Postgame Quotes

Sept. 4, 2004

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Kansas Post-Game Quotes
Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino
On the defense
“Our defense was fantastic. We played the kind of defense we need to play here. I give a lot of credit to our defensive staff, they had an outstanding plan. The kids on defense played relentlessly and with enthusiasm. That’s the kind of defense we need every week to build this program.”

On the third quarter
“We talked at halftime about what we needed to do and we knew we would have fresh legs at the tailback spot. I think that we used Charles [Gordon] wisely and our offensive coaches made adjustments to their game plan. Our defense played well and our offense learned some things today that we can improve from.”

On special teams
“We put a lot of time into special teams, more than with any other team I’ve been with. Our philosophy is that in a close game, the special teams can make the difference. Special teams made some big plays and gave us some opportunities to put the ball in the end zone.”

On the crowd
“We have some very loyal fans. They come here week in and week out. They were excited and patient at the beginning of the game and I hope we can get our fans used to seeing a good defensive football team. I want our fans to understand that defense is what takes you to the top.”

Quarterback Adam Barmann
On the pressure
“I didn’t feel a lot of pressure. I know it probably looked that way because the game didn’t come out the way we wanted. We just weren’t clicking the first half. We settled down a bit and got things rolling in the second half.”

On the third quarter
As a collective offense, we all picked up in the third quarter. We had to go out there and give something back to our defense, and I think we did that.”

Defense end Jermial Ashley
On the Game
“Everyone just took care of their assignment and we played fundamentally-sound football.”

On making plays
Our coach is always talking about making plays and I wanted to make something happen. The guys around me are who made everything happen

On Barmann
“He does a good job and when it is time to make plays, he does.

Tulsa Head Coach Steve Kragthorpe
“You have to give Kansas all the credit, they played a good game. They outplayed us the entire game and were very opportunistic and took advantage of the mistakes that we made. And we made quite a few mistakes. I thought our guys played with great effort from the first half of the game all the way to end of the game, and I think we can hold our heads high because of it. I just thought that over the course of the game we needed to make more plays to gain a little more momentum and that just didn’t happen. We had some opportunities to make plays but just didn’t do it. Then we gave up a big kick return to start the second half that led to three points and then a bad snap on a punt led to a blocked punt. When you make mistakes like we did tonight against a good football team like Kansas, you can’t expect to win.”

“I don’t care about yards, never have and never will. All I care about is points. You can look at yards and statistics all you want but ultimately I am concerned with us scoring points because that’s how you win ballgames. You don’t win special teams battles, defensive battles or total yard battles, you try to win the game, and you do that by scoring points.”

“He is a really good player. We knew he would play some offense tonight because he is a very talented guy. He played both sides of the ball out of necessity last season for Kansas, so we knew he was going to be a threat on either side of the ball. The touchdown he scored was because of busted coverage by us.”

Senior Quarterback James Killian
“They did a good job of taking advantage of our mistakes. The turnovers made it tough to win and kept us out of our rhythm. We could never make them pay when they blitzed and so they kept blitzing and it worked just about every time. They did a solid job of stopping us, obviously.”

“Our defense did a great job with the situations we put them in. We just fell short on offense. We continually let the defense down with turnovers but they were able to keep us in the game.”

“I think it was our defense holding them to a field goal that kind of got the momentum back for us. We never were able to get momentum back in the second half. If you have no moment on the road, the crowd will stay in the game and it makes it hard to win.”

Senior Center Derek Warehime
“Their defense really came out to play tonight. We really were not able to get anything rolling on offense. If our offense could have played as well as our defense, the outcome may have been different.”

“James (Killian) thought that the snap was fine and I also thought that it felt normal, but for some reason it didn’t work out and that play really changed the momentum of the game.”