Q&A with freshman Dylan Windom

Sept. 7, 2010

How did you hear about KU?
It is really weird how I heard about KU. I went back to my coach, BJ Stearns,over at Smith & Stearns Tennis Academy before I had to go out to the National Hard Court tournament.I told him that I was struggling with finding schools, so he printed me out a packet of schools that he thought I could play at. I was scanning through the packet and saw Coach Dalmagro’s name and I told my coach,”Coach Dalmagro used to coach me when I was 12 years old.” So, I shot Coach Hall an email and told her I would be stopping by their table at the tournament. They both came and watched me play and before I knew it they asked me on an official visit.

What did you like about KU when you came for an official visit?
I really loved the atmosphere out here in the Midwest. The morals are different and I love that. The values of people and the culture is very different from the South. I also loved how the Athletic Department treats its student- athletes.

How did you make your final decision?
I had taken one other official visit before I came out here and I had one left after my KU visit. I got here and I fell in love with KU. I wanted a coach that would be like a mom, considering that I am far from home. I also wanted a team that was close and KU tennis has a really close team. We are like family. KU treats their student athletes like royalty and it doesn’t matter if you are in tennis, softball, rowing, etc. you are treated the same as the football players and basketball players. I am so thankful that God led me to KU. I couldn’t be any happier.

Have you decided on a your major yet?
My major is still kind of undecided. I want to work with little kids that are disabled. I was leaning towards occupational therapy or physical therapy, but now I am kind of looking into the Speech Language and Hearing field,and maybe help little kids that require help with speech.

How do you like the team? Have you already made friends?
Yes, I have made friends with the girls on the team. I love the team and I feel like we are a big family. We all hang out and do programs together, also known as team bonding. Well when I came out on my official visit, I kind of met the girls, but I wasn’t really close to them. Also since I came out during the summer I got close to some of the girls on the team.

How did you like to be here over the summer?
I loved being here over the summer. It was the best move that I could have made. I got to know my surroundings around Lawrence and also KU. I also met many new friends, which was awesome. I got more training here than I would of at home during the summer.

What do you expect from the fall season?
I expect every one of us to give it 110 percent on the court and to encourage every teammate to do their best. I hope we all can win some tournaments during the fall.

What are your goals for the spring season?
My goals for the spring season are to make it to the NCAA tournament as a team and as an individual. It’s not going to be easy without hard work and determination. I would also like to finish first in the Big 12 or at least top three.

Who is going to win the US Open?
I hope Kim Clijsters wins the women’s draw.