sept. 1, 2012

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Post Meet Quotes
Bob Timmons Classic
Sept. 1, 2012
Lawrence, Kan.

Head Coach Stanley Redwine
On the teams’ performances:
“It was a great job and a great effort today (by both teams). I thought most of them ran well in a pack together and it was great that they finished the way they did. They have been working hard and I’m glad that showed today.”

On the women’s race:
“The race was a little more spread out. I wish it was a little tighter at the end so that’s something we have to work on. Overall it was a great win for Kyra and the rest of the team. We are excited that they did as well as they did.”

On improvements before the next meet:
“We are looking to attack the hills a little better and run a little tighter and once we do that I think we should be good.”

Assistant Coach Michael Whittlesey
On the men’s race:
“(The men) really ran controlled, and that was our goal: to run together and keep control of this race. I’m really proud of them with the way they ran, especially the way they ran at the end. We talked about keeping it tight and in a pack and that’s exactly what they did. It was great because it was overall a team effort.”

On the men’s pack running:
“Well one of the things we talked about was winning all the little races and that’s what I thought the men did a great job at today. That front four did a fantastic job, but everyone else in the race was going tooth and nail to try and catching everybody. We were winning every one of those races. Kaman (Schneider) did a fantastic job with his man and Eric Dyson came down and caught three guys within the last 200 meters after being pretty far out on them. That’s what I’m excited about; that we were competing and trying to catch everyone throughout the race.”

On who stood out in the women’s race:
“Sara (Seiwald) did a really good job we knew she was going to be up there. Obviously, Kyra (Kilwein). She’s the veteran here on this course. This is her second victory in four attempts. We are happy to see her win on her home course, but I think they really ran well together early on. That one girl from Oral Roberts really stuck in there which made us work and that was great. We really needed to see that. With Hannah Richardson we knew what we had when we brought her in, and Hayley Francis did a great job competing as well. If you look at the whole pack you see people who were up and then might have faded just a little bit. Really one through seven we are all right there. We can literally run as a pack of seven. The pack really isn’t that far apart and that’s what we really need to focus on the next eight to ten weeks, getting that pack closer and closer together up top.

On the wet conditions:
“Well that’s cross country and it’s great. To have this type of weather is not that bad. You expect anything and everything when you run cross country. One time we ran and it was 19-below with the wind chill factor. Another time it was muddy and we were losing shoes all over the place. So to get that in the first meet and have those type of conditions its great and really sets the tone. The team did a great job of getting out there and getting it done.”

Senior Josh Baden
On winning the first meet of year:
“It was really cool because we worked really well together as a team and we ran as a pack of four together. I guess because I was the senior they let me go for it. It’s awesome having teammates that would do that for me.”

On the wet conditions and how it affected the race:
“As far as the weather is concerned the weather is beautiful. It’s just the course is all sloppy. There were a few spots on the course where it was real muddy and made going down the hills a challenge. You had to watch your step quite a bit.”

On how running in a pack helped him:
“It feels a lot easier when you’re running with teammates. Having someone there that is pushing you along and keeps you in place”

On his confidence moving forward:
“It’s really awesome because it’s a home meet and it’s my last year of cross country. I know we have a really big meet coming up here on Sept. 29th and I feel really good going into it.”

Senior Kyra Kilwein
On the race and starting her senior year with win:
“It feels really good. Our team did a really good job the first mile-and-a-half working together. I think there were at least six or seven KU girls really close together and that’s what our coach wanted us to do; work together as a team”

On the wet conditions:
“The rain may have affected the race with the times, but it really doesn’t matter because we are here to compete and we are going to get the job done”

On how the pack running helped her performance:
“It helped me so much. It helped me stay calm, relaxed and focused. It helped being together instead of being by myself. It also really helped me keep an even pace.”

On how performance helps her moving forward:
“It really helps. Rim Rock is my baby course. I have been running here since Free State. I have run this course many times. (Winning the race) feels good and really helps bring up my confidence. I think this KU team is going to have a really great year.”