KU/FAU Postgame Quotes

Sept. 3, 2005

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Kansas Postgame Quotes

Sept. 3, 2005

HEAD COACH Mark Mangino

Opening statement:

“I saw a lot of positive things tonight that I really like. I think we are getting close to hitting on all cylinders on offense. I’m really pleased with our offensive line play. We played some new guys at some new positions. Clark (Green) had a strong performance. Jon Cornish made some plays. So that was all very positive.”

On conditioning:

“One of the key factors of this game was conditioning. Our team is very well conditioned and we didn’t have any cramping and things of that sort. Our kids really played hard all the way through. I thought our defense played pretty well except for a couple of big plays. I’m really pleased with the way things went.”

On FAU QB Danny Embick:

“I was really impressed with Danny Embick. I think he’s a really good player. He did get away from the rush a lot and threw the ball well on the run. He’s a very competitive and scrappy guy.”


“I’m impressed with this Florida Atlantic team. They have some young guys playing, but they have some good looking kids out there. They are going to win their share of games. They have some really good looking athletes down there from south Florida. We knew it was going to be a tough game.”

On Kansas Sophomore WR Jeff Foster:

“He is a kid that came in and walked on to our program. He had an impressive fall. He earned his right to be out there, and I’m glad he got some work. He is in the rotation and we will count on him as we go. He made some good plays, and we are excited that he is a guy who is going to help us tremendously.”

On Kansas’ quarterback play:

“I thought that Adam (Barmann) came in and did some good things, but he was not in rhythm. We had planned to use two quarterbacks for sure, and Brian (Luke) came in, and it took a little while, but he got in a rhythm. He recognized the blitzes. He made a couple of throws that we would probably like to have back.”

On KU’s defense:

“They (FAU) made a few big plays, but outside of that, I thought our defense was solid. We need to continue to improve our tackling, and we cannot allow big plays. Charles (Gordon) got burned when he didn’t make a good read and let the guy get behind him, which is unusual.”


On his playing opportunity:

I was hoping to get more chances. The more chances the better. Coach said to be ready for your opportunity. As for more playing time, I’m just going to come into practice on Monday and keep working hard. The decision is up to Mangino.”

On Florida Atlantic:

“We realized that FAU was a lot better than we thought and we anticipated that.”


On himself:

“The short story is I’m just a guy that works real hard and is trying to make the team. I worked real hard in camp and the coaches gave me a shot.”

On his playing time:

“I was a little surprised. I think that I was playing well but a lot of other guys were too. We have a lot of talent on our team. The coaches gave me a shot and I took full advantage. I was really happy with the way our team played tonight.”


On the offensive line:

“They did a good job producing the running game and the passing game. Their (FAU) defensive line did a lot of twists. We did a good job of picking up on that.”

On the goals for next week:



On FAU’s first touchdown:

“I took a peek and thought the ball was short, but then he actually stepped up into the pocket and double-pumped. By then the guy was already by me, but there is no excuse.”

On the win:

“Like coach said, based on math, there are a lot of college games today. Fifty percent lost, fifty percent won. And we are part of the 50 that won. It’s important to get off on that good note and carry that momentum into next week.”

Florida Atlantic Postgame Quotes


On the game:

“The first three quarters of the game we were competitive and we played very solid football. We did it with big plays rather than drives. It was a valiant effort by our guys. We came in and played a traditional division one team on the road, and looked pretty good doing it. It was unfortunate that the penalties went against us late in the game and not making plays on offense took some of the varnish off the performance of our football team.”

On taking the lead:

“I felt good and I’m sure our players felt good. We thought we were going to be in a dog fight until the end. We didn’t make that happen, but that’s football. The different between winning this game and losing this game is not very much.”

On the lights going out:

“We had a great play right after that. I don’t think in affected anything. I couldn’t tell the difference between when they were off and when they were on.”

On Kansas’ quarterbacks:

“I think they’re both fine young men, but they have a lot of work to do. They certainly were good enough against us.”


On the Big 12 Non-Conference Schedule:

“I don’t feel it as a physical mismatch, but at some point our young offensive and defensive line becomes tired. About a week ago, however, I realized that our team was going to come together on offense. Our defense was always real sound but we started moving the ball on them during practice and that gave us confidence.”

On preparing to defeat Kansas:

“I believed that we could, it was just football. As long as you just throw the ball to them and catch it, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing.

On the loss:

“We really just couldn’t run the football tonight. Without being able to pound the ball on offense, it makes it tough on everyone. I believe that’s why the defense gave up 28 points out of the 30 and started cramping up.”


On his touchdown:

“It felt great to get my first TD against such a big school.”

On his mindset:

“We thought we had a chance. We just came out flat.”

On being so open for the touchdown:

“We practiced the play many times. I knew it would work. I expected to be open.”

On Embick being in control of the game:

“Danny was in control. The coaches told us all week that the young guys should look up to the seniors in the huddle.”

On KU’s defense:

“They weren’t that physical. They didn’t live up to my expectations with their senior linebackers.”